Incredible Tool, Robust User Experience, Valuable Company Insights
April 19, 2019

Incredible Tool, Robust User Experience, Valuable Company Insights

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Overall Satisfaction with is utilized by our company to track our customer usage of our own Software. While is primarily utilized by the Client Success team, the entire company has access to the data and relies on it for information on usage. Depending on the department, we use the Usage information to guide our product decisions, help increase adoption for customers, examine trends for like-minded clients, and identify potential upsell opportunities.
  • Identifies Trends in Usage across different customers. This allows us to help make valuable product decisions when adding new features.
  • Provides insight into potential upsells for our customers. By giving us in-depth breakdowns of usage, we can identify opportunities to sell additional products based on that usage.
  • Deploys an NPS Survey straight through our App, and then tracks the results in We deploy our own NPS survey within our software and the results feed directly into Pendo. Beyond giving us an accurate look at the success of our platform and customers, Pendo provides a source to store this info for analysis at the Company and Client level.
  • The Reporting structure could be simplified. While does have Reporting features, the building of a report can be a little cumbersome and confusing to a first time user. By simplifying or restructuring the reporting process to something more similar to typical CRM reporting structures (say Salesforce, for example), it would make the end user experience much better, and provide the ability to quickly build and access your own reports.
  • Search Functionality Improvements: The search bar can be a handy tool to quickly access different pieces of info, however, it seems pretty basic in its build-out and requires semi-specific searches to find what you want. Adding a more flexible search bar that looks across multiple pieces of the platform would really help with the user experience.
  • Online Resources/Self Help Resources: This may already be available, and if it is, I apologize! However, I have not seen any of those resources yet (like a quick FAQ or step by step to build a report). It would be nice to have this knowledge-base, and if it does exist, then have it more noticeable/marketable to the end user for access.
  • Provides ROI through increased analysis of Customer usage, which makes for more informed and meaningful decision when contract renewals take place. Increases our Renewal Chance/Rate.
  • Provides ROI through new upsell opportunities for our customers. By giving us insight into their usage and trends, we can identify the needs of our customers that other products we offer might help solve. While it doesn't close the deal, it certainly gives us a starting point.
  • NPS Survey functionality allows us to have a broader understanding of the success and or shortcomings of our Software. This, in turn, helps drive our product direction and lead to improvements or new features, which leads to happier customers, and ultimately more business for our Company. far and away blows Totango out of the water. While Totango offers in depth usage tracking, it is far behind the experience Pendo provides. is more flexible in what it can track (customizable), offers a far better end user UI/experience, and provides additional features that Totango does not offer (Guides, NPS tracking, etc.). Even Pendo's customer service is better than Totango's. The only place where Totango might have an edge on is in their reporting structure/functionality, which I outlined earlier. is a great tool when you need to track the usage of a particular Software your company may utilize. It gives great insight into feature tracking/adoption metrics, and seems to be very flexible in terms of the features it can track. On top of feature tracking, it excels in helping establish "Guides" within your software to help your clients utilize your own tools effectively. Things like NPS tracking also become very simple when using It is hard to envision scenarios where you wouldn't want to use, provided you're in the software business and interested in the items mentioned above. However, I was not involved in the decision-making process for using this tool, so I am not able to speak to what necessarily is/isn't possible.