The WORST SERVICE I have experienced in my life, mediocre-to-average software when it works properly
February 18, 2016

The WORST SERVICE I have experienced in my life, mediocre-to-average software when it works properly

Dixie Agostino, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, CPC | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Bullhorn Recruitment CRM

We were told when we were pricing Bullhorn "Prior to any contract signature, we’d evaluate your database and let you know if any of the fields you currently have would not be brought over via the free migration tool. If we find any fields, we will have a separate conversation on how to get that data into Bullhorn." Yea, that didn't happen and 8 months later we discovered 80K+ records "orphaned" in our database because Bullhorn didn't data map our records from SendOuts, the provider we previously used and that Bullhorn owns. When we called about why this wasn't done, we got the total runaround for almost three hours of the phone being told "I'll have to check your statement of work", "You have to pay extra for that", and finally "I'll call you back", which they didn't and have never done.

I told our account manager what happened and there was NO WAY we were renewing, because Bullhorn failed to hold up their promises from Day 1 and his response was "Please let me know who from our team informed you of the missing records."

So, our data conversion is still not complete, we are currently charged every month for 10 extra licenses that we don't use and that Bullhorn does not provide but will not stop charging us for, our company credit card has been charged twice without our authorization AND our Sales Admin is on the phone 2-3 times a week with Bullhorn Support trying to find missing data or correct a report for at least an hour every call (yesterday was three hours, we're lucky she doesn't quit us with the hassle Bullhorn puts her through). Bullhorn has been the worst vendor experience of my professional life. I have been audited by the IRS and it was easier than dealing with Bullhorn. I expect it will cost us $5-10K to restore the records if we leave IF we get all of our data back from Bullhorn.

And the reporting, the biggest reason we left SendOuts for Bullhorn was advance reporting functionality. Bullhorn's dashboards don't work (does that cost extra too?), you'll have to run 3-5 different reports to get your team's activities and check Bullhorn against their own records as client interviews and candidate prescreens will just disappear. So we have to pay for an additional software, InsightSquared, to sit on top of Bullhorn and provide those dashboards and activity metrics for another $50 a person per month, just to get what we were promised with Bullhorn. Total waste of time and money and a huge regret.

  • It's pretty
  • Boolean searchable
  • Drag & drop module formatting
  • Very slow, freezes up multiple time a day.
  • Horrible, horrible service. You will not get called back, you'll be on the phone with them for hours getting transferred or asked repeatedly what you are talking about, even while they are remotely linked in and SEEING WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT ON THE SCREEN.
  • Overpromised & underdelivered. You will need to personally check to make sure they do everything they say they will and get everything in writing.
  • Overpriced and you cannot flex users down. Once you add a user, you pay for them for the rest of the contract term, whether you use that license or not.
  • Ineffectual training. You'll get a basic overview, but there are no advanced user videos, user guide or tutorials. If you want Best Practices training, you have to pay for it and I won't since the quality of the service we've received so far has been so low, why would I trust Bullhorn with more?
  • Dashboards do not work. There is no training to set up your dashboards, so best of luck to you!
  • Reporting is clunky, you'll need to run 3-5 reports to track activity (we track 6 things and have to run 3 different reports) and interviews and candidate prescreens disappear randomly.
  • You cannot trust the database when stuff just doesn't show up.
  • You will hear from your sales rep ONLY about selling to you. There is no single point of contact to take care of your problems, you get who you get when you call into support, so you will be having to reexplain the situation over and over and over again.
  • Support team does not care if they fix your problem. They just want you off the phone.
  • Negative: Bullhorn has cost us 3-10 hours a week of time our sales admin spends on the phone with support trying to fix & find data.
  • Negative: We have seen decreased employee efficiency due to the confusion of disappearing data and the lack of faith that the activity numbers Bullhorn shows are real.
  • Negative: Dashboards don't work and reporting is bulky.
  • Negative: Daily activity tracking requires 15-30 mins a day to pull up 3-5 different reports when the system should provide this function.
  • Negative: we pay another software, InsightSquared, an additional $50 per user per month to do the reporting and tracking Bullhorn was expected to provide.
It is an average software with terrible, horrible service and follow-through.
I would never recommend Bullhorn. I would recommend SendOuts if it was still supported. We will likely move to JobScience.

Bullhorn ATS & CRM Feature Ratings

Job Requisition Management
Company Website Posting
Not Rated
Publish to Social Media
Not Rated
Job Search Site Posting
Not Rated
Customized Application Form
Not Rated
Resume Management
Duplicate Candidate Prevention
Candidate Search
Applicant Tracking
Task Creation and Delegation
Not Rated
Email Templates
Not Rated
User Permissions
Not Rated
Notifications and Alerts
Not Rated

Using Bullhorn Recruitment CRM

10 - Sales, Recruiting, Accounting & Administration
1 - Even though we have cloud hosting and it should be completely turnkey, we have to have our sales admin spend 3-10 hours a week fixing data and problems in Bullhorn and alerting them of glitches in the system. I never once called our previous two CRM/ATS systems for support after the data conversion.
  • Track candidate and job through the sales stages
  • Monitor employee activity daily, weekly & monthly
  • Boolean searchable database
  • It is used only as a basic CRM/ATS.
  • We would get rid of it if we were not still in contract.
It is an spotty CRM/ATS with bad reporting and the support is terrible.

Bullhorn Recruitment CRM Support

They don't care, they want you off the phone, and you have to talk to multiple people where you repeat your problem again and again before they tell you they will call you back. They never will call you back, so you'll call the next day & repeat the cycle until you finally shame someone into fixing your problem or threaten them with legal action due to breach of contract.
Problems get solved
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response
No - Had no idea it was an option. Assumed the product would simply work as advertised, without having to pay extra to get it to work every day.