Cisco AnyConnect

Overall Satisfaction with Cisco AnyConnect

Currently, my organization uses Cisco AnyConnect to connect its employees who are remote. We manage it in conjunction with the
Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) in this scenario. It is very easy to administer. We currently have about 300 simultaneous sessions per day under an ASA 5580. It is a very useful tool when it comes to developing VPNs and user groups. Integrating it with an AD and DUO is the perfect remote security combination for a VPN.
  • VPNs
  • User Groups
  • Security
  • Traffic monitoring by user
  • Application monitoring
  • Web application filtering
  • Good return on investment
  • Cost-benefit ratio
  • Compatibility
It is currently the tool we use, we have more than 5 years with it and we are pleased to use it. It is an easy tool for users to use and if you have different organizations, in any connect they can be divided to create the required organization.
Yes, the tool helps users to connect securely to the corporate network. An army of engineers is not required to administer access to the administrative network, which makes it easy to administer and for users. It is very friendly, you can connect to a public IP or to a domain depending on what is required.
The Cisco TAC is very efficient, as well as if you have a smartnet, hardware replacements are possible. The TAC has all the necessary documentation in case of any failure and they are in constant updates, which allows them to install the pertinent security patches. AnyConnect is compatible with all common operating systems and that makes it quite flexible.
Palo Alto and Fortinet are good manufacturers but more than 5 years ago when the project was tendered, Cisco ASA was better for the cost, benefit, and approval apart from the fact that we have Cisco ISE, Cisco DUO and all those tools converge quite well when you have the complete solution.
The good thing about Cisco AnyConnect is the compatibility with Windows/Linux/macOS. It can be used in a company of 10 users or if required in a company of 5000 users. It provides an easy connection to the corporate network remotely and securely, with the creation of user groups and synchronization with the active directory.