Works very well for us!
December 03, 2015

Works very well for us!

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Overall Satisfaction with HireVue

HireView is being used across my organization to do off-line video interviews in lieu of phone screens in selection processes. It is a real time saver, very convenient, and very flexible as well. The video interviews can be set up in many different ways to fit the organization's needs. The system is very user friendly with administrators and users, and pretty bug free.
  • Saves time and is flexible. No more phone tag, lousy connections, or phone screens that go on and on. Allows you to plan your time with precision.
  • Different to phone screens, allows more than one person to have access to the video interviews. If you want to see a video interview again you can do it.
  • Everything is stored and easily accessible, you can come back to your video interviews anytime if needed.
  • I would like HireView to "talk" with my ATS system, as now we use it separately.
  • My organization works in the US only, and HireView works great for us because almost everybody here has a computer or mobile device and a decent connection to the Internet. I wonder how will this work in a global context with countries that don't have good access to internet bandwidth.
  • From the candidate's perspective I am concerned about potential generational and cultural issues. People older than 30? may not feel very comfortable having an interview with a machine, and may feel the organization is not willing to invest the time with a real human being to talk to them; they man also find the technology difficult to manage. Another concern is the cultural part; for example I believe that is many parts of the world it will be perceived as deeply impolite to do an automated interview.
  • Reduced the time dedicated to phone screens, so you can be done quicker or screen more candidates, whatever is more convenient for you.
  • Shortens the overall recruitment time.
Skype for Business is very limited compared with HireView, and lacks many of the functionalities that allow you to save time. SFB is like doing phone screens in a modern video-phone, but does not work off-line, save the interviews in an database, control the time that you have to give your answer, etc.

HireView is excellent from the organization's perspective and in a US context; this is how I currently use it, and therefore my 5 star rating. I'd recommend this to a colleague, in fact already recommended the system to a colleague in another organization. This said, as I mentioned before, I have not used this in an international or global context, and I cannot give an opinion based on experience on those regards. I would not use HireView for very high level recruitments.

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