A no-brainer for contract management
Updated January 15, 2015

A no-brainer for contract management

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Overall Satisfaction with DocuSign

  • Digital signatures have many applications, but for our company, we used it as a contract management system.
  • The 1st time that you upload a new document that you want to turn into a digital form, it takes quite a bit of work to tell DocuSign where the data fields are and what type of data needs to be entered in these fields (e.g. phone number, email address, etc...). However, once it's done, if you make edits to the form offline (e.g. you change some legal wording) and you upload the document to DocuSign again, DocuSign does a very good job at remapping the fields based on the mapping that you had done with the previous version.
  • DocuSign gives you quite a bit of flexibility on workflows (e.g. this person needs to sign first, then this person second, etc...)
  • I wish it had had a more flexible document management capability to store contracts and other signed documents. I ended up downloading all the signed documents and moving them to a more flexible document management system.
  • Compared to our traditional paper process, it increased the likelihood for a client to sign our engagement letter by a good 20%.
  • It accelerated the sales cycle by several days. We didn't hear clients saying "I'm travelling. I'll send you the contract when I'm back in the office with a fax machine".
  • It decreased the time to process a new contract into our CRM and accounting package from 30 minutes to 10 minutes, because the client data was filled in digitally.
I looked at EchoSign. At the time, EchoSign had not yet been acquired by Adobe. I did not do a thorough evaluation of EchoSign. I went with DocuSign, the clear leader at the time.

Using DocuSign

3 - Sales and account management
1 - A business person with some technical propensities can support DocuSign. No IT experience required.
  • The company in which I implemented DocuSign produced a lot of engagement letters. We typically emailed the engagement letter to the prospective client. Before we used DocuSign, the client would print the document, fill it in, sign it and either fax it, scan it and email it or snail mail it. It would slow the sales cycle and we'd sometimes lose the client in the process. With DocuSign, the engagement letter could be filled in and signed online and submitted very quickly. DocuSign also allowed us to get the client's data electronically and move it into the CRM system without double entry.
I am no longer with the company, but when I was there, I renewed the contract a few times and I had no reason to discontinue it.

DocuSign Implementation

Until you get the hang of it, I recommend doing several internal tests before sending a document to a client. As I mentioned earlier, you have to go through a bit of trial and error at first to verify that the workflow works as expected.

DocuSign Training

Configuring your 1st document is not very easy, but with a bit of patience, you can learn by yourself. I would highly recommend viewing their online video tutorials first.

DocuSign Support

I had to contact them only once. As I mentioned earlier in the review, I needed to find a way to scramble a field with credit card information. The rep was very professional and pleasant, but could not resolve the issue on the 1st call. She had to call me back, but she came back with a good resolution.

Using DocuSign

The products is well built and it is easy to understand the high level features. However, when I created my 1st form with the product, the learning curve was pretty steep. It required quite a bit of trial and error. For instance, our form required a credit card number. We didn't want this data to be visible, but the workflow included an email confirmation with a PDF attached. It took me a while to figure out how to make sure that the credit card number was not sent in this confirmation email. It actually required me to call their customer service line.

Integrating DocuSign

Relationship with DocuSign

No negotiation for a company of our size. The terms are set based on the pricing plan.