Our Conversica AI Assistant never stops working, no coffee required
Updated July 16, 2019

Our Conversica AI Assistant never stops working, no coffee required

Mike Bryant | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Conversica

We currently use Conversica to stay on top of our outreach efforts to new leads. Our AI assistant handles the quantity that we cannot get to on our own in a direct 1:1 basis. Furthermore, these efforts are focused on scheduling demo calls with new leads before they go cold.
  • Providing 1:1 email outreach to a large quantity of leads which our organization is unable to do on our own in a timely manner.
  • Confirms specific contact phone numbers while scheduling a call for our sales department.
  • Opens up new conversations with older leads in our database that have gone cold.
  • The AI software that reads the replies from our leads is not perfect. I need the ability to update and change the lead status when I discover these mistakes for accurate reporting and follow up.
  • The ability to stop a conversation as a manager is only available from one screen. I would love if they could move this to the main dashboard too.
  • In reporting I would like to see the date and time of last message sent, last reply received, and next message scheduled all next to each other.
  • The import to Salesforce campaigns is nice but the upload of new data from conversica to Salesforce (like lead status and phone number) has to be manually done.
  • No more leads slipping through the cracks. Everyone gets contacted soon after they engage with our content.
  • We can now more accurately determine the interest level of all our leads and place them in the proper section of our sales funnel.
  • We are starting more conversation in less time and have closed new business that originated from Conversica outreach.
The response time is good, and all of my questions are answered quickly via email and in our weekly calls. They were a little pushy trying to get me to try different campaigns. They had employee turnover so I had three support reps in one year. They don't remember from one rep to the next critical details of our business.
Implementation went very smooth. They did a nice job of handing off from sales to our support team. They also did well with Salesforce technical questions. There was some things we could not do ourselves and relied completely on the support rep. I didn't like that.
I've used PersistIQ in the past and although it works to an extent, it still used our email server to send mass/batch emails with the typical personalization tokens. We had to do a lot more work to analyze and group each reply. Conversica does that for us.
It's perfect for organizations that have large databases and not enough man power to reach out to each lead one at a time. Perfect for confirming phone numbers and setting appointments for sales reps. You have to be careful with the leads that are imported because if your Salesforce campaigns for conversica are not dialed in, then you will contact the wrong person. Clean list equals clean outreach from conversica. This may seem like a no brainier, but sales databases are typically out of date and full of bad data.

Using Conversica

6 - Our use of Conversica serves as a bridge between marketing and sales. As new leads are gathered from marketing efforts, certain qualifiers are in place to allocate a portion of them for Conversica outreach. The Business Development and Sales Development and Sales Operations are all involved in the care and handling of these new leads.
3 - As a marketing manager I manage the distribution of new leads to the Sales team and also dictate the allocation of which leads will qualify for Conversica outreach through several conversations. Our Sales Operations Manager is our SalesForce admin and he oversees the integration and campaign creation for Conversica. He also imports all static lists to these campaigns. Our Sales Development Reps monitor all new Hot Leads that are generated by Conversica and then move forward with any follow up emails and fulfilling the scheduled phone calls.
  • Event follow up after we meet someone at a trade show or conference or if they attend a webinar.
  • Old lead reactivation for those qualified leads who we have not heard from for over 90 days.
  • Content download follow up after someone downloads an ebook or white paper from our website.
  • We've been able to clean up out database and eliminate all unqualified contacts quickly.
  • In the future we will consider using Conversica for cold outreach prospecting.
I'd like to renew in hopes that their developers update the interface to include the option of manually changing the lead status for more accurate reporting.