Game changer for design research in the era of remote work!
October 25, 2021

Game changer for design research in the era of remote work!

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Overall Satisfaction with Miro

Miro became more popular in my company after we started working remotely. We are an organization that does design research, so we use Miro to collect and organize our research findings. The templates on Miro help us organize our findings in a way that we can easily present them to clients. We also host co-creation sessions on Miro with external collaborators. We have found that some people respond better to organized Miro activities than direct discussions. The entire organization uses them in smaller groups based on the project they're working on.


  • Templates are really helpful!
  • The customizability of all the graphic elements gives us a lot of control over how our board is looking.
  • I personally also love the tagging and 'auto-grid' features on the sticky notes.
  • Also, I love the way links show up when pasted on Miro, it's genius.


  • I would love the ability to bold and modify fonts in sticky notes.
  • It could use some improvement in terms of account management. A lot of people have had problems creating boards in their own account if it was created after following an invite link (I still haven't solved my problem).
  • There is also a lot of confusion around the structure of teams, accounts, and so on.
  • Saved us time from creating pretty visuals of our research.
  • Helped us organize everyone's notes quicker.
I don't have anything particular to say about its implementation. With the switch to remote work, Miro became a part of our lives very naturally. I didn't particularly face any obstacles in making the switch. It just seemed like the obvious step to collect, organize, and present information in a collaborative way.
We don't use integrations with Miro. I understand that there are many apps that can integrate with Miro, but it seems like a hassle. I usually do not want to try doing that because I have multiple accounts on Miro (and Slack) for personal and professional purposes. My account experience with Miro has been very confusing in the past, so I don't particularly want to deal with problems that I don't foresee.
We were a strictly in-person workplace before COVID-19 hit. Miro has become an integral part of our collaboration since then. Now we are back in the office, but we still use Miro because it's so helpful to collaborate. We don't all have to take our own notes and then compare them. Instead, we can do them collaboratively, while discussing our findings. It saves us a lot of time and makes projects more fun. Miro also has helped us collaborate with external stakeholders -- during remote meetings. We host co-creation activities to help us get the answers we need from them, and using Miro makes the process more fun and interactive for clients.

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  • MURAL (formerly
I tried Mural once or twice, but it just didn't stick. My coworkers were also already using Miro so it was easier to join the crew rather than start my own camp.
Miro is great to collaborate remotely, especially if you want to discuss complex system ideas and host co-creation activities. You don't have to spend as much time making it look clean and organized, because Miro does that for you on its own. It's also great for taking notes during interviews and tests, that way everyone can take notes at the same time, and there's minimum overlap.

Using Miro

I feel that Miro is pretty straightforward to use. It can get confusing as a beginner to differentiate between the 'hand' cursor and the 'click' cursor, but once the starting hurdle is crossed, Miro is very simple to use. As an application, it is clear and obvious how to do things.

My only gripe about Miro is the way teams/accounts are structures. It is extremely confusing and there's no clear clarification on certain aspects of it.
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  • sticky notes!
  • templates
  • comments
  • team management
  • modifying templates


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