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Exclaimer is a provider of email signature solutions, empowering businesses to unlock the potential of email as a key digital advertising channel. With its tools, organizations can simplify the management of email signatures to deliver consistent branding, promote marketing campaigns…

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Exclaimer is a provider of email signature solutions, empowering businesses to unlock the potential of email as a key digital advertising channel. With its tools, organizations can simplify the management of email signatures to deliver consistent branding, promote marketing campaigns…

CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

With CodeTwo, users can quickly set up automatic email signatures, legal disclaimers, and branding on all email apps and devices in their organization. CodeTwo offers an award-winning cloud service for Microsoft 365 & Office 365, developed in compliance with ISO/IEC 27001 & 27018.…

Terminus ABM Platform

Supporting B2B strategies, the Terminus platform offers tactical playbooks that help teams meet accounts throughout their entire lifecycle. It is a platform rooted in first-party data that surrounds buyers with engaging digital experiences from account acquisition to expansion and…

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WiseStamp is an email signature solution for both small and large companies. It was acquired by vCita in August 2019, and is now a vCita solution.


Newoldstamp is an email signature management and marketing platform for small teams and enterprises boasting a quick and simple signature set up for all company employees that doesn’t require involving Tech or Design Teams. The vendor states it features seamless integration with…


Effortlessly manage company-wide email signatures, launch powerful email ad campaigns, gain valuable sales insights & ensure compliance, all within a single, user-friendly platform with Opensense. Opensense seamlessly integrates with popular productivity suites, email clients, CRMs,…

Crossware Mail Signature

Crossware Mail Signature is email signature software from New Zealand company Crossware.


Letsignit is an email signature management tool, from the company of the same name in Marseille. The vendor states users save marketing and sales teams time by creating, assigning and managing all email signatures from a central platform. It is available via a Starter edition, and…


Mailbutler is an email extension designed to help professionals and teams manage their emails better and improve customer relations.


SignatureSatori is an email signature tool for Gmail. It allows users to set predefined signatures for everyone in the company quickly, with no need for end user configuration (ie, no struggling with formatting and image uploads, according to the vendor). There is a WYSIWYG editor…

Spark Mail App

Spark, from Readdle headquartered in Ukraine, is a team email inbox solution, supporting email signature functions, smart notifications, organizational features, email templates, and related features.


Xink is an email signature application from the Danish company of the same name with an office in Atlanta, Georgia.

AdSigner Email Signature

AdSigner turns email signatures into a new advertising potential. It is a powerful email signature management tool, offering user management, scheduled marketing campaigns across signatures and banners, in-depth analytics, and a selection of customisable templates.


Templafy is a document management solution from the company of the same name in Copenhagen, featuring templates with dynamic personalization, automated population of templates with brand content, email signature management, document assembly workflow, and other features.

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A solution to manage employees' email signatures, that enables users to design and manage email signatures for all employees with a single interface. It can be used to create templates to manage entities, groups, and users and spread marketing campaigns to reinforce a corporate image,…

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Someone might send hundreds of emails every month—to customers, colleagues, and maybe even exes. (“Please come back, Evan. It’s not the same without you…r business.”)But are those emails helping grow a brand or business?EmailBadge is presented as a simple way to create beautiful…

Learn More About Email Signature Software

is Email Signature Software?

Email Signature Software allows you to centrally manage all employee email signature updates. Email signatures can be tailored to different roles and departments, providing email signatures with consistent formats across every device used by your organization. Important industry-specific and policy-guided disclaimers can be uploaded to help meet compliance requirements. European Union’s highly strict GDPR, EULA, privacy policies, terms and conditions, etc.

Marketing teams can leverage Email Signature Software features such as promotional banners, email design templates, and targeted promotional messaging with campaign analytics. These features can help raise brand awareness and improve response and conversion rates when sending out emails to clients, partners, or potential customers.

Email Signature Software can be used by enterprises or small businesses across all industries, particularly by sales and marketing professionals looking to make a good impression on their target audience.

Categories related to Email Signature Software include Sales Email Tracking Tools, Secure Email Gateway Software, Email Spam Filter Software, and Email Marketing. These software solutions help businesses optimize other aspects of their email accounts such as cybersecurity, email tracking, and email marketing campaigns. Most Email Signature Software options will have some built-in security features like two-factor authentication.

Email Signature Software Features

Email Signature Software typically include the following features.

  • Automated signature generation
  • Central control of email signature updates
  • Customizable signature design templates
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Security features
  • Dynamic email disclaimers for legal compliance
  • Ad banner campaigns
  • Banner campaign analytics
  • Targeted promotional messaging
  • Social media icons
  • Support for animation, GIFs, and graphics
  • Integrations with business productivity suites
  • Mailbox cloud migration
  • Integration with contact directories

Email Signature Software Comparison

Given the large number of Email Signature Software options on the market, buyers should consider factors like integrations, security, and ease of use.

The most common integrations are with email services provided by Office 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange. While most Email Signature Software specialize in one or two of these integrations, Exclaimer and Newoldstamp can integrate with all three. Wisestamp also integrates with Mac and Yahoo Mail. CodeTwo Email Signatures is popular with Office 365 users.

To help customers meet compliance requirements for data protection regulations, Email Signature Software providers have increasingly sought to acquire security certifications such as ISO 27001 and ISO 27018. Certifications like these can help buyers decide whether Email Signature Software offers reliable data protection.

Demos or free trials are offered by several Email Signature Software providers and can help gauge how well a team adapts to using the different tools and feature sets. Certain features can also save time and effort. Features like one-click updates and drag-and-drop template editors require minimal training and can reduce IT overheads by making changes more accessible.

Some ABM platforms such as Terminus also offer email signature management solutions among several other non-email related features. Buyers should compare platform software options that offer email signature tools against point solution Email Signature Software, choosing the provider that best meets current business needs.

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Pricing Information

Many Email Signature Software offer custom quotes based on data needs and number of users. Free trials or demos are also common. Most prices range from $5 to $11 per month depending on billing cycles, but costs rise for larger companies if pricing is based on the number of users.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Email Signature Software do?

Email signature software helps companies unify and centrally manage employee email signatures and disclaimers. This allows employee signatures to be used as low-cost marketing and branding tools.

What are the benefits of using Email Signature Software?

Benefits of using Email Signature Software include branding, compliance, time saved updating email signatures, and lower IT administration costs.

What are the best Email Signature Software products?

How much does Email Signature Software cost?

Starting prices can be as low as $5 to $11 per month, but many Email Signature Software offer customizable pricing based on the number of users and data requirements.