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March 29, 2019
Ross Keating | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Nimble is my most used app outside of Word and Excel, and it saves me at least 30-60 minutes a day. Why? Because when I am in my office and not doing follow-up from client meetings, I am still somehow connecting with people.
For me, it solves the problem of where to find out about people, what I am doing with them, when and how I have been in contact with them, and about what. Nimble saves me time by being available wherever I want it, regardless of what I am doing on the web in any tab or even if I'm on my mobile. Nimble's Smart Browser app is what helps me save time.
  • The Smart Contact App for browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge) and within GMail and 365 Outlook. This enables you to add people to your Nimble database from say, LinkedIn. While it does so, it "automatically" builds their profile by retrieving information about their other online profiles in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. When the person is in a larger business it enables you to find contact information like emails and phone numbers (it gives a confidence rating). This feature is where a lot of my time saving comes from.
  • The Group Messaging feature enables you to select a segment of your database based on tags and other filters, and send a personalized message to that group (much like a simple MailChimp). It provides you with open rates, click-through rates, and fail rates. This is awesome for improving engagement rates with your emails because it enables you to send more relevant communications to an audience you know is more likely to respond to it. Also, it makes it easy for you to follow-up.
  • The search feature is another great tool for users. It is very simple to use. Not only does it enable you to search on standard and customized fields (did I mention you can add 5 tabs with 200 customized fields per tab!), it also enables you to base a search on customized 'tags" and on some social media profile data such as "Influenced Groups".
  • You can save searches for reuse, which is great for your segment communications.
  • The sales pipeline enables you to establish multiple pipelines. This enables you to manage prospects from different channels through different pipelines e.g. tradeshow leads and website leads. You set-up customized pipeline stages.
  • You can also use the multiple pipelines to manage projects. For example, I use Nimble to manage contacts I make in relation to being a guest on a podcast or webinar, workshops, or speaking opportunities. It is not a full project management tool, but for simple projects, it is excellent to ensure the takes are done and people contacted.
  • The sales pipeline reporting is very basic. However, for businesses wanting to ensure leads and quotes are followed up and have an idea of the pipeline, it is more than suitable.
  • The email editor needs improvement. However, because Nimble works with Gmail and Outlook 365, you can send emails from them and it will still be stored and viewable in your Nimble database. I send most of my emails from Gmail.
Nimble is well suited for businesses with up 50 employees wanting to ensure that their users can see all contact with a person in the database, whether they are using a desktop, notebook or mobile device. This helps to build better relationships with contacts and answer questions.
Nimble is easy to integrate with 150+ apps due to PieSync being its native 2-way sync integration tool. This reduces duplication of data and saves time in its management. It also helps with businesses looking to integrate with tools like Xero or Quickbooks accounting, and with marketing automation tools like 366 Degrees and Mailchimp.
It's perhaps not ideal for businesses wanting to segregate data between divisions or business units. However, this can be managed by taking subscriptions under different business units and the addition of staff subscriptions.
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June 27, 2019
Adam Farrell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Nimble is our indispensable tool when it comes to outreach to potential customers via email or on social media. We get instant valuable information about our prospects from all social media platforms they are active on. This data helps us to start meaningful, targeted conversations with them as opposed to spammy looking messages the majority of marketers use. The CRM part makes sure that no conversation gets stale or any question is left unanswered.
  • The data enrichment feature that pulls data from various social media platforms.
  • The workflow management of the lead generation process.
  • Triggers and notifications that remind to engage with the contact according to the designated criteria for different scenarios.
  • The CRM module is best suited for lead generation, but not much for our other workflows.
  • The dashboard is not customizable; its space is not very well organized.
  • The built-in email client is not desirable to use (although it can be replaced by Gmail).
The strength of Nimble is in the ability to update the contacts by information from various social media platforms. The addition of the CRM is a welcome bonus, but not the central feature. The best use case, in my opinion, is to use Nimble to gather the data about prospects and integrate it with the more capable CRM tools.
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July 10, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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In my company, it is used by the IT department, we are coordinating programs and events as well as communication with the clients.
Its a major issue is searching contacts often fails. The mobile app is not worthy, but the desktop app is good
  • Easily access to to do list and agendas.
