AI Powered Lead Engagement is the Future, Today!
March 09, 2018

AI Powered Lead Engagement is the Future, Today!

Eric Dickmann | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Conversica

We implemented Conversica to help in our sales process by moving the burden of initial lead follow-up from a human sales representative to our virtual assistant. The goal was to increase engagement with our leads and to use our sales team for higher value interactions rather than having them reach out directly to every lead. The AI assistant is persistent in a way that our human team could not match. Yet the assistant reaches out in a way that seems to facilitate engagement rather than turning people off. We've seen an increase in engagement levels for new leads and also an increase in older lead re-engagement. While Conversica doesn't sell, it's good at being persistent and making interactions more visible to both the sales team and management. We've uncovered multiple opportunities that might have gone unnoticed by carefully reviewing each day's responses. We've also been pleased with the accuracy the tool has shown in interpreting the responses it receives. While it doesn't get them all right (especially foreign or some out of office responses) it learns and gets better over time.
  • Signature lines are analyzed and phone numbers are added back into our database.
  • The assistant can read out of office responses and re-engage once the lead returns.
  • In using a short and casual conversational style, the tool gets engagement where our human sales team has sometimes struggled.
  • Integration with our marketing automation platform, HubSpot, is primitive at best. Data is shared between the systems but not exposed in a usable way. You can get leads into Conversica through lists and workflows but beyond that, it's difficult to see much else in HubSpot.
  • There isn't much to do inside the Conversica tool. It's a bit of a black box. You can stop a conversation, skip it ahead or reply as your assistant but otherwise have little control over anything else. More focus should go into the integrations than the platform dashboard since it has limited usefulness.
  • Reporting is very static with no real opportunity for customization.
  • We've seen an increase in engagement rates with Conversica
  • Some dormant leads have also been brought back to life
This is our first experience using an AI tool in our marketing/sales process.
If your sales process relies on marketing-generated leads or has a business development (inside sales) function, Conversica can help improve engagement rates. It's less suited for sales processes that are more outbound or relationship focused. It's best for higher lead volume environments where you are seeking to get that engagement and then have the prospect interact with a live salesperson.