Ominous platform & set of tools that seem to still be in beta version.
January 22, 2019

Ominous platform & set of tools that seem to still be in beta version.

Richard Popejoy | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Project Management
  • Quality & Safety
  • Field Productivity

Overall Satisfaction with Procore

Procore is being used on two-three projects that have started in the past year and may be implemented into all projects. We are attempting to use Procore exclusively with these projects across the whole organization. The main office uses Procore's financial tool while the on-site superintendents and site foremen use Project Management and Quality and Safety tools. The office seems to be getting the most benefit from streamlining budget, commitments and change orders.
  • While the Project Management and Quality & Safety tools attempt to provide much-needed services, the user interface is not intuitive nor is it constant between tools. While the on-site superintendents and foremen continue to use these tools, I would not say that any work particularly well. There is much room for improvement in the Procore software.
  • Procore's user interface is not intuitive or user-friendly. It is visually cluttered and the functionality is inconsistent between tools. It is apparent that different software development teams create and maintain the different Procore tools. Greater oversite across all tools is needed to provide continuity in functionality. The visual clutter extends to emails sent through Procore with recipients having to hunt for info and figure out what's relevant. The user's ability to modify email format would greatly help bring the important info to the recipient's attention.
  • Procore's server goes down briefly quite often and is painfully sluggish most of the time.
  • PC vs Mobile App tools and options differ greatly. Plan markup tools need to be expanded for both. Mobile app needs an "Auto Update/Sync" function so you don't have to manually update at least [once] daily.
  • Transferring photos taken by phone or tablet to Procore Photos work well, but while Procore Photos is great for storing pictures, it lacks the functionality Google Photo users take for granted.
  • Some tools such as the Calendar are just not ready for prime time or were not when I gave up on them months ago.
For what PlanGrid provides, Procore works similarly but with unlimited capacity. Procore's unlimited user licenses is a huge advantage over PlanGrid.
While Procore's unlimited user licenses give us greater adoption by our stakeholders, we have had issues with Architects and subs refusing to use it. I've spent scores of hours training on Procore and still find its user interface cluttered and confusing. A stakeholder logging in for the first time has no motivation to adopt if they become frustrated within the first 15 minutes.
  • As site Superintendent, I do not believe Procore has saved time. Procore takes time to input the enormous amount of data needed to run usable reports and time to maintain.
  • Saving paper with printed plans is similar to PlanGrid. Unfortunately, Meeting Agendas are so cluttered, I download them as PDFs and highlight agenda items and important info before printing a paper set for all attendees.
  • Gain visibility into projects
  • Ensure information is accessible and up to date
  • Document job site conditions
  • Report on incidents and inspections
  • Identify job site risks
  • Track cost impacts from the field
  • Streamline financial reporting
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Simplify employee time tracking
With Procore, all current plans and specs, as well as the status of RFIs and submittals are available to stakeholders at any time. The Daily Log tool has become invaluable with its searchable text and capability of attached photos to log items.
Procore does not yet have an intuitive, user-friendly interface that most adults have become accustomed to in this modern time. Its visual clutter and inconsistent functionality across tools hinders adoption by stakeholders and decreases productivity.
From what I've been told, our main office saves time using Procore's Construction Financials tools.
As for us in the field, we are visual creatures and grow impatient searching for how to do something that should be basic. The potential power of what Procore attempts to provide is game changing if it could be brought out of what seems to be a beta version.

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