  • Send and track feature is amazing.
  • Group messaging feature is good.
  • Accessing contacts from mails.
  • Automatic upload of contacts from mails.
  • Act as a buddy partner who reminds everything.
  • Mobile application is too slow and not functioning as good as the web application.
  • Accessing contacts may fails and unwanted contacts showing top.
  • It's expensive.
  • Card capturing is not much good.
It's the best CRM app, it is helping me to track meetings, agendas and to do lists. It automatically updates the contacts from my mail so I can easily access anyone who contacted me. It is a time saver and anyone can use it easily.
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January 11, 2019
Russ Johns | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We use Nimble as a traditional CRM and also tracking out leads and deals. One of the best features we use is to have Nimble improve the quality of the data.

I have found this is to be OK for many applications. I would like to see the accuracy of the data improve and the number of integrations to increase.
  • Collecting users and connecting with my contacts using templates and my google mail accounts.
  • I do like the ability to get the signals and watch what is happening on my social stream (It can and will improve).
  • I like the email updates I receive every day to let me know where I can connect and reach out to my community. Why no LinkedIn?
  • I like the ability to create a few custom fields.
  • Not all of the social feeds are included… Hello. Linkedin? Where are you?
  • I really get frustrated that I don't have more API connections and the ability to populate Nimble with outside websites and forms. CTA captures information from other sources. Access - we need access!!!
  • I would love to see tools like Slack and Asana or other project management tools allowed into the platform.
I recommend the platform based on the number of people that are using social media and the need to create simple processes to get started. This is a basic solution that can grow with the user. I am using nimble in 3 companies that I have and it solves about 80% of the CRM functionality that I need. I still have to use several other platforms for projects and communication and I would like to see a better feature set for the Nimble API for data exchange.

Nimble is easier to get started than a full implementation of Salesforce. It's a decent product for the small business owner to track their clients and prospects. Deals could have a bit of enhancement. I'm sure that is will happen.
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April 27, 2018
David Lisauskas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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I use Nimble to organize my customers, track sales and opportunities, and help in keeping in touch with my clients. The main business problem that it addresses for me is tracking customer contacts and tasks for current campaigns. My business is sole proprietor so it is used by myself (entire organization ;-) )
  • Nimble does a great job of providing a quick visual snapshot of my customers & who I need to contact.
  • Nimble's integration with social media sources is great for keeping in touch with clients and prospects. I like this feature a lot. It is great having all of these feeds within my CRM.
  • The group message feature is good for tracking emails that are opened, clicked, etc.
  • My main improvement request would be mail tracking from standard emails. I can track using the group message, however, that is limited qty, and just not as convenient.
  • I do not like how if I open a group message, it will log it in the stats as being "read".
Very well suited for creating new contacts and tracking them through the prospecting / opportunity process. It is powerful for me to keep in touch with clients and prospects either by emails, group messages, and/or social media engagement. The one thing it does not do well for me is tracking on individual emails.
I do feel that Nimble is well suited for many different small business sizes.
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December 18, 2017
Chuck Royer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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1) Eliminating wasted time manually entering critical information on all Social Media platforms that a potential customer lead can be set up to nurture a professional and appropriate sales opportunity or networking advocate.
2) Ease of uploading existing contacts from Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and other Email programs into Nimble
3) Having pertinent and reliable reminders to engage with a contact within Nimble based on triggers I set up with my designated criteria so that no contact slips through the cracks without having appropriate contact with my company
4) Having the newly released Group Messaging tool to send out email messages that allow for personalization of content from fields within the contact record
5) Using the Nimble Mobile app to manage all my activities to engage with contacts on multiple mobile devices keep me in easy reach to call, write, post a comment on any social media site, or create tasks not to be forgotten
  • The ease of setting up and becoming proficient in using every aspect of Nimble's capabilities and continually adding new tools integrated within the program is a big winner at choosing Nimble for our company CRM product.
  • The widget application works intelligently within Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to pull all the Social Media information about a key contact person or the company itself saves me tremendous time from having to go one-by-one to fill all fields manually with that specific information.
