PRO to the CORE
Updated November 08, 2021

PRO to the CORE

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Modules Used

  • Project Management
  • Quality & Safety
  • Construction Financials

Overall Satisfaction with Procore

Our company currently uses Procore every day in order to manage our construction projects. We do projects of all sizes from small-scale reno's to large scale new builds. We currently use Project Management tools, Financial Management Tools, and the Procon Tools. We are in the process of integrating our ERP system with our Procore financials in order to have consistency through our project and company financials. There are many benefits to Procore which have structurally changed our company. With the project management side, keeping projects on schedule has become much easier and with the tracking mechanisms for R.F.I's and submittals more projects are finishing on time or at the least being red-flagged if problems arise. With the financial tools, we are not only tracking project financials better but it is helping with estimating future projects as historical cost data is more readily available.
  • Keeping Companies Organized
  • Tracking Financials
  • Tracking Submittals
  • Tracking R.F.I.'s
  • Very steep learning curve
  • Will require you to make structural changes to your company operations
  • Information input is very heavy
  • Getting outsider buy in to using the product
  • We are receiving more jobs due to better pricing from historical costing data in Procore
  • We are receiving more jobs due to clients appreciating the organization of the projects
  • We are able to red flag budget problems faster allowing us to adjust in real time
We are currently integrating our QuickBooks ERP system with Procore. There is a steep learning curve as we are new to quick books and are learning how to use the integration and the system at the same time. We are doing this integration with hopes that we will be able to save time on our invoicing and better monitor our cash flow for projects. We also use the google sheets integration so that a spreadsheet can be attached to a project and be found immediately from within the project. We also use the Gmail connector to send emails straight to correspondence or to the email tool.
The daily log tool has greatly increased the quality in which our jobs and documents. We now receive a log of every event that happened on a site at the end of the day. Not only does this allow us to go back in time and see what happened on any given date but it increases accountability for our supers and mitigates risk as everything is documented and there is no just taking someone's word for it.
Having procore allows the implementation process to be streamed lined which makes a new employee's transition much smoother. This makes retaining employee's much easier as they become more confident and happier in the work place because they are not struggling to obtain information on what they are working on. Also, because of the action plans and training that are integrated into Procore it takes less time and resources for existing employee's to train new employee's.
Previous to procore we were using spread sheets and very cloud systems to try and stay organized and have information available to everyone on the project team. This method involved the use of multiple programs and became very confusing and frustrating as it became difficult to remember where to find what ever you were looking for. Also because all of the programs were not designed for the specific tasks you were trying to use them there were lots of work arounds that needed to be done in order to see info the way we needed it to be viewed. Now with PROCORE all of the information is organized in one place on a program that is designed for inputting and displaying info in a way that makes sense to the industry. It also makes it easy for us to have new people join in on a project as it is just one login and all information across the board becomes available.

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Procore is well suited for companies who are beginning to get into larger projects in which lots of paperwork is beginning to flow between themselves and the client. Because of the steep learning curve the earlier in the companies life that it begins to use Procore the easier it will be to implement it as you will not be throwing away old processes for the new Procore ones but developing Procore processes from the start. If your company is already very large it may be difficult to transition or the transition process may be very slow as just about every process in your company will need to be overhauled to fit into Procore. This may not be a bad thing though as Procore's processes are usually an improvement over outdated ones.

Procore Feature Ratings

Plan distribution & viewing
Plan markups & sharing
Document sharing
Issue tracking & punchlists
Photo documentation
Jobsite reports
RFI tools
Collaboration & approvals
Mobile app
Submittal design and management
Meeting Minutes
Change orders
Job costing
Bid creation
Support for external payroll vendors
Standard reports
Custom reports
Data exportability