Owler - Crunchbase on steroids.
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October 02, 2019

Owler - Crunchbase on steroids.

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Overall Satisfaction with Owler

Owler is used by my sales team in order to add a level of personalisation that would take much longer if done manually.

My team has refined their own list of "best accounts" that they feel is a great fit for our company. They then simply add these companies to their Owler accounts and if something changes within the company, for example, a new project launched or new funding, the morning Owler email will alert them to this and allow them to personalise their outreach from there.
  • Streamlined - each SDR has around 25 companies that they want Owler to alert them about. The email each morning is short and to the point with nice abstracts of changes in the company making it quick and easy to find what you need.
  • If something changes in the company, Owler finds it - we have yet to find a compelling event within the company that Owler missed.
  • Doesn't spam - when they say one email a day they really mean it. No excess inbox messages.
  • The email they send out each day could be formatted a little nicer. The content is good, but it is "framed" in a box that doesn't nothing for the eyes!
  • There are optional questions added to the email that don't always make sense. e.g. comparing two companies that are very different and asking which you prefer. I understand why they would want this in there, but it needs to be refined a bit more.
  • More third party content would be good - quite often it is blog posts and changes on the companies careers page. This would be particularly useful for how people are perceiving a recent project launch.
  • The personalisation of emails has definitely helped us to earn a higher reply rate, with the knock-on that this will be helping with future deals.
  • Keeps us very relevant in our conversations with contacts. They are often impressed by the research and knowledge we have on their company and how we have aligned ourselves to help. Again, small differences at the start of calls but this will be helping with the number of opportunities created.
  • Reduces SDR prospecting time. Quick and easy to get updates allowing them to process a great number of accounts on a daily basis.
We opted to use both ZoomInfo and Owler together instead of DiscoverOrg.

The reason Owler was chosen was: it's easy of use, streamlined information display, accurate and up to date articles.

The free option of Owler works very well also. It gives you access to a huge amount of information in an easily accessible way. It's like Crunchbase on steroids.
We are not using Owler to generate reports very often.

It is being used as a daily check in tool to ensure that our outreach is accurate and as up to date as possible.

The only time we might use it's content to create reports is to examine what is going on inside a certain market.
Salesforce Lightning Platform (formerly Salesforce App Cloud), HubSpot Sales, Hunter
Owler is fantastic for any sales person looking to personalise emails and outreach on a weekly basis.

Best suited for any company that regularly posts to social media, their blog, or that creates "noise" in other influential circles that Owler can pick up.

Where it falls short is when companies aren't making noise. Not really Owler's fault, but if you want to find content and changes to a company that doesn't really post to social media or a blog you want have much to work with.

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Sales email templates
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