  • The only area that has been a piece lacking was with more integrations with other cloud-based applications like Constant Contact, QuickBooks online, and more. As of a few weeks ago, this entire missing piece was remedied by having PieSync become a major addition to Nimble as an add-on application that handles all of the two-way syncing we were looking for. More integrations as being added within PieSync every week.
The ease of integration to my Google Calendar, using PieSync to push a new contact entered into Nimble to Constant Contact or vice-versa or from Nimble into QuickBooks Online or vice-versa is the best time-saving integration possible, and using my IMAP Email account within Nimble are only a few of the tremendous application design features. Having all of these tools (and much more) interacting and usable within Nimble permits me to stay in one program to do 85% of my daily work. The Customer Support team is excellent and fully capable of handling high priority issues promptly and for listening to the users for feedback and new ideas.

The fact that Nimble can also be used within other well-used CRM applications such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft, and many others makes Nimble that much more of an asset. This permits the user to have integrated access to social media interactions to better build relationships that make for lasting opportunities for business growth.
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December 05, 2017
Shirin Elkoshairi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Nimble is being used mainly by sales.

The problem that Nimble solves is giving us the ability to locate and find prospects. Other CRM tools feel like a repository of data where you put all your data in there and then others can see it. The organization, ability to add new information about prospects and the ability to set up automatically "keep in touch" tasks in the tool reduces the amount of organizing needed. We organize and reach out to clients far more efficiently with Nimble. Rarely do we need to do any data entry due to the tight integration with email and Chrome/Safari.
  • Keeping in Touch. There's an automatic feature you can enable on any contact you have. You can set this task for weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Just by staying in touch we've uncovered opportunities from people that had forgotten about us.
  • Integrates well. Recently Nimble natively embedded PieSync into their platform. This will allow us to couple Nimble with Mailchimp in a very clean, 2 way sync that will give us a unified setup for sales and marketing. Piesync also integrates with many other systems outside of Mailchimp.
  • Data ingestion. See a contact on your browser you want to add into Nimble? Click a button and their chrome/safari extension will "grab" that contact and put it in the database. If the contact on the screen lacks an email address you can ask Nimble to find you the missing data and it will update it for you.
  • While I still love Nimble, the interface looks a little dated and it doesn't seem to resolve super well on high resolution (retina) monitors. They can make far better use of the width of modern day screens. Some parts of the system are a bit disjointed visually and could be smoothed a little.
  • Although they now natively sync with Mailchimp (and other systems) through the embedded PieSync service, I would love to have the marketing components all in one place. We may change our minds on this depending on how well we find the Sync working for us.
  • Visually related, we'd like better use of the screen real estate to see the history of interactions with clients. It's comprehensive now but requires a bit of scrolling. With some decent UI tweaks this can be handled far better.
If your sales organization still has an outbound function then this is the only way to go. If you are solely selling by way of marketing then Nimble may not be the best option. But if you rely on relationships, knowing something about your client and there's a complex solution sell cycle then you should definitely check it out.
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December 05, 2017
Thomas Olesen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Nimble is the hub for CRM in my organization. Although Nimble can support other CRM systems such as Salesforce, in my organization Nimble is the primary CRM system. It is used mainly for Contact Management and email tracking. Although it has features for tracking the progress of sales leads and reminders to follow up etc. they are hardly used in my organization. Contact Management consists of adding contacts to the CRM database and Nimble makes this a breeze by automagically adding fully populated contact records from either an email address or a contact found in a web browser. Email tracking is the process of matching the Contact's email addresses (plural) with the organization's email addresses (plural) so that there is one place to see all interactions with Contacts. The system also allows ad-hoc notes to be added to Contact records such as telephone conversations or snippets of data that may get lost in an email system. Nimble also tracks Tweets in a similar fashion to tracking emails and this adds a social dimension to Contact records.
  • Organizations (or individuals) can connect multiple email addresses to Nimble, which is possibly unique but certainly useful. As an individual, you could, therefore, manage your business and private life in one database and you could manage additional organizations as well, if required. This saves having multiple databases to manage.
  • The database can be segmented in many ways but Tags are the most powerful. Adding a Tag to a contact record enables that contact to belong to that group or segment. Any Contact can belong to multiple groups. Using the built-in synchronization engine, Contacts can be added to mailing lists in separate systems such as MailChimp simply by adding the appropriate Tag to the record in Nimble.
