Price + Features = Slam Dunk
June 12, 2018

Price + Features = Slam Dunk

J.P. VanderLinden | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Hotjar

We use Hotjar in our AdOps department to analyze user behavior on websites that we are running campaigns too. Our Growth Specialists install Hotjar, then use the heatmaps and user recordings to inform us about how users are interacting with the website during browsing, lead generation, checkout and other engagement. We also use Hotjar information to evaluate how effective landing pages are and whether there are any technical glitches we need to address, especially for mobile devices.


  • User recordings are the most useful feature of Hotjar - they separate the tool from competitors by allowing an anecdotal, real-life view of users working their way through your website funnel.
  • The ability to deploy polls and surveys is a great feature to level up information gathering. Simple questions around intent/goals, objections or demographics can add color to your understanding of visitors and flesh out personas.
  • A core component of Hotjar is heatmaps. The fact that these heatmaps are segmented by device and offer click, mouse movement AND scroll tracking are crucial to understanding user interaction on web pages in aggregate. This is especially valuable on landing pages.


  • The Hotjar user recording feature sometimes glitches up and doesn't render CSS properly, which can lead to a recording of low value when you can't understand what's stopping a user.
  • User recordings have a lot of attached metadata such as country, device, operating system or day/time - however, not all of these pieces of metadata are usable in segmentation. Most notably, it would be useful to filter by recordings NOT from a certain set of countries, to eliminate or target internal users.
  • Funnel tracking is a good idea in theory, but in practice, I've found it to be inaccurate and misleading, due to the way that HotJar processes the data it receives at each step.
  • Hotjar has allowed us to streamline checkout flows for multiple clients, increasing conversion rates and driving more effective revenue.
  • We've used Hotjar to identify website glitches, saving thousands of dollars in manual QA process while still efficiently finding problems.
No other solution offers the full suite of visitor recording, heatmapping and scroll mapping, polls, surveys, and funnel tracking at such a reasonable price point. Every other solution compromises either on features or price, with many sacrificing on both - fewer features and higher cost. Additionally, Hotjar's support is exceptional in comparison to alternatives, ferreting out bugs and recommending solutions for specific isolated issues on live chat or within 24 hours via email.
For user behavior analysis on a website, whether it be e-commerce, lead-generation or SaaS, Hotjar is a fantastic solution. Tracking individual landing page interaction (scroll depth, mouse clicks), recording user behavior on mobile devices, or initiating polls and surveys all packed together in one tool and delivered at a great price make Hotjar my go-to UX software for websites.


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