Canto is almost too good to be true!
Updated June 02, 2022

Canto is almost too good to be true!

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Overall Satisfaction with Canto

Canto is being used in my company as a switch over or replacement for our current server. The first part of that transition though is mainly having all of our photos from multiple departments all in one place and available to everyone. It is going to be used company-wide, but we have separate areas set up within by department. It solves the problem of storage space, controlled environment, security and an upgraded system.
  • Canto is great at letting you add multiple tags to photos, documents, and files so that they can be found by anyone no matter how they might be searching for it.
  • Canto has the upload ability to to complete transfer very large file folders and still keep the exact file structure and keep things labels and divided.
  • Canto is wonderful at being able to look for random and specific items across a large platform by your simple words or phrases.
  • Canto has a place where it automatically tags items as they are uploaded, and they call it smart tags. I think Canto could be tweaked a bit to pick up more common tags on it's own.
  • Canto has facial recognition yet cannot search within a bunch of photo files for pictures with tile flooring in them. I think this is an area for improvement.
  • Canto is able to upload large folders and keep the structure, but then is not able to keep the exact same structure when you are simply creating a new file within the program.
  • As of right now, we are still in the process of transitioning so I do not know any details on overall business effectiveness or any hard numbers. But as of now it seems very capable of handling the amount of information my company holds.
  • I think it is an amazing perk that you can literally upload any type of file on Canto, and then you can open any type of file on Canto as well. It is amazing to find a product that lets you open and view CAD or DWG files without having the actual program!
  • The idea behind having our information more at everyone's fingertips and helping productivity has boosted moral and people are optimistic.
  • 8x8 X Series (Formerly Virtual Office)
Canto seems to be ahead of the curve in most aspects when speaking about what kind of bang you are getting for your buck! I do not think you can fairly compare these, but sadly I don't have alot of experience with many others.

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Canto is well suited for a variety of different uses and a variety of companies, rather large or small. It is well suited when it comes to photo uploads and storage. It seems to have fantastic security. It is easily accessible, although I think it would be nice if they had an app.

Using Canto

Canto has many amazing features and also the great ability to join many platforms together in one place.
Canto can be easy to use once you have been given some training. Canto utilizes different verbiage for their filing system which does take some getting used to. You have to retrain your brain a little to how the tiers within the Canto files actually work. The usability for the search feature is amazing because you can type in a broad description and get a multitude of matches, which might be exactly what you are looking for. But for those more precise searches where you are looking for something very specific, Canto gives you the ability to type in very detailed words and phrases to detail your search. Canto's usability is also much more beneficial when all users are trained properly and take the time to put in keywords that will help in the future. Overall it's not a super difficult program to learn and it's usefulness is worth the learning curve.
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  • The search function is very easy to use and can be as detailed as you would like it to be, depending on the keywords you type in for your search.
  • Creating links to share with others is very simple and you are able to send it through several platforms and different ways which makes it's more universal. The link displays clear and crisp photos and information, whether you actually have the program that the files were created in. That is a HUGE plus for me and my work team.
  • The "follow" feature is a great way to track who is viewing or using your files and it makes it nice to follow specific folders so you actually know when others are utilizing them.
  • I also really like the "my collection" function, which is easy to click on for any file and then it compiles it all together for you. This is a great way to go through multiple searches and files and compile several things together by just simply clicking 1 icon button when viewing the file.
  • It can be very difficult to use Canto in the way it was intended if others on your team aren't trained properly on tagging photos or files and saving in good keywords. And while the keywords & tagging feature is awesome, you cannot always guarantee other team members are using it or putting enough detail or description so your search could be difficult in that case.
  • Sometimes, because of the layers of the filing system within Canto, it can be difficult to move things from one file to another. It can also be difficult to combine multiple items from different files into one link to all be sent together. It might just be more time consuming than difficult.
  • The "duplicate" feature can often be annoying to bypass. I understand the premise of this feature and see how it cuts down on storage space, etc., but it can also be annoying feature to have to bypass when try to upload large files or large amounts of things into Canto, especially if you don't choose to select the "save for all" button.
Yes - The mobile interface is great for pulling up files, photos and information while you are out in the field and might not have direct access to a company service. Although the large amount of files you might have on Canto can cause a little slow down on your phone when things are trying to upload. I feel like the mobile interface has some room for improvement and refinement in it's usability.