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Google Analytics Review: "Amazing Basic Metrics with Little Effort" AnalyticsUnspecified8.51986101
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January 11, 2019

Google Analytics Review: "Amazing Basic Metrics with Little Effort"

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We use Google Analytics with a lot of our clients that want to get detailed information about their viewers and their basic browser metrics or profiles. Additionally, we will track user traffic within their site. Gathering these metrics helps identify which sections of the site needs more growth, which sections could be trimmed, and also helps target code optimizations based on the browser base of the users visiting their site.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Powerful metrics and traffic flows.
  • Ability to enable detailed metrics through action tracking.
  • Visualizing metrics on detailed actions can be tricky to set up.
  • Exporting dashboards/reports could be a little more emphasized.
  • We've been able to provide good data to direct updates for our users with minimal effort.
  • We've been able to provide professional looking reports for stakeholders with minimal effort.
  • We've been able to easily track trends over time.
Google Analytics goes head to head when it comes to basic browser and activity tracking, but falls behind when it comes to full tracking of a request and the performance impact it has on a web site or application. A lot of this is due to the fact that Google Analytics can only be installed on the front end of a website or application.
Google Analytics can easily be recommended for most websites, particularly if the goal is to gather basic metrics about the visitors and their flow. Having basic actions in place, particularly when refining the tracking of user flow, would also be a good candidate for Google Analytics. Google Analytics would be a little less appropriate when you're trying to get a full tracing stack of analytics and performance in something like a web app.