Absolute Cvent Advocate!
July 09, 2018

Absolute Cvent Advocate!

Rebecca Cooke-Rodriguez | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cvent Event Management

My organization uses Cvent for event management from start to finish. There are a couple of aspects we don't use, but this is primarily because we are a small (6 person office) trade association, I report straight to the CEO and our largest even is around 250. Everyone in my office knows how to use it on a basic level, but I am responsible for all components of the event so I have extensive knowledge using this program. I have about 16 meetings annually with two maybe three larger scale events. Cvent helps me with every part of the process from selecting a location, to creating the event site, promoting the event with marketing emails, social media and contact lists, all the way to the attendees checking in at the event. I am able to customize every event site and registration path. I can run reports on virtually any aspect of the events and crossover events. I can budget everything within the event and have payments made through the event. It has a travel feature, but this is one of a few options we do not use.


  • Customer Service - always very helpful and patient
  • Customer Success Group Lunches - I enjoy going to these lunches. It gives me an opportunity to network with other event professionals and learns new aspects and features in Cvent.
  • Innovative - Cvent always tries to make their program better, more user friendly, competitive and compliant with standards world-wide


  • I would like to see some of the add-ons as part of the basic plans, like the budgeting tool. I create monetary reports but it's not the same as using the budgeting spreadsheet.
  • Same with the Crowd Compass (phone app) - I would like to be able to use this for most if not all of our meetings, but since I work at a small organization the cost is too high.
  • I don't have any issues with the program itself. There are a few small developer things with the new Flex platform, but they are being fixed as the different phases are rolled out. I'm one of the beta users for Flex and I have been giving input as I come across something.
  • More than anything else, being the sole person responsible for our organizations events and marking, this program saves me time with logistics, reporting, registration, contact information, creating marketing, posting with social media for these events, finding locations for hosting these events, onsite assistance with the event in a box and the event phone app.
  • The Event in a Box is one of the best tools any organization can use for meetings large and small. The smaller option comes with all the tools (2 iPads, 2 iPad stands, badge printer, router, cords and the first 500 badges) you need to have a high-tech registration desk for events up to I think 300 ( I may be low balling). The attendees can check in and print out their badge right there on the spot. The program allows you or the attendee to edit what is written on the badge instantly, you can use ANY amount of iPads or iPhone with the app to check them in to keep the registration line to a minimum. There is no need to ship a regular printer for badges, or pre-print badges. This tool has transformed our registration table into an efficient process and helps to make sure everyone who shows up DID register and has paid up if there is a fee. We were able to raise our revenues a few hundred dollars for our last seminar (56 attendees) because a handful of people showed up who did not register beforehand and pay the registration fee.
  • While I do actually have a third party person who takes care of our hotel contracts because she has more experience with contracts, Cvent has an amazing tool to search for your perfect location with super granular filters and discounts to some locations just for using Cvent to contract your next meeting. I have used it to find venues with my specifics in areas I am not familiar with and pass them along to my contact. She too also uses Cvent to find some of our venues.
Cvent is by far and away one of the best platforms I've used for event management. I was not at my organization when Cvent was purchased, but I did some research and went to one of their success group lunches while at another organization. RegOnline is or was an antiquated program that was used at a prior position. I didn't have any say in this purchase, but the unfortunate position to use it while there. I used Etouches at a conference where I assisted the registration table and found it to be problematic with its syncing capabilities. None of these other programs have the size or scope of what Cvent can do that I have experienced.
It is well suited for nearly every type of meeting, large or small. I use this for every meeting except for our board meetings and this is only because my boss likes to send out his own emails to the members. I especially like using this for our roundtables (20 - 50 people). I use either the express or express ticketing for these smaller meetings. It's quick to create the event site and registration path. I add required questions to the registration like "will you be joining us for dinner" to get head counts without having to send a separate email later asking and hoping to get a reply. You can also run reports to see who has opened the email, emails that bounced, and looked at the event site but didn't register to get an idea who you need to reach out to individually.


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