Say goodbye to bookmarks! LastPass is here to get you organized and secure.
February 22, 2018

Say goodbye to bookmarks! LastPass is here to get you organized and secure.

Alicia Gates, CPA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with LastPass

LastPass is being used by our entire organization. It allows us to securely store our client's login information, as well as our own and allows us to save time logging into the various websites we use each and every day. For our organization we are 100% cloud-based, so I'm logging into 10-15 software just to work on my client's information, and then each of those client's have 5-15 logins themselves, so you can see how it can add up quickly! LastPass gives us peace of mind that the data is secure, and what's more, we can securely share and revoke access to employees as needed, meaning our employees get what they need and our clients have confidence that their information is safe.
  • LastPass does an excellent job of removing bookmarks from your world. No longer do you have to create folders and bookmark, asking your computer or browser to save your login information (and always praying you don't get hacked). LastPass does it for you! One master login for their website is all that's needed, and then you can quickly search and launch any stored website. In many instances, you don't even have to press "login" once on the website because LastPass has already entered your information and logged you in! It's a great time saver.
  • LastPass makes sharing and revoking sensitive data a breeze. If you have client data that needs to be shared across employees, you can do that! If an employee leaves, it's very easy to remove their access.
  • Adding new login information to LastPass is a breeze. You can either type in the information into the website yourself, or, you can just go to a new website, log n, and LastPass will ask you if you want to add and save the information. Gone are the days double checking your entries to make sure you have the password right. If you logged in successfully, you know you have, and now LastPass has it automatically stored!
  • While sharing folders of information with employees is a simple process, it's somewhat tedious. For each folder that needs to be shared, you have to open it, add each person individually, and then save. It would be nice if there were a box selection options where you could just select the folders you need to share, then enter the employee's name, then share.
  • Though LastPass is a great software, like all programs, it has glitches from time to time. While that in itself is not the issue, it's submitting a help ticket that can be somewhat difficult. You have to go from your vault of passwords to the company's main site, then search to submit a ticket. I wish there was an easier way to get help straight from the vault.
  • I love that LastPass will ask me if a new website should be added to LastPass when I log in, but sometimes it's not something I want to add. When that happens, there's no way to tell LastPass to "never ask me about this site again". So every time you log in to that website that you don't want LastPass to add, it's still going to ask, and that is a bit annoying.
  • Prior to LastPass we used an online text manual software - think like secure notepads. The passwords were there, but you had to launch the website, then copy/paste the username, then the password, then log in. Across 15-20 clients, who each have 10-15 logins, that's a ton of time taken up just to log in to websites. Now, all we have to do is click 1 button and we're logging into the website. I'd say on any given website, it saves 30 sec - 1 min on logging in. For as many websites I log in to each day, multiple times every day, this turns into hours back to actually focus on work.
  • There are some websites that we have a single shared login across the entire organization. It's vital that these are stored in a shared space because it saves our team so much time! We no longer have to ask "was the password changed?" - it doesn't matter. LastPass has saved the correct password, and now both me and my co-workers can focus on the task at hand, not asking each other what the correct password is.
I think LastPass is for everyone, even if only for personal use. LastPass is much more secure than your browser or computer security, and it organizes the information so well. It's great for organizations that need to share passwords across the team, and those who need to quickly add or remove access for employees. For cloud-based organizations, it's a no-brainer - you NEED LastPass. For companies that maybe don't use as much cloud-based software, or perhaps each employee has individual logins to the few software they have, it might not be necessary (though I bet the employees would still love it).