One Size Fits All
Updated February 25, 2021

One Size Fits All

Christopher Kaldenberg | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Genesys Cloud (formerly PureCloud)

We began using Genesys Cloud at first with only a few users as a paid trial to test the waters. As the platform continued to mature, we made an effort to deploy Genesys Cloud as an offsite phone solution for external users. The ability to have a phone system not tied to a physical site or circuit has been beneficial for mobility purposes. To this day, we have not yet adopted the platform company-wide because we are still using Genesys Connect.
  • Architect design tool.
  • GUI design.
  • Reporting.
  • Global utilization settings (number of calls, chats, or emails at one time is set globally).
  • Granular permissions for features. Some permissions enable access to multiple admin features. For example, we need supervisors to be able to active/deactivate agents from a queue. Granting this Queue Routing permission, then also gives supervisors admin access to modify all of the queue parameters.
  • I don't deal with the finance side of the platform. I know it's contract-based on the number of seats/licenses.
This is a tough question only because the Genesys Cloud product is still young. Genesys as a whole is a very mature company with deep resources dedicated to the evolution of its portfolio. I can tell you that you need not worry about an "upgrade path". The product receives non-intrusive updates and patches daily. With Genesys Cloud you don't need to wait for an upgrade team to schedule upgrade execution plans and downtime opportunities. Upgrades just happen, but not blindly. Genesys always tells you what's been updated or fixed in their release notes. Their design Architect for Admins stacks up strongly if not stronger than the competition.

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Genesys Cloud can be a good solution for any sized company. The design and deployment allow even small companies to jump in, and in some cases, it seems to be best suited for flat organizations. It works well if you need mobile users. It's a good option if you need VOIP or USB headsets with WebRTC. There are many advantageous features like co-browse and voice recognition. The product lets you dive as deep as you need to with granular complex routing or gymnastics of calls.

Genesys Cloud CX Feature Ratings

Agent dashboard
Validate callers
Outbound response
Call forwarding
Click-to-call (CTC)
Warm transfer
Predictive dialing
Interactive voice response
Call scripts
Call tracking
Multichannel integration
CRM software integration
Inbound call routing
Omnichannel inbound routing
Quality management
Call analytics
Historical reporting
Live reporting
Customer surveys
Customer interaction analytics

Using Genesys Cloud (formerly PureCloud)

120 - Contact center agents. They process inbound chats, calls, and emails.
1 - You need to understand how to read and write JSON
  • Answer calls
  • Answer chats
  • Answer emails
  • Create data output files via API
  • Track flow outcomes
  • Custom data actions
  • AI
  • IVR Payment processing
  • Automate QA
We have a vested interest to maintain a stable contact center solution. Not sure if there are any better options at a comparable rate.

Genesys Cloud Support

I've rarely needed to leverage the support team. The plethora of materials coming out of their document team is proactive. Genesys seems focused on enabling their customers to be as self-servicing as possible; thus, reducing the support footprint on the organization. The few times I've engaged support, the engineers were friendly and urgency-aware. Sometimes there is a language barrier and time zone mismatch that can delay response times coming from another part of the globe.
Support understands my problem
Quick Initial Response
Slow Resolution
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Not sure what premium support is.
There was an issue with email going into a black hole. The first ticket with support went no where as we were told there was no ability to investigate or trace email. After closing this ticket and opening a new one we did fine out there was a trace function that Genesys could use to determine where our lost email was going and why it was not delivered. They quickly reviewed, found the issue, and then provided a working solution.