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Updated October 13, 2021

Easy and feature rich

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Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange

Overall Satisfaction with Exclaimer

We have over 30 brands under our main umbrella, with a single user looking after many of these brands as once. This can cause headaches when trying to separate our branding, especially when sending emails. It would look very unprofessional if we were to send an email out with the wrong signature or domain name. Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition has helped us to set a default signature but also allows the agent to optionally choose a different signature, depending on the type of correspondence required. The ability to connect it to Active Directory and dynamically pull user profile fields is key for us.
  • Creating reusable signature templates
  • Allow the user to preview the signature before sending
  • Multi-branding signatures
  • Dynamic AD Fields
  • The interface for creating the signatures is a little buggy
  • When editing the HTML, it is not the final HTML that the signature is created with so that can be frustrating when trying to tweak it.
  • Can be a bit of a learning curve even if you are used to doing things in HTML or a WYSIWYG environment
  • Professionalism - Keeping our branding on point
  • Legitimacy - Ensuring our customers trust the emails being sent are truly from us as they contain the correct branding and logos.
  • Simplicity - Our users can just switch between the signature that they require
It is fairly easy and intuitive to get Exclaimer installed on a server and getting the file share sorted out with all of the correct policies. Connecting it into Active Directory is easy enough and the overall concept of creating templates and policies is easy. The hardest part is the actual creation of the templates which can be at times frustrating in terms of trying to get things presented exactly right. The rendering engine for Outlook is not the same as a Webkit renderer such as Chrome or Firefox so the concept of creating it all in a text editor, getting it looking right in the browser and then pasting the code into Exclaimer doesn't always work. I have tried this in the past and things are not displayed quite the same so the best bet is to do the entire thing in Exclaimer even though it can be a bit clunky. Overall it does the job and for how often we edit signatures it's really not a huge deal.
The biggest thing I like about Exclaimer is the ability to hook into Active Directory and pull things out such as user profile fields. This has helped us immensely to get the right information we require. It can also access pretty much every single field, not just the common ones so we have been able to use repurposed fields to present the information we need. We have also been able to build dynamic URLs for things such as an NPS survey and target the correct user to review which has been a huge feature for us.
We are in the process of moving our systems and servers 100% cloud-based. One of the other tools we are looking into for this is Crossware Mail Signature. We are still in very early stages of research; however, I think we have narrowed it down between Crossware & Exclaimer Cloud. As for on-prem tools, we picked Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition and liked it so much that we didn't even bother trialing anything else as it did everything we need right out of the box.

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Exclaimer Signature Manager Exchange Edition has been a fantastic tool for us for a lot of years. It has done exactly what we have required in terms of being able to set specific signatures for each brand, and keeping that separation between our divisions. We are, however, now looking to move the majority of our organization's computer systems to the cloud. We are going to be looking into Exclaimer Cloud Edition to help us handle this leap however that comes at a significantly higher cost so we will likely be on Exchange Edition for a while longer yet.

Using Exclaimer

200 - We have 200 users using the signatures that Exclaimer has created and we are pushing these out using policies that are integrated into Active Directory policies such as members of a group etc.

There are only 2 of us that use the actual interface to create the templates and policies.
2 - 2 of us handle the support and ongoing maintenance and creation of our signatures via Exclaimer. We very rarely need to do anything in it other than creating new templates or editing existing ones. Other than that, we occasionally get requests to grant additional users access to a signature. It is not a system that requires a lot of ongoing support.
  • Branding - Being able to specify which brand we want to send out from
  • Professionalism - Looking professional to all of our customers
  • Simplicity - Our users are allocated the signatures and don't have to create them all
  • Consistency - We can make the signatures readonly so our users can't modify the design
  • Custom URLs - We have used it to create NPS links that are customised to the sender
  • Advertising - We can create campaigns that advertise our partners such as buy now pay later companies
  • Charity - We can advertise our current charities as a campaign to help get donations
  • Further splitting out brands
  • Templates - Using signatures as templates our consultants can pre-fill
  • Information - Using signatures to have information we can send to our customers
I think at this point we will be sticking with this version of Exlaimer for quite some time. We want to move this service to the cloud but the costs involved are quite steep to do. As we grow into more locations we would ideally need the cloud version but we can make do with the on-prem version for now although it is not ideal.

Evaluating Exclaimer and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Pricing is always important but the Product Features would have to be the biggest focus for us. We needed to make sure it could do everything we need with our complex business model. We have multiple brands and often a single agent can look after multiple brands so they really needed to be able to quickly select the signature they needed. We also didn't want to have to fill things in manually such as name, phone number etc so the feature to connect to Active Directory was big for us.
I don't think we would have changed anything. We have been on this tool for a long time and there was nothing better than Exclaimer at that time. If we were to do it again now we would be looking more into the Cloud space and probably wouldn't settle for on-prem but again, the costs involved are significantly higher than the on-prem solution so that would have to be weighed up.

Exclaimer Implementation

Our implementation was relatively easy as we weren't cutting over from anything. We just got the software installed, set up the file share and got active directory set up. We got exsync on a scheduled task and it just worked. We built our templates and policies and it has always been relatively smooth.
Change management was minimal - There wasn't a huge risk implementing this system as our users can see the signature before they sent their email so if there were any issues they could flag them with us and not send. We could also apply the policies to ourselves to view and test them so there wasn't a lot of risk. We didn't roll over from another system so there was no real cutover.
  • No real issues but just understanding the installation and file server config
  • Learning the system when we hadn't used anything like it before

Exclaimer Support

We have never needed to contact support other than to purchase upgraded versions. Our dealings in these instances have been straightforward and professional. The team was prompt in coming back to us with quotes and seeing the upgrade through from end to end, payment to deployment. I guess it is a testament to the system itself that we haven't had to contact them for support related queries.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
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We didn't bother with any additional support. The system is simple enough to figure out and with most of our tools that we have purchased we generally have enough knowledge to work things out for ourselves. There is plenty of documentation online that we can refer to if we ever get stuck and it has an html backend so there is even more information on that language online that we can look at.
The only time we have had to contact support is just for licensing upgrades. Other than that we have not had to contact them. When we did have to do this they were very easy to deal with, prompt and knowledgeable and we managed to upgrade without any issues at all.

Using Exclaimer

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Requires technical support
  • Connecting to Active Directory
  • Being able to edit the HTML rather than only drag and drop
  • Creating policies
  • The HTML you can edit is not the final HTML that is created
  • Drag and drop can be difficult to get things aligned correctly
  • Editing attributes for images etc can be painful at times