MindTouch - Get in the Minds our your customers and touch their productivity.
Updated April 12, 2017

MindTouch - Get in the Minds our your customers and touch their productivity.

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MindTouch is broken into three parts: Product Documentation, Support Knowledge Articles, and Internal BluB0X Process Documentation. I am responsible for the direction and high level architecture of MT. I have a direct report that is responsible for the technical details (CSS, Java Script, Deki script) and for developing templates to ease creation of new content. The two of us are responsible for new content and ensuring the reviewing of existing content is done. The readability and SME content review is assigned to other people, but we are responsible to make sure the reviews get done and for ensuring the content adheres to our content standards and style guide.

Except for internal process documents, all our content is all public, we are targeting two groups of people 1) Our direct customers AKA Integrators, 2) Their end-customers that will use our product as part of the Integrators solution.
The two key problems we want solved by MindTouch is to train our customers via on-line documentation and to deflect support calls via KCS Just in time solutions.
  • Very responsive design. Very simple, but powerful tools to make the documentation interesting to the eye.
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG editing. For our reviewers, who are programmers, they are not interested in being power editors or spending any time learning a new tool, so the WYSIWYG is crucial to get them engaged in getting our documentation to be A+ quality.
  • Content re-use is great. Simple tweaks to include all or part of other articles, another tweak to include the header or not. This means that when I find a better way of stating something I can change it in one place and get the improved documentation.
  • Using drafts and the draft tool is simple and easy to use. Helps us keep track of what is being worked on currently.
  • WYSIWYG editing around or in tables can re-write the customer css that we have in place. The edit does not even know that it has been re-written.
  • When a reviewer is reviewing a document it would be good to be able to highlight and area of the document and add a comment. Right now you can add a comment into the document but it is inline and does not highlight the section being commented on. MS word does this very well. The comment should also include the name of the person leaving the comment.
  • It would be nice to have a few real world examples of how other people setup MindTouch that we can blatantly rip off. I am sure that many of the things we are doing are not unique, so would be nice to share code or best practices. Being pointed to other sites is nice, but unless you can look at their code it only touches the surface.
  • We are still building out our system, so I do not have any metrics on re-use or speeding up on-boarding. Hopefully later this year I will be able to add comments in their area.
I have used Primus in a past life. It was an excellent tool, but we were spending over 500K plus we had two people full time managing the process of training and monitoring content. Right now I find MindTouch content pretty fast, but we only have 440+ documents and have not really started adding support KB content yet. That will be the real test. Can I find the best document quickly, or do I need to look at the top 30-50 to get to the right one.
It meets most people's needs, it is very easy to set up and start using, you can go back in improve later. The Tier2 support engineers are very helpful.

MindTouch Reliability

I do not have any performance issues, but we are a small company with not many of our customers using the KB, so not much load.