It just works!
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Updated March 06, 2020

It just works!

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Overall Satisfaction with BlueJeans

BlueJeans is used by the software arm of ABB. It is used for conferences with teams around the world.
  • Chatting is very clear.
  • Share screen is very quick and good (with the exception of the share screen header on top that keeps blocking the browser tabs).
  • Easy to connect to various USB peripherals such as external speakers/webcams.
  • Share screen top bar constantly gets in the way. Can't switch between browser tabs without moving the browser. Would be nice if the share screen top bar can auto-hide (or let the user pick where the share screen bar is).
  • The clean and clear connection of voice conferencing and the speed of the screen share is great. Less time is spent on figuring why the video/voice quality is poor. BlueJeans just works.
The ease of use and the quality of the connection for sure speed up our conferences as less time is lost trying to figure why voice/video cannot be heard/seen.
The connection on BlueJeans is easy and simple. Our organization controls a lot of policies but BlueJeans appears to have no problems given the security of our network. The BlueJeans apps are nice and quick. The simplicity of BlueJeans helps out a lot as the important things are easy to find and operate on.
BlueJeans is well suited for conferencing and collaboration. In our organization where everything is blocked, Skype/Teams chat has problems and even Slack video/voice chat has problems. For some reason, BlueJeans can get past all that. and provides superior screen share, video conferencing, and voice conferencing capabilities.

BlueJeans Feature Ratings

High quality audio
High quality video
Low bandwidth requirements
Not Rated
Mobile support
Not Rated
Desktop sharing
Not Rated
Calendar integration
Not Rated
Meeting initiation
Not Rated
Integrates with social media
Not Rated
Record meetings / events
Not Rated
Live chat
Not Rated
Audience polling
Not Rated
Not Rated
User authentication
Participant roles & permissions
Confidential attendee list
Not Rated

Using BlueJeans

100 - Product Management, Product Development, R&D, developers, UX designers

Currently mostly users in ABB Enterprise software division is using BlueJeans.
Don't think we have in-house support for BlueJeans.. it just appears to work great.
  • Meetings within the enterprise software groups
  • Meetings with end customers around the world
  • meet with developers who are working from home
  • If there's a way for users to draw on the screen (something slack has), that would be great.
crisp audio, great video conference and screen share. Connection speed is quick.

I use Windows PC but I have heard that some of our Mac users have been running into problems where they cannot share their screen. Not sure if it's BlueJeans or our IT department blocking everything or video driver problems on the Macs

Evaluating BlueJeans and Competitors

Yes - Our overall organization uses Skype. Parts of our company (Enterprise software) uses slack and Skype.

Skype is pretty painful to use (not sure if it's because our IT group is controlling a lot the policies).

Slack is a good messaging type channel following type tool. however, calls and screen sharing have problems. The calls quality can get very choppy on occasion. therefore I prefer BlueJeans as the connection is crisp, sound is clear, and screen share rarely have problems. however, please do make it so that I move or unpin that top screen sharing bar.
It was force on our development group by upper management. One of the rare tools that was force down from management that we enjoy using and wish that more people in the company could use
n/a - did not get to evaluate or select

BlueJeans Training

yes.. we were asked to use and that maybe training was provided by in house staff? At least I didn't receive any training and was able to use the product without any problems

BlueJeans Support

When I submit problem reports from the BlueJeans app, the problems I see seems to get resolved pretty quickly. So kudos to the BJ team if that can turn that around so quickly
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Yes - I had the odd problem and reported problems appears to be resolved pretty quickly

Using BlueJeans

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Feel confident using
  • Everything is easy to understand and use.
  • Even people without the ability to host the meetings can set up and connect to the meeting very easily
  • Just be able to unpin the top share screen bar (or move it) would make it even better.. Everything else is very easy to use

BlueJeans Reliability

more people in our organization have been using it and appears to have no problems.

I think there is a max attendee limit but if that is removed, that would be even better
it just works.. even given our IT infrastructure is very difficult to deal with ourselves, BJ can be used without anything problems
BJ does what it does very nicely and quickly even given our companies IT infrastructure and policies. It's amazing

Integrating BlueJeans

  • slack
  • outlook
outlook has a BJ plugin so it is easy to create meeting requests and schedule meeting with BJ.
  • n/a
unfortunately, integration with other systems is not up to us