Excellent all rounder
Updated December 06, 2017

Excellent all rounder

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Overall Satisfaction with Qubit

We are using Qubit primarily to create experiences and run our A/b and MVT test programme. As well as this, we utilise other products of theirs such as behavioural recommendations and also take part in beta programmes. We are aware of personalisation capabilities however, this is something we are only using in a limited capacity at the moment but plan to take more advantage of in the future.

By being able to test solutions to different problems that we identify, as wall as try out new ideas, Qubit helps us to minimise risk and ensure that we not only increase our profits but also, and more importantly, deliver the best experience for our customers.
  • The testing platform itself is continually evolving. This means that we are always able to try new ideas as well as quickly and efficiently put others into practice.
  • The beta programme and the additional functionality products are both exciting to see as well as ensuring we can cherry pick the functionality we need. This means that we don't end up paying for functionality we don't need
  • While they do work very closely with us, especially our success manager, more involvement on a technical level or a dedicated engineer, would be a great advantage. We develop a lot of experiences in house and, like all companies that dev in house, we have our own way of working. A dedicated engineer that got to know us better as well and understood how we work could only help. Sometimes, a few errors can get through QA due to this.
Qubit has helped improve our customer experiences in numerous ways. We have run almost 300 tests over the last 2-3 years as well as been able to use the platform to deliver personalised experiences. We have not yet explored further personalisation so the experiences we have run are limited but that is down to us rather than Qubit. They have helped us to quickly identify and fix blockages in the customer journey, improve page layout and make it relevant information easier to find. Like all people who work closely with a website every single day, we cannot help but become somewhat blinkered; we know our site inside out and we have been able to step back from this and see, using data, what our customers think of our site thought testing.
Having previously used Maxymiser around 3 years ago, I found their setup to be geared more away from faster moving retail. While tests would be thoroughly researched and built to a high standard, the length of time to turn around a single test was too long. Qubit has allowed us to be more reactive as well as proactive.
  • An end-to-end platform allows us to draw more complete conclusions from our tests. Being able to hypothesise based on the data collected, build tests based on this hypothesis and then evaluate in the same place means the chance for error when moving data between platforms etc. is minimised.
As yet, we have not leveraged real time customer insight. We have however, been able to deliver specific experiences to customers based on the data collected about them. We have also been able to use the customer record to help identify specific problems; by using the data collected by Qubit, we have been able to analyse customer behaviour and test solutions.
Qubit are very well suited to developing/implementing testing, data analysis and personalisation. They have extensive knowledge across the business which they obviously draw on when required. Very good service overall, they are focused on helping us achieve our business goals using their technology and do approach us with new opportunities while not being pushy for additional business. Would recommend Qubit for anyone looking for not just a platform to run tests/personalisation but a partner.

Qubit Support

Always found them quick to respond to requests for help, even out of hours. The general tech support is always available if you can’t reach your main contact. They always try to solve your issue or present alternative solutions along with advice for the future.

Using Qubit

Overall, pretty intuitive. Some new functionality can tend to appear which can throw you off if you miss the email announcements but not to hard to get to grips with quickly.
The documentation is a particular help, especially when training others internally. The segment builder is particularly good; simply choose what you need & when. Very quick & simple to use.
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Relatively simple
Technical support not required
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