DashThis Builds Value and Save Money
Aaron Metzger | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 30, 2018

DashThis Builds Value and Save Money

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Overall Satisfaction with DashThis

I have been using DashThis to run weekly and monthly reporting for all agency clients. Currently we have about 13 clients running DashThis dashboards, and we're growing. Additionally, at a previous company we deployed over 100 dashboards for clients. DashThis provides key decision makers at client companies to see their most important KPIs without having to dive into Google Analytics.

We provide deep insights on practically any marketing channel through the dashboard with API integrations.
  • High-Level Executive Reports for Easy-to-Disseminate information. Provide the most important metrics quickly.
  • In-Depth data analysis capabilities. Using in-depth filtering in Analytics data, you can report on just about anything you want, and provide deep insights to your clients
  • Easy-to-Update reports allow for changes on the fly, during calls, if needed. Adding and updating reports takes very little time and it's quick and effective
  • Currently it's missing Amazon Ads integrations, which I have submitted a request for.
  • There should be options to transfer dashboards to other accounts, as needed. For example, when a client engagement ends, being able to transfer the dashboard to the client account would be cool. I'm sure the capability exists.
  • Offline-reporting capabilities or sending PDFs through email of the dashboard may be very valuable to people reviewing data that don't currently have internet access.
  • Saving time on reporting is huge. I can spend 2 full days building reports but never actually get to work on the clients marketing needs. With DashThis, reporting is automatic, so I can spend more time growing their business.
  • DashThis is a huge value-add to my clients who have spent far too much time diving into data, trying to uncover what the most valuable metrics are. With DashThis, we discuss the KPIs and I pull them into the reporting, so the client spends more time making money, less time with data.
  • I don't charge my clients for their reporting, so it's actually a financial drain for me. However, the amount of time and value I get out of their service is totally worth it to me and our company.
Either the reporting was too complex or too basic. I didn't want to spend months and months learning how to integrate new dashboards with all different platforms. Additionally, the other dashboard companies don't allow for enterprise reporting. I have some clients with 50 Google Ads accounts, and you cannot pull all that data into 1 dashboard.
I have used DashThis with all my clients, because it is the fastest, easiest, and best-developed reporting platform. I have tried Google Data Studio and many other reporting integrations, but they just don't have the speed or capabilities of DashThis.

With in-depth filtering, you can create reporting modules not available in any other dashboard, like deep source-medium targeting or landing page data, etc. Whatever data you need, you can get access.

Their API integrations are increasing all the time, and if they don't currently connect to something, request access.