Disappointed - Great Sales Pitch, no Follow through.
Updated August 31, 2020

Disappointed - Great Sales Pitch, no Follow through.

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Overall Satisfaction with Bullhorn ATS & CRM

BullHorn is being used across my entire organisation to
  • Track and manage client & candidate interactions.
  • Search clients & candidates based on a specific requirement or location.
  • Market to via SMS, email and phone.
  • Manage the sales pipeline effectively.
  • The ability to hashtag consultants, client contacts & candidates.
  • The ability to customise individual views at the consultant level, and from an administrator perspective customise yourself without the help of the tech team.
  • The appearance is user friendly, and there is online training to onboard new staff to the software.
  • It's old & clunky with attempts to modernise its appearance & features.
  • The search uses boolean so consultants require training to know how to search, build lists & find candidates & contacts. E.g., you write 'Bob' into search, & it won't appear but you'll add an asterisk & it will appear. If you had 'Bob Jane' in the first name, it also won't appear.
  • The filters don't work correctly. E.g., we have 'DPA' & 'Non DPA' - BH did not have the ability to differentiate between the two using the filter, because they both said 'DPA'. We had to either change the terminology (which is industry standard in the medical field) or use the advanced search rather than the filters.
  • The updating of the custom fields is clunky & not intuitive. Adding in multiple job types was limited to 3 (i.e. salary, contract & temp - we have additional types) and each one required individual customizing (fair) which then played havoc if it didn't match up to the master file which overrode the other 3. E.g., ALL custom fields were required on the master, and then you'll match up each in the individual job type as required. You'd then just include what was required in the individual job type.
  • The migration from our old CRM was poor. One example - We ended up with thousands of files that were 'New South Wales' which got turned into 'New South Western Australiales.' We were refused assistance in fixing this.
  • It's slow to load.
  • Clear your cache daily - or things will break.
  • No ability to add locations to a profile - you need to add each individual child company for it to appear in a search even when there is only one contact for the lot. For example, one of our clients has 176 medical practices and for these to appear in any searches, they had to be individually added as full profiles rather than added in as a location despite there being one recruitment contact.
  • I've changed CRMs after 12 months because my experience was so poor. This has been an expensive and time consuming experience.
I initially selected Bullhorn because I felt more confident with a global company that was recommended by the RCSA. After 12 months on the platform, I'm now in the process of transitioning to Vincere.
It's been a nightmare experience. The initial sales team were brilliant, and the customer service is great from the tech team - they get in touch with you quickly. However; I was often finding workarounds myself, or being advised workarounds instead of having issues resolved (example - The DPA/Non DPA issue - an Excel spreadsheet can do this, yet a CRM cannot?).

I was debited on the incorrect date & then when I requested they refund until the due date, I was re-debited again on the correct date. The communication was poor - their billing team are based in the US and there was no acknowledgement of the mistake. My initial consultant chased them down for me, and advised me of their error. Lucky.

The product was oversold. For example; I was advised their 'merge docs' feature would allow me to pull data directly from the 'Overview,' 'Work Histories' which later proved to be false.

Finally, when I requested to end my contract & transfer my data (I advised a specific date I needed it, when my CRM would be ready) they advised it would take 15 business days & I was to put no further data in my system during that 15 days, and then gave me my data after 3. I now have no CRM for 4 weeks.

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I cannot suggest any company should use this system for any other reason than a learning experience - my 12 months on the platform identified what I did and didn't want in my next ATS.

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