The BEST CRM for Building Relationships and Sales with Social Media Intelligence
December 18, 2017

The BEST CRM for Building Relationships and Sales with Social Media Intelligence

Chuck Royer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Overall Satisfaction with Nimble

1) Eliminating wasted time manually entering critical information on all Social Media platforms that a potential customer lead can be set up to nurture a professional and appropriate sales opportunity or networking advocate.
2) Ease of uploading existing contacts from Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and other Email programs into Nimble
3) Having pertinent and reliable reminders to engage with a contact within Nimble based on triggers I set up with my designated criteria so that no contact slips through the cracks without having appropriate contact with my company
4) Having the newly released Group Messaging tool to send out email messages that allow for personalization of content from fields within the contact record
5) Using the Nimble Mobile app to manage all my activities to engage with contacts on multiple mobile devices keep me in easy reach to call, write, post a comment on any social media site, or create tasks not to be forgotten
  • The ease of setting up and becoming proficient in using every aspect of Nimble's capabilities and continually adding new tools integrated within the program is a big winner at choosing Nimble for our company CRM product.
  • The widget application works intelligently within Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to pull all the Social Media information about a key contact person or the company itself saves me tremendous time from having to go one-by-one to fill all fields manually with that specific information.
  • The only area that has been a piece lacking was with more integrations with other cloud-based applications like Constant Contact, QuickBooks online, and more. As of a few weeks ago, this entire missing piece was remedied by having PieSync become a major addition to Nimble as an add-on application that handles all of the two-way syncing we were looking for. More integrations as being added within PieSync every week.
  • Once you find relevant prospects, Nimble helps you engage them in meaningful conversations, and transform them into long-term customers.
  • - Instantly respond to business-relevant conversations or set tasks to follow up later
  • - Add relevant prospects to Nimble with one click or share them with your team
  • - Using the Nimble Prospector within the Nimble Contact Widget within Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari browsers or add-ins for Microsoft Outlook, Google Contacts, other contact tools I can continually gain the most current email addresses, mailing addresses, social media accounts, and website information with one click in the widget
  • Nimble puts all of my contacts, tasks, events, emails and the most popular social streams (LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter) in one single place.
  • - Manage all of my business contacts on an easy-to-navigate screen
  • - Receive all of my emails, tweets and status updates in one inbox
  • - Connect my contacts to new events and tasks with a single click
  • - Be reminded every day on the Nimble Home Dashboard of important engagement opportunities and continual reminders of contacts that need follow-up each week, month, quarter or year
Nimble has proven to be a positive and well-respected application within our company for setting us up for success at building personal and meaningful associations with decision makers. It has been a significant reason why we have gained acceptance and trust from those who we have introduced ourselves to over time. The ability to feel a true understanding of our prospects and customers as real human beings with unique interests and common aspirations opens up doors of valuable conversation.

The other options that were reviewed and considered provided many of the common ways from the past that stored CRM information. This method was much more of a static representation of the real interactions made between a company or salesperson with the prospects and customers. Nimble has brought back what should never have been lost - being like neighbors who spoke to each other about more things than just business.
The ease of integration to my Google Calendar, using PieSync to push a new contact entered into Nimble to Constant Contact or vice-versa or from Nimble into QuickBooks Online or vice-versa is the best time-saving integration possible, and using my IMAP Email account within Nimble are only a few of the tremendous application design features. Having all of these tools (and much more) interacting and usable within Nimble permits me to stay in one program to do 85% of my daily work. The Customer Support team is excellent and fully capable of handling high priority issues promptly and for listening to the users for feedback and new ideas.

The fact that Nimble can also be used within other well-used CRM applications such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft, and many others makes Nimble that much more of an asset. This permits the user to have integrated access to social media interactions to better build relationships that make for lasting opportunities for business growth.

Nimble Feature Ratings

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Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail)
Interaction tracking
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Lead management
Email marketing
Task management
Pipeline visualization
Custom fields
API for custom integration
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Social data
Social engagement
Marketing automation
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