Google Analytics: The Rockstar Web Analytics Tool
December 19, 2014

Google Analytics: The Rockstar Web Analytics Tool

Matt Howarth | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Google Analytics is being used by my organization to track all of our site metrics, from visits to conversions and revenue. We use Google Analytics to segment and the analyze our site data in many different ways. Some example include desktop vs. mobile, time of day, day of week, source, medium, etc.
  • Google Analytics allows us to easily view site visits, conversions, and conversion rate by source, medium, campaign, keyword, and/or content. This is extremely important when considering how to spend our time and money.
  • Google Analytics is able to provide data in real-time. This is vital when launching new initiatives and wanting to find learnings as soon as possible.
  • Google Analytics allows us to compare conversion attribution models very easily. This is important because it allows us to better understand our users' conversion path and our website conversion funnel.
  • Google Analytics could allow more rows to be exported at one time. If a report is more than 2000 rows, it must be exported in chunks and combined into one spreadsheet.
  • Google Analytics could link with other popular advertising channels (ex. Microsoft BingAds). This would provide greater insight and help improve business ROI.
  • Google Analytics could make recommendations for our website based on data (ex. focus on a specific webpage due to high bounce rate).
  • Google Analytics has allowed our team to identify high volume webpages with low conversion rates and/or high bounce rates, then conduct A/B experiments on such pages, and ultimately improve ROI and the user experience.
  • Google Analytics has helped us greatly when launching new digital marketing campaigns. We can see site traffic and conversion activity in real-time, allowing us to rectify any problems and make necessary optimizations to help improve ROI right away.
  • Google Analytics makes it easy to conduct year-over-year analyses, which every part of our company uses in order to forecast the necessary resources and finances for strategic business planning.
Our company is very likely to renew our use of Google Analytics because it provides easy access to detailed website data that multiple employees use on a regular basis. We are able to make actionable decisions quickly and easily. Without the tool, our business would slow down and the risk of competition moving in our market share would increase.
I would recommend Google Analytics to anyone who has a website. It's not necessary to need to analyze your data all the time, but to have the option to view site activity down to the specific page and know how each traffic source behaves on that page, that information is invaluable to a growing business and/or website.