Miro - The Online Lego in 2D - but on steroids
February 22, 2022

Miro - The Online Lego in 2D - but on steroids

Alexander Schönjahn | TrustRadius Reviewer
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We use Miro for basically everything that is somewhat visual. I Love Miro because we do a lot of remote working having a perfectly syncing and working online whiteboard is crucial. The scope of our use cases ranges from creating an internal team manifest to hosting public workshops for which we charge money from our clients. Without Miro, these kinds of Workshops wouldn't be possible, so I am really grateful that Miro exists. When I prepare the workshops I usually do that together with my co-host, so already there it is great to work with. The best description of Miro for me is: to be able to build with Lego on steroids in 2D and Online accessible for everyone. But the real power comes to Miro when you have your whole workshop audience on the same board. I work perfectly even with 30+ people simultaneously editing, writing, and creating stuff on the board. Also, you can really well combine what would be normally split up into two tools: Giving a PowerPoint Presentation and having Interactive Parts in it is just possible because of Miro!!! So you see I love Miro and it's with Notion, Zoom is one of the three number one tools I use for working in a highly collaborative work environment.
  • Lets you perfectly in Sync work with 30+ people on one giant online whiteboard
  • Lets you hold interactive presentation
  • The board can get really full of elements and it will still work perfectly fine
  • Lets you set a timer all of your remote working colleges on the board can see
  • Lets you share your board easily via a public or password protected link
  • Being in Multiple Teams on Miro is not ideal...
  • Would love small preview pictures when I am at my dashboard (don't want to set them manually)
  • Would love to have a screenshot mode for documentation, where the resulting image quality depends not on my screen resolution
  • Would love to have different shape options for frames (maybe rounded corners?)
  • That with just one click you can set a board that can be copied by anyone (had real issues there and had to manually copy all the text...)
  • spreading the word about the youtube tutorials they have created, because they are really good!
  • This is really hard because our workshops wouldn't be possible without Miro - so basically everything?
  • We couldnt work visually remotely without Miro
  • This review is getting really long...
I now get the feeling that I echo myself... As previously mentioned, I really like what Miro has done, especially how stable it is, and that It's even working on older Hardware, so you won't have to worry about participants who cant join a workshop for example because of a too old laptop. And the best thing is the seamless syncing. You do not really notice that, only if you had a tool before where this part wouldn't work at all (like OneNote) And the Sharing experience, Just get a link, and no matter if they have a Miro account or not, you can get to start working (Again not like Microsoft).
Well, you have a Learning curve, which means to get your people up and running takes some time, but with every tool! You have a learning curve, even with a traditional whiteboard. If someone saw one before you have to explain how it works. But here I would wish that there is some kind of quick tutorial I can start as the host so I know everyone is on the same page before we start working...
It made it possible. Without Miro that would not work for us at all. Especially that now our workshops are also remote, that would not be possible without Miro.

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Again I am feeling like being in an echo chamber, maybe this review process can be streamlined as well, by mentioning oh, this question you also have to answer, so please don't mention anything about it before. Well, as already said I tried to work with Microsoft OneNote which also has the Infinite Whiteboard capability, but we already failed with the sharing process to get everyone on board. It was ridiculous. Everyone had to have a Microsoft Account, okay could live with that, but then everyone had to install OneNote, hmmm still kinda okay but not ideal. But now the summit, I would have to share not just by sending a link, but by sending an invitation which never ever worked. Also, I need a separate "notebook" which had to be public just to be able to share one page of that "notebook" and then everyone could see all the pages - even pages they are not meant to see - so just a nightmare...
Miro is really good if you want to work in a highly collaborative remote working environment. As previously mentioned, you can work with 30+ people on one board simultaneously without any issues. So concrete scenarios: a) You want to host a workshop, where you want to work together on something, then Miro is your go-to! b) You want to have an Infinite Whiteboard as known from Microsoft OneNote, but without all the sync problems, the inability to share your board, the also go to Miro! c) You want to have a Living document that normally would fill an entire wall (like a lean canvas) to which you can come back and just copy some cards and start from scratch without losing any of your previous work The only two situations I have encountered so far where Miro does not work are: a) when you need everything very clear and orderly and there is not a lot of visual work, then you should probably work with Notion b) when you have like teenage kids who can't control themselves, after you experienced one Miro War (the war was pretty funny but not productive at all) you make sure that won't happen again