  • Using Nimble's widget means that if you see a Contact mentioned online or you receive an email from a Contact, you can simply hit "add to Nimble". But in the process, you can build a complete record such as the name, address, phone number, email, website etc. which saves a huge amount of time and is the reason why the data in CRM's that don't provide that functionality is generally not up to date.
  • Nimble has a built-in Group Messaging capability used for Mailmerged emails but Nimble management have chosen to throttle the use of that facility to so many emails per day which are fully tracked. That means that any large email shots have to be undertaken using a 3rd party system such as MailChimp. Fortunately Nimble fully supports 3rd party email systems but it would be more convenient to just use Nimble.
  • Nimble has a powerful email signature which is applied to all emails by default. The problem is that there is currently only one signature so you must choose your default email to use for that and delete it when using any of the other emails. It would be better if the system allowed a different email signature per email address.
  • List management within Nimble is not as flexible as with some databases but perfectly adequate for most users. Power Users can export the data and use tools like Excel to do anything that cannot be accomplished within Nimble itself.
  • Nimble has a system for "Keeping in touch" with your Contacts but if you have a very large database this becomes overwhelming. For smaller databases it is a nice feature but I would prefer if it could be turned off.
Nimble saves work by saving data entry so is perfect for companies where staff are less than keen to keep the CRM up to date. Nimble also connects to multiple social media accounts so that staff can keep track of contacts' social activity without having to leave Nimble. Nimble is extensible with the addition of fields and lists to help manage and analyze your business. Many CRM's have extensible data but none help build your contact records for you.
Perhaps the most powerful feature is the built-in two-way synchronization with leading SaaS systems such as iCloud or MailChimp. This allows you to keep all of your contact data in sync at all times, once set up.
Like any CRM, it is not suitable for organisations or individuals who are not prepared to learn how to use it and then to use it correctly, but Nimble is perhaps better than most CRMs in this respect.
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December 05, 2017
Mike Wittenstein | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We all use Nimble at StoryMiners to stay in touch with clients, find new prospects, and to stay abreast of what matters in our industry and to our clients. Nimble gives each of us more information than we have to give it--which makes it productive time-wise and a pleasure to use. In one place, we can see what's happening in any channel.
  • Nimble is great at aggregating social profiles and adding them a client's record. Nimble Prospector adds their email and phone numbers as well. This saves tons of time and allows for instant outreach.
  • Nimble makes you look great online. It tells you when it's time to reach out to someone you haven't communicated with in a while. Cool leads get warm. Warm leads get hot. You get the picture.
  • Nimble's deal boards make it easy to track how far along contacts/communications/deals are. It's one of the best social selling tools in our opinion.
  • I'd love it if Nimble (or a third-party product) would show me how a record in my CRM matches (or conflicts) with a record in Nimble. PieSync can kinda do that, but I'd love it to be a native Nimble feature.
  • I'd like more set-up instructions on the front end. It's already super easy to use. Having some extra info (based on current situation and future intent) would help me make better decisions earlier and adjust my own workflows accordingly.
Nimble is great if you're:
  • just getting started on a new assignment and have all new people to meet
  • working in social media a lot and need to track lots of communications and requests
  • in sales and social is a large part of how you do your outreach
  • a thought leader doing his or her own marketing
Nimble isn't as much for you if you:
  • need super sophisticated reporting
  • need heavy reporting
  • want add-in features by the boatload (think SalesForce)
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January 31, 2018
Renea Hanks | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use Nimble first and most importantly to keep up with our connections from social media. It is being used specifically in the marketing and sales departments. We use it to look for opportunities.
The business problems Nimble addresses are many. To our organization, we have found the following problems Nimble provides the best solution for:
  • Connectivity to leads and customers. It connects everything! Well, almost. Connections, Calendars, Social Media.
  • Productive. It is effortless to connect all of our GSuite.
  • Data Segmentation.
  • Data Segmenting for Social Media
  • Stay very present with connections to see what they are sharing on other social channels
  • Nimble Prospector which allows the opportunity to discover contact information that might not be readily available in the site.
