Namecheap is hands down the best
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February 23, 2019

Namecheap is hands down the best

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Overall Satisfaction with Namecheap

I use Namecheap to manage all of my personal and professional domains. A few years ago I transferred all of our domains to Namecheap and recommend it to everyone. Domain purchase and management is foreign enough for most people without having to deal with a cumbersome and clunky interface which is what I feel most other providers offer. Namecheap is easy, affordable, and does what it's supposed to do.
  • Namecheap's interface is clean, modern, and easy to navigate.
  • Most other company gouge their customers on domain renewal costs, Namecheap does NOT.
  • Namecheap's support service has always been fast, friendly, and 100% helpful.
  • There are few international domains that cannot be purchased directly through Namecheap. To work around this, I purchased the domains at another registrar and immediately transferred them to Namecheap.
  • Namecheap's very affordable renewal rates makes a big difference with multiple domains.
  • The user-friendliness of the dashboard saves time.
Namecheap wins hands down on cost and ease of use. I have experienced zero compromise with using Namecheap. There was no trade-off to enjoy the cost savings. Namecheap does everything the other registrars do and more in some cases.
I cannot think of any reason why someone would not or should not use Namecheap for their domain registration/management.

Evaluating Namecheap and Competitors

Yes - We used to use GoDaddy for domain registration and management because it was familiar, established, and the cost was acceptable. When I discovered Namecheap, it was an easy switch and I've never looked back. We've saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the last few years in renewal costs alone. I absolutely love Namecheap.
  • Price
  • Product Usability
Domain registration and manage is 95% a utility service. Domain registrars effectively all do the same thing. The differences are in user-friendly, support, and cost. Namecheap wins in all those categories making it an easy choice.
If I had to do it again, my only hope is that I would have learned about Namecheap sooner.