Laserfiche, a flexible and broad spectrum of options to replace paper processes
July 18, 2018

Laserfiche, a flexible and broad spectrum of options to replace paper processes

Glen Murie | TrustRadius Reviewer
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My employer, Gordon Flesch, is a VAR for Laserfiche. I am the primary point of contact for all of our customers after implementation, and am responsible for implementation and maintenance of Laserfiche hosted on cloud servers for a few dozen of our clients. We also use it internally, and I consult with an assist our in house team when they need help with the product.

Laserfiche replaces the printing and storage of paper, and can replace any process that has people shuffling paper. For example, a process of taking orders from customers, picking products from a pick list, invoicing a customer, and keeping information about products in inventory that exists mostly or entirely in paper can be replaced and automated with Laserfiche. We work with hundreds of clients in many different sectors from small firms of a dozen people to worldwide corporations with tens of thousands of staff members.
  • It's very good at giving a wide range of options for importing and exporting data, the Windows Client software alone can pull files from a windows folder, has a software printer to print documents into Laserfiche instead of to paper, has Office integration, the ability to pull photos from cameras, and has a scanner component.
  • Laserfiche Workflow is an automation tool that is very flexible and powerful, and allows a wide range of options for automating document flows and procedures.
  • Laserfiche is very good at communicating with other systems, though some systems, like big iron minicomputers, take some extra work and effort. Setting up integrations with SQL server databases are as simple as any complex IT procedure can get.
  • Quick Fields, the tool for automatically importing and processing scans by Zone OCR, is primitive and out of date. The user interface is terrible, and the program can behave in unexpected ways. The OCR module from Nuance has a high error rate.
  • Security and access rights are finely grained, and quite powerful, but there isn't a way to get a report of access rights and where they've been set. If a document repository is very large, and was not properly planned out and documented, untangling user rights issues can be a real mess.
  • Most of the modules are intuitive and easy to use. This is a double-edged sword. Forms and workflows are quick and easy to create, but it's possible for a non-programmer to create a workflow or forms process with hundreds of copy-pastes of the same activities where someone with some practical programming experience will create a loop of a dozen activities.
  • Most of our customers see an immediate ROI on time savings, and better information analysis and records search. Paper processes replaced by Laserfiche are no longer plagued with situations where a single person knows where large numbers of documents are for example.
The core infrastructure of Laserfiche, and the end user experience, is vastly superior. OnBase has a TERRIBLE UI and administration console by comparison. The core architecture of OnBase is also more scattered, while all Laserfiche processes go through a single service. Overall, the Laserfiche product is easier and more intuitive to install, maintain, and use.
At its core, Laserfiche replaces paper, and any process where paper documents are printed, filled in, passed around, and stored is perfect for Laserfiche. While expensive, Laserfiche can provide a cost savings by replacing printers, copiers, scanners, paper, ink, and tasks that involve repetitious paper shuffling. It also does a good job of integrating with other systems through the workflow tool.

It's not meant to replace purpose built software. You can't replace an accounting system or EMR with Laserfiche, though you can use laserfiche to store long term records from those systems, and automate paper based processes coming from those systems.

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