  • Credit costs for Nimble Prospector
  • Syncing tools required for integrations
  • Needs to be a little more robust for companies just starting out
Nimble is perfect for connecting, creating an opportunity, following that opportunity to put easily into a sales pipeline that is easily understood and a clean interface so it is easy to train new people how to use it. It is especially amazing when hiring people that are very well versed in social media. They will understand it. It will make it much easier to turn your employees' communication of social media into a sales pipeline naturally. It helps you to stop the boring script and be more natural and genuine explaining the benefits of your products and services. Where it would be less appropriate is using it as a tool to gather information on debtors to your company.
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December 05, 2017
Terry Sullivan, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
I personally use Nimble to find, connect and develop relationships with my key contacts and prospects. I am also a reseller of Nimble and train my clients on how use Nimble to build trust over time with their key contacts and prospects.
  • Easily find key prospects online using keyword searches on the major social networks and tie all communications into my Gmail account... Love it!
  • Monitor all social media postings real time with your key contacts and prospects allowing you to communicate and comment real time. This allows you to get amazing, visibility with your top prospects.
  • Sync all your contacts that you enter into your Google contacts with your nimble accounts. I also sync my contacts with my autopilothq marketing application that allows me to tailor my marketing strategy with my social selling strategy.
  • Nimble's tech support is top-notch. I send very detailed, long questions to their tech support team, and they are always very helpful and provided very detailed answers. This gives me a comfort level with Nimble and is why I decided to become a reseller and training of their product.
  • I was using the Insightly CRM prior using Nimble. I really like the clean layout of this application and it truly was a lot of fun to use. I liked the look and feel of Insightly more, plus it was more of a traditional CRM with set reminders, etc. That said, the Nimble application works differently, and it's more about the direction relationships online with your prospects. So, the functionality of Nimble is second to noon, and it's a different way of doing business and building trust with your prospects and clients. However, I do miss some of the traditional features and the look and feel I had with Insightly. Many of my clients have worked with traditional CRM's and do have a hard time transitioning to Nimble because they not used to networking in a different way. Having more of a traditional look, feel and functionality might improve this transition, and they may jump in and use it more quickly.
  • I would like some additional features, such as a more robust "ToDo List." For example, I am a BIG Apple user, and I use a Mac and an application called "Things." I love this application. It kind of reminds me of Nimble in that it's super easy to use and it's easy to enter tasks and move things around. Try it for yourself... It's truly amazing... I would love it if Nimble would enhance their ToDo section to have robust, easy to use features... just like Things does.
  • The contact syncing process between Picsync and Nimble was kind of confusing to me. Both applications are very easy to use, but I found the results kind of confusing. For example, I sent up the syncing process between these two applications, but when I entered the contact into my Google database, it would not always show up in my Nimble Contact database. So, I deleted all of my contacts that were brought over from Piesync, then when I tried to resync my contacts... it didn't work because I had deleted these contacts from my Nimble contact database. So, I love both applications, and now I know how to do this, but the original process did not work quite the way I was expecting.
Nimble is your answer that will exceed your "Social Selling" expectations and allow you to easily find, connect and develop relationships with your key contacts and prospects.
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December 05, 2017
Ivana Taylor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As an online publisher and small business influencer, I use Nimble a little differently than most organizations. It's ideal for people, experts or companies who build or start relationships online and then move those relationships from social media to email to phone to face-to-face meetings. While this doesn't have to be the case, it's the ideal application for Nimble.

I use it as a solo user. I use it specifically to create and track conversations with small groups of people for projects that I'm managing and I find that it's invaluable for connecting with influencers in a personal and professional way.
  • Nimble tracks your interactions with new relationships on social media. So if you met someone on Twitter, you can see those conversations on Nimble - you can see the evolution of the relationship in your email and ultimately in the deal that you've created with that prospect.
  • Nimble has an amazing Chrome extension that curates all the online information on the person you're connecting with so that you can leverage areas of common interest and connection.
  • Nimble's "DEALS" feature is a super simple sales pipeline that you can easily manage through its drag and drop feature.
  • Now, Nimble will even find emails for connections and relationships you've started on social media so that you continue the relationship via email.
