Evernote: An All-In Note Making App for the Digital Age
August 28, 2019

Evernote: An All-In Note Making App for the Digital Age

Joel McAfee | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Evernote

Our organization typically uses services like Google Docs/Google Drive, Trello, and Apple's Notes to share or collaborate - however, Evernote is a great tool for individual note-making and organization on our team. It's inevitable everyone needs their own personal space to track meeting notes, research, and a general place to log information and Evernote provides a great solution for not just text, but for clipping websites, saving PDFs, images, etc.
  • For one, Evernote takes the note-making up a notch by allowing you to include more than just text. It integrates the modern age into note-making by allowing hyperlinks, websites, and social media posts to be attached within a specific note.
  • You can tag specific notes so that you can perform a search or organize by a given topic/name. This is helpful as often notes are made when and wherever you are and this extra layer of organization is a great way to keep track of specific notes.
  • One strength for Evernote is the syncing across multiple devices. Once you create your account you can add Evernote to your phone and multiple computers (3 for free I believe) and it syncs automatically. You can pay for even more devices if need be. This is a great way to have your notes available no matter where you are.
  • One minor area where Evernote can be improved is the user interface. Though it is not complicated by any means, it does feel a little clunky. The way it's laid out on my computer has a middle window when in notebook view that shows some of the text from the note in a paper-like preview but has a ton of dead space to the right. I say it's minor as you can adjust this space or choose a different view, but by default, it requires a bit of manipulation to make the window layout in a way that is pleasing and easier to use.
  • Simple complaint here but deleting a note on a Mac is surprisingly tough. You can't just hit delete, and often the right click window doesn't appear depending on where you click.
  • I think in general it has so many options for making notes it is a little convoluted. It would seem a simpler toolbar at the top with icons showing how you can add notes would be better than dropdown lists in the top menu. It feels a little antiquated.
  • For our team, having tools for individuals to track their project notes is essential. Providing a note pad for the digital age is a necessity and Evernote is an ideal solution and because it has a free version it allows any user to access it without any cost to the company.
  • For one, the time it takes to recall where you stored your last note is hard to track - though it's certainly a recurring point of loss for our team. Once you do find notes, whether or not they are relevant is always in question. The ability to add audio files, websites, videos, etc... this helps keep your notes relevant, always. I would guess these kinds of things save our team members time for every search, but also provide better insight into the past.
  • Many note-making apps make much of sharing and features but Evernote has a focus on the quality of your notes - and adding features like templates is not something I've seen in other note-taking apps. This certainly would pay back dividends considering once you find a helpful template, you no longer have to take the time to set up the note - each time you make a note. Small, incremental improvements add up and quality is certainly a huge ROI.
I'd rate it higher but it's hard to say it's significantly more usable than say, Apple notes. Does it have more features? Yes. Does it have better sharing? Same or better. But it's a third party app vs built-in - requires you to log in vs built into the system. With that reservation, when I have to use a note-making app instead of notes, I always go to Evernote. It's an improvement for sure.
Honestly, I've never had to use the support because I've never had an issue (besides resetting passwords). They build in features for removing old devices so you don't have to contact support to reset. It seems to be well built and maintained enough to remove the need for support, however, I've not had issues with the simple needs of accessing my account.
Compared to the other applications I've used to make notes, Evernote has more built-in features and versatility made specifically for making notes and organizing them. Rather than using documents and keeping up with your finder organization, you can do that all within one app. Better tools for specific purposes allow for better efficiency. I would say there are few apps out there with as much bang for the buck when it comes to note-making.
Evernote is well suited for the individual who accepts notes, feedback, tracks important documents or websites, and who needs to record visual, voice, or any form of notes anytime, anywhere. It may not be the best application for typing out a document that you would deliver to a client (though certainly possible). It gives you an incredibly versatile platform for users who just need to make notes and access/find them anywhere. As a project manager, I find Evernote incredibly useful as a worksheet for starting and keeping up with project notes.

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