Great success with the general control of Marketing in my company.
April 22, 2021

Great success with the general control of Marketing in my company.

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Overall Satisfaction with Mailchimp

In our company, Mailchimp is used only by the Marketing sector, due to its high benefits and because it is a platform that provides extensive control and administration of various advertising campaigns. Mailchimp has been a very satisfactory platform for us because we have been able to create all kinds of advertising campaigns with a highly optimized design and with a perfect organization of all the information.

For our Marketing sector, Mailchimp has become a completely important platform, because with this platform we can have an exact accounting of the open rate, bounce rate and we can also have a constant monitoring of the delivery of all our campaigns . In addition, Mailchimp provides us with the ability to view detailed reports and analyzes that contain exact information, since it gives us exact details of the open rate, email clients, social networks and also geographic. On the other hand, we have obtained greater benefits thanks to the integration with the Google Analytics service, with which we have been able to track all conversions and we can have a more comprehensive analysis of the optimization of our Marketing.
  • I love how Mailchimp provides me with a very modern and streamlined design for all my ad campaigns. Mailchimp allows me to add a variety of templates, as it allows me to add drag-and-drop templates and also allows me to place classic templates. The colors and designs of the templates are unmatched and outperform all types of competition.
  • The reports that Mailchimp offers me are really complete, despite the fact that the reports look very boring, I consider that they contain the information necessary to understand the performance generated by one or more advertising campaigns.
  • It has an excellent integration with social networks such as: Facebook, Instagram. Currently, we use Mailchimp with integration in these two social networks and we have had a great result as we have managed to expand the delivery of our campaigns.
  • Mailchimp does not allow me to add a blacklist where I can insert a user record. For me, it is very important to have a blacklist where I can keep an exact control of who should not access my advertising campaigns.
  • The implementation and configuration of Mailchimp was somewhat complex, although this platform has a simple design with clear navigation, its configuration process for the initial user registration process is complicated. I would like Mailchimp to offer a simpler setup with more understandable menus.
  • Deliverability is something that doesn't work very well when recipients use their "Outlook" inbox. Many of our clients using Outlook have reported delays in receiving our campaigns.
  • We managed to get many more users for all our campaigns. Thanks to the creation of registration forms for all our campaigns, we made it possible for customers to access faster and to complete the subscription more easily.
  • We optimize the analysis process of advertising campaigns. Previously, we carried out the analyzes in a more complex way, since we used software that did not provide us with exact information about the results of our campaigns, however, after the arrival of Mailchimp everything changed in a positive way, this platform gave us exact and specific details especially the progress that each campaign had.
  • We managed to save more time in the creation of advertising campaigns. Previously we spent hours and hours designing a campaign for our clients, but this all changed thanks to the "drag and drop" system that MailChimp offered us.
One of the main differences that stand out between Mailchimp and Constant Contact is that Mailchimp allows me to have unlimited storage for images, which helps me to be able to insert any image at any time for my advertising campaigns, while Constant Contact has a storage limit of images of only 2GB. In addition, Mailchimp has greater accuracy in the access control of advertising campaigns, which helps us to obtain real results from each campaign.
The general usability of Mailchimp has been really good, I have no complaints because it has been a very simple platform to use, it has a very easy-to-understand interface. Although we had certain complications when we first configured this platform, we managed to adapt to it little by little, and currently, we have easy use of Mailchimp. In addition, we are completely satisfied with this platform because we can have a wide view in real-time of all our campaigns, we can know if each one of them is succeeding or failing and we can know in real-time the progress of each one.
My company has been completely benefited with the Mailchimp all-in-one system because we not only use Mailchimp to create and send advertising campaigns, but it also allows us to visualize data in real-time and work based on that data, in addition, we allows us to automate our marketing, creating automated messages that reach our customers at the right time. Mailchimp allows us to carry out all the Marketing administration in one place since it allows us to reach the right people and makes our Marketing revolve around people interested in our information. I am very grateful to Mailchimp for allowing me to achieve so many results in one place and have a wide control of Marketing in my company.
I had excellent success with Mailchimp as it met all my expectations and rapidly improved our Marketing expansion. In addition, one of the main lessons that I learned with Mailchimp is that nowadays, it is not necessary to carry out so many processes manually for marketing to improve day by day, it is enough to hire a platform that offers immediate automation for advertising campaigns and for contact with clients, such as Mailchimp.
Mailchimp is a platform that has an excellent performance in the creation, general and individual administration, and also in the concrete analysis of the results of advertising campaigns. I believe that this platform has a lot of potential and would be an excellent option to consider for any company that wants to optimize its process of creating and managing advertising campaigns.

Despite the deficiencies that it presents in its deliverability for Outlook recipients, it is a perfect option for those companies that seek good control of many advertising campaigns.

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