  • I'm not sure about this - but Nimble USED to be able to pull all your interactions from ALL social channels. I'm not sure that this is the case anymore. LinkedIn has made it impossible (but perhaps with Nimble's partnership with Microsoft - this will improve).
  • Even with their integration with Gmail, Chrome and Outlook, to still HAVE to head over to Nimble to track your pipeline - no getting around that right now.
I think Nimble is an amazing platform for small business owners who are committed to growing relationships via social and moving them forward in real life. It's super affordable for any sized business and, most importantly I think, the company, team, leadership and support folks are AMAZING. Even if Nimble doesn't hit all of your requirements, choose it for the support and customer service and people -- it's worth it.

Jon Ferrara, the founder was also the founder of Goldmine is on a mission to help businesses build relationships. If you have a question, concern or comment -- you can literally reach out to him personally and you'll probably get an enthusiastic response. Nimble is my choice for a CRM because of WHO they are and because of what they do.
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January 24, 2015
Chad Stewart | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Nimble is used by the organization to handle leads, future advocates, existing advocates. The entire organization is using it. This CRM solution is dealing with the challenge of keeping track of and pulling into one view all the social signals and streams of people and organizations we provide services and solutions today. And, the more it is utilized the better it becomes for it's intended purpose. I believe that ideally this is likely one of the best social intelligence tools for organizations with simple CRM needs.
  • This CRM tool allows us to save a tremendous amount of time in data entry. On any web browser or email client communication via Google (and soon other clients), we have the means to quickly add users into the system, view all their pertinent social media streams, enter notes, to do's, follow ups, schedule meetings, all without going into the actual Nimble solution. It's awesome!
  • The integration with other systems is powerful. Integration to systems such as email marketing solutions, marketing automation like ACT-On (via cazoomi), and financial accounting systems like QuickBooks is a big time saver for a small organization.
  • The Nimble System has an integrated email inbox where you can capture and communicate back with every email which comes in without leaving the tool.
  • With it's Nimble Contact Widget automatically fills out the contact record from just a name and email. It's automagic—Saves time. Recently, the company launched the Nimble contact widget for Google Chrome, Hootsuite, Safari and Firefox. It's an awesome new feature.The Smart Contact add in is awesome! The ease of getting a contact record into the system on any website (LinkedIn, Twitter, or company websites) is 2nd to none. Not only are you able to get information into the system quickly there, but even in Gmail. Beyond the data entry efficiencies, with Nimble you can immediately connect the dots in terms of what the contact likes,dislikes, follows etc. with it's ability to pull in all the social intelligence via their digital footprint. From there, you are on your way to developing stronger relationships.
  • On the main dashboard, we can view all the "engagement" opportunities we have with contacts who have "followed" us or otherwise had some interaction so that we don't miss enhancing our relationship opportunities. In short, from one view we can listen and respond in one CRM tool!
  • Reports: Opportunity Management and/or Forecasting is an area of improvement. In June, we had a major improvement for reports and sales forecasting. This was a major step in the right direction.
  • Import: The Import process is cumbersome. I have used many import tools and while this is not the worst it's mediocre at best. The key is having an implementation partner or using someone on the App Market to import your initial data such as demographic or profile information from your legacy system like Goldmine, ACCESS etc. If all your data is in Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, GMAIL contacts it's no problem. We just had specific fields which needed to be pulled in twice for "contact" and "accounts" linked information. For example, Revenue was a field we captured at the contact level and account level. We wanted to see that information in both places. As a result, we had to import twice due to the lack of linkage right now. I am sure it will get improved but not that good now. It can be overcome and not that expensive to do it once you get the process down.
  • Templates: There are no standard word templates which can be used to send out regular communications without going out to a third party system like MailChimp. In other words, when you have follow up emails which are routine to check in you have to copy and paste those type of "word" or "google docs" templates into the Inbox of Nimble to send out accordingly. There is a work around but if you are using some other CRM tools this is something to be aware of in your evaluation process.
  • Account Management: Many tools have ways by which to "link" shared "data" between accounts and contacts. For example, XYZ company has 3 or more employees. When you input information you would like the address to "flow" down to others. Or, you have a shared "field" on the contact record but would like to have it also displayed on the "account record". There is no way to do that. Therefore, be mindful of that situation. If you work with company records, it's a bit cumbersome to deal with this right now (as of 1/1/2015).
