AdRoll: A retargeting platform that can be used as a supplement to traditional channels
Updated March 03, 2022

AdRoll: A retargeting platform that can be used as a supplement to traditional channels

Lee L Kennedy | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with AdRoll

We use AdRoll as a display retargeting platform for a few clients at our agency. We use it to supplement the retargeting capabilities of other advertising networks like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads. We use it on the paid marketing side of things, and it fits in well with our other paid media channels.
  • Variety of advertising media types and sizes
  • Variety of audiences you can choose from to advertise to
  • The interface is pretty up to date and easy to use
  • I'm not sure I trust AdRoll's attributed "revenue". It appears to be significantly overcalculating its effectiveness.
  • I find the interface a bit confusing in a few places like if you want to see reporting for specific audiences split out.
  • Switching between editing campaigns and viewing campaign metrics is a bit confusing.
  • It has positively impacted ROI by providing another channel we can serve our display ads. According to their attribution, it's doing very well.
  • I'm not sure it's been a worthwhile investment though, as the direct traffic from adroll ads is basically 0.
AdRoll has been used by a few of our clients for a long time now, but I'm not sure it has ever proven as valuable as the other advertising platforms. We have continued to use it because it is inexpensive (and because it says it drives a lot of revenue), but it is a minimal investment and we do not actively manage it like we do other channels.

Do you think AdRoll delivers good value for the price?

Not sure

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Did AdRoll live up to sales and marketing promises?

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We use AdRoll specifically for retargeting as a supplement to our other display and retargeting channels, as we figure each channel (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc) does not cover every potential advertising placement. It is easy to spin up a basic retargeting campaign, but I'm unsure if it's the best platform for more advanced campaigns as the functionality and breadth of placement options appear to be limited compared to bigger platforms.

AdRoll Feature Ratings

Ad campaign creation
Ad deployment
Display advertising
Ad display and retargeting segmentation
Sequence targeting
Not Rated
Data Transfer
Not Rated
DSP integration
Not Rated
Ad dashboards
Ad performance reports
Ad conversion tracking
Ad attribution reporting
Cross-channel ad management
Not Rated
Ad forecasting and optimization
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Using AdRoll

1 - AdRoll is used by a client of ours to show retargeting ads to our potential customers. They supplement our Google and Facebook ads by running on a network that those platforms may not be able to reach. We are able to identify multiple segments of our funnel to retarget and are able to show each funnel segment different ads.
1 - Running AdRoll campaigns requires at least a basic knowledge of advertising platforms and an understanding of your advertising goals and tactics. Being able to select audiences, upload ads, and manage the bids and budgets is crucial to performing well. You would need to have direct communication with the stakeholders at your company so you can keep up to date on how your campaigns are affecting sales and profitability.
  • Retargeting to potential customers
  • Supplementing the the advertising platforms of our other networks like Google and Facebook.
  • Being able to target multiple levels of our funnel with specific ads
  • We split our audience across multiple funnel segments and target them with specific ads for each segment
  • We may expand our advertising on AdRoll to more than just retargeting.
We like AdRoll as it's filling a hole in our advertising right now, but it's not our favorite platform for running our online ads. Google and Facebook especially are our favorites, as we can do much more with them than we can with AdRoll, hence the 7 out of 10 rating.

Evaluating AdRoll and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
AdRoll was attractive in the features related to the retargeting audiences we could use. We knew that we wanted to target the people that had been on our website as many times as possible, so AdRoll's ability to do that on top of our other efforts was important in our purchasing decision.
The one factor that might affect our decision in the future is understanding how AdRoll reports on the revenue that is created with its platform. It's hard to know how effective the campaigns are because the View-Through revenue that they report seems incredibly high compared to what our last-click reports show.

AdRoll Implementation

Implementation was easy, as all we needed to do was use Google Tag Manager's built in AdRoll tag type and input our client ID and we were up and running. If you're not using Google Tag Manager, I imagine the implementation would be relatively easy as well, as all that's needed is a basic pixel.
  • None, just adding the pixel via Google Tag Manager

AdRoll Support

Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Slow Resolution
No, we did not purchase premium support for AdRoll. We do not use their support enough to need additional coverage than what comes with the platform by default. If we were to expand our usage of AdRoll, we may consider a more advanced package with them so we could work with them to manage the campaigns a bit more than we do now.
We don't use AdRoll support much, but when we have it's been fine, in line with other advertising platforms where it takes a few days maximum to resolve an issue that you have with them. In general though, the platform is very self sufficient and we do not have to use their support much, which is a good thing.

Using AdRoll

Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
  • Reviewing how each segment of our funnel is performing.
  • Navigate between the different campaigns that we're running.
  • View our campaign performance history and other reporting.
  • Setting up new campaigns
  • Navigating through the settings of existing accounts
Usability for AdRoll is decent, but the interface is a bit tough to navigate when you're trying to identify areas of opportunity or ways you can improve your campaigns. They have some audience definitions, like "High Intent" that are not described, so there is quite a bit of trust required to fully use their platform.