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November 27, 2017

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Overall Satisfaction with Bullhorn Recruitment CRM

Bullhorn was used on both the Recruitment and Sales side of our organization. It allows both divisions to effectively communicate with each other with no downtime waiting for a call or email back. For onboarding, payroll and human resource related questions it was very easy to navigate and see where someone left off if an issue needed to be escalated. Very easy tool for tracking, potential and current clients as well as candidates.
  • Management Reports
  • Recruitment Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Forecasting Reports
  • If there is a chain of commands that need signatures, it would be nice to be able to push the document through instead of a hard copy.
  • Sometimes the drop-down functions don't match exact scenarios, it would be nice to be able to edit OTHER with an explanation.
  • It would be nice to connect the Recruitment side, to match when a candidate is added to the database by another recruiter but is actually a skill match for a requirement that you have been assigned to as the primary recruiter.
  • Being able to assign who is the Primary Recruiter, especially if working on a team of Recruiters
  • Saves time and efforts on Recruitment
  • Saves time and efforts on Sales
  • Easy to track and keep individuals accountable for their tasks
  • Easy tracks and keeps a record of individual accomplishments
I am a strong believer that Bullhorn has improved nicely over the years. You do not have to be a technical guru in order to use 99.9% of the functions. It really is a one-stop shop. You are able to edit and make changes as you go to have more of a positive impact on your business needs.
I believe Bullhorn would be a strong benefit to add to any organization. I have used many different CRMs for Recruitment, Sales, and Human Resources. I find Bullhorn to be the easiest to cross train a team when not in the same office. I find it to be very user-friendly and even if you are not a technical guru, the step-by-step process is broken down and very easy for anyone at any level to use. I believe it could be used improperly if taking the notes to court against someone and therefore anyone that has access to enter notes, needs to be taught that anything entered into the system can and will be used as a legal document. I believe there should be training on what is considered appropriate terminology and what is forbidden or frowned upon.

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Job Requisition Management
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