For a contact insights (management) centric organization this is a winner all day long. If you have very dynamic reporting or forecasting needs this is not a CRM for you. This tool is great if you are just starting (alternative to ACT!, Goldmine, Outlook CRM Manager). In fact, it's awesome for providing insights in the social area which can even add to CRM tools like, Sugar, or SalesLogix CRM which are lacking in this area. And, with API's can be integrated into the tool, it's great for real estate, financial service, or other professional contact driven sales relationships. It is also excellent for Fundraising Development Officers hoping to gain insights into their Donors! So, B to C is super. And, B to B may need a little more power if they are more sophisticated and mature with CRM.

I suggest asking the following questions to discern if this is right for you. Are you B to C or B to B? Do you work with Accounts or Contacts? What are your forecasting requirements? Are you a public company or private? Have you used another CRM before? Do I (or my team) add a lot of new records into a system daily?

In summary, this is a simple Social Intelligence platform tool for a small business development team which is inputting new data to use in their business. In addition, a superior tool for a nonprofit membership director or nonprofit development officer who need to supplant the data provided in their existing donor or membership management system. For most, Nimble is not a replacement for an enterprise wide CRM system but rather would add value to an existing CRM, Donor Management, or Membership Management System.
I have not used the support enough to give them a higher rating. But, they have not disappointed.
In terms of ease of use, this is a very intuitive system to get around in today. I have used many contact management systems over the years and this one is quite nicely laid out and easy to navigate for sales people and managers in the field to get data and use it to manage the insights found in the system.
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November 22, 2013
Israel Kloss | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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  • Trust me, these integrations are why Nimble rocks (I'm not affiliated with them):
  • Mail Chimp (the best/least expensive email-campaign and drip-marketing tool on the market at the time of this post.)
  • Rapportive Integration
  • Olark Chat Integration (and a TON of other tools) through Zapier
  • HubSpot Integration (for when you’ve gotten so many customers that you’re ready for real Marketing Automation)
  • Tons of 3rd-party integration tools!
  • Take it from this Business Intelligence Addict, Nimble’s integrations were the key for me. And seriously? If you’ve been scared off by the prices of Marketing Automation, this is your low-risk introduction to the new marketing.
  • They could add an integration with Topsy to help filter and tame the social media "firehose" (as I've heard it called) and winnow it down to your interest areas.
It's super simple to set up and use. Just get it and thank me later. More reasons here:
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February 13, 2015
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We were utilizing Nimble’s Contact Record module, where every contact was seen in rich detail. This enabled us to see the past, present, and future interactions with our clients and prospects.
  • Easy to use contact management.
  • Integrates and captures social media feeds.
  • Re: social media; Nimble has the ability to analyze shared interests (topics, keywords) which can be relevant when communicating with your contacts.
  • Easy to filter and segment your contacts.
  • Need to enhance the mobile app because it only has a subset of functionality.
  • I wish every column in the Contacts view could be sorted and filtered.
  • I wish it could integrate with Office 365 just like Email is.
  • Forecasting functionality.
Nimble is ideal for an already socially connected salesforce. Probably not going to make sales teams not on social media get on the bandwagon. However, for any sales team, there is far less friction in using this product over others.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Customer data management / contact management (12)
Workflow management (12)
Territory management (9)
Opportunity management (12)
Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail) (12)
Contract management (8)
Quote & order management (6)
Interaction tracking (10)
Channel / partner relationship management (8)
Case management (5)
Call center management (4)
Help desk management (4)
Lead management (10)
Email marketing (10)
Task management (12)
Billing and invoicing management (4)
Reporting (9)
Forecasting (7)
Pipeline visualization (10)
Customizable reports (7)
Custom fields (12)
Custom objects (6)
Scripting environment (3)
API for custom integration (5)
Single sign-on capability (7)
Role-based user permissions (6)
Social data (12)
Social engagement (12)
Marketing automation (11)
Compensation management (5)
Mobile access (12)

What is Nimble?

Nimble is a social customer relationship management (CRM) system with features such as contact management and data-driven analytics.

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Starting Price: $15

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Mobile Application:No