Jive review from a multinational chemical company
Updated March 17, 2015

Jive review from a multinational chemical company

Maxime Guglielmetti | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Jive Team Collaboration

Jive is being used across almost all the organization (Rhodia legacy). Only IT is using it on the Solvay side.
There are a few social groups that are doing an excellent job in Jive : very active, lot of value for the users and the organization. Those groups come from different business units. The level of utilization of Jive varies a lot from a one business unit to another.
  • Improve Collaboration : It really depends on people, but when a team is motivated, Jive provides everything they need to work more efficiently.
  • Jive is a good place to share documents, ideas, projects issues, etc.
  • User experience, Jive's ergonomy is a strength. It is pretty intuitive.
  • Jive search engine is powerful
  • Working on a document with other people: It is cumbersome to download the file from Jive, make changes into Excel, re-upload the document. It would be awesome if Jive could have the same technology as Google docs and allow a team to work on a document at the same time.
  • Very hard to get concrete ROI numbers... same for Salesforce or any other tools.
  • Overall positive impact, it trained people to work differently and collaborate. Some people work more efficiently. People need to want the change to get all the benefits from it.
  • The only negative thing I can see is the complexity that those tools bring to the organization. Those tools are very user friendly and people underestimate a lot of things. It is a big mistake. These tools need a serious project team to implement. In some companies, the collaboration topic is a big mess, and so it is frequent that users have to use Jive, Google docs and some others tools. It can be confusing and not productive in the end.
I did not make the decision to implement Jive. There is a collaboration tool in Salesforce. However, Jive was picked because it was a good quality price ratio tool. We have over 5K users and I believe the objective is to go to 10K users.

It always depends on the needs of the users. Make your users tell you about their issues, their needs and you will understand if implementing jive is worth it. Jive is good when people don't see each other every day if they live in different countries, it is good for cross functional teams, it is good for international project, project shared by different teams. Jive can be also useful for simple project, it can help really any kind of project or teams. At the end it depends on the people and leadership. Make sure you have a strong commitment from the top managers before pushing anything.

Using Jive Team Collaboration

My company chose to go to Google mail, and Google docs after many years of Microsoft. Jive used to be big for a few years but now the push for Google is stronger. We are still going to use those 2 tools; we actually have an interface between Jive and Google. But I feel it is fragile. Collaboration topic is fragile because if people stop pushing for it, the metrics will show it. Only a few teams with exceptional leaders will still do great no matter what. It is rare unfortunately.

Jive Team Training

Jive online training is there. It is OK/average. I feel some other companies are doing better. It is not a piece that is required to have a successfully implementation, but it could be useful to improve it