RingCentral - The Future is Now!
April 19, 2017

RingCentral - The Future is Now!

Matt Fleming | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with RingCentral

RingCentral is used across our entire organization. We had a Cisco phone system and wanted a robust, agile system that was simple to maintain and troubleshoot ourselves, and was less expensive. RingCentral allowed us to get rid of WebEx, Faxcom, Hipchat, our Cisco hardware, licensing and support costs. We use RingCentral through Polycom desk phones, on our computers (using the softphone) and via the mobile app. We have remote users who used to have to give out their personal cell phone number but no longer need to. We also are using RingCentral meetings as a desktop support tool in a handful of instances. Not only has our ability to respond to changes and setup users and groups become easier and faster, we're also saving a lot of money each month by using the full suite of tools available from RingCentral.
  • Simple user and group management. Setting up users, call queues, phone menus, etc., is so easy and simple. I have done in seconds on one menu what used to take 30+ minutes in my old Cisco system.
  • Users can be reached anywhere using one number. We have a lot of remote users and you don't realize that they're not in the office because the mobile app that they can use outside the office provides a seamless experience.
  • Faxing is a breeze! Unfortunately, we deal with a lot of entities who still use fax to transmit documents. Having each user's phone number being able to send and receive faxes has improved their efficiency and saved us money. We no longer have to pay for a third party fax service and the user interface is so intuitive, even our most technologically illiterate users are excelling at it!
  • Support documentation is rarely up-to-date. I wouldn't have to harass support so much if their documentation was accurate.
  • Can't copy and paste users and groups. Although they do have a templates option for streamlining user creation, I wish that they had the ability to copy and paste users and groups. Even their support staff have to manually open two browser windows and manually check all the user settings. Even with support staff's help, we've had users and groups created where settings were missed and we didn't discover it until months later.
  • Desk Phones aren't always connected with the phone servers and need to be manually rebooted. This has gotten better over the last few months.
  • Their analog fail-over options are minimal. Ideally, our phone system should be able to fail-over to a fully functional analog environment in the case of our network going down. They do have a few options, but not what we'd like.
  • We have saved thousands of dollars per year by consolidating our suite of communication tools into RingCentral's offering.
  • Our administrators are able to troubleshoot and manage much more of the phone system than they ever were able to on Cisco.
  • The level of customization that is offered to not just administrators, but managers and end-users is unprecedented. Our users are more empowered to customize their work environment and the ways that they communicate both inside our business (with coworkers) and outside our business (with our vendors, partners, and customers). All parties are benefiting from the rich suite of tools and flexibility they provide.
Ring Central's management tools are all out of one system instead of multiple. The features offered in their lower lever "tiers" are ones that other providers only offer in their "premium" packages. Most providers have built on new features and management consoles as separate systems over the years and tied them together, while Ring Central scrapped their entire system and rebuilt it as one single system a few years back. You can tell the difference when you simply demo the different products that are out there.

Everything is simpler to user, offers more flexibility and control, and actually doesn't break the bank. We assumed that Ring Central would be the most expensive option given the fantastic user interface and comprehensive suite of tools but it ended up being competitive, if not cheaper than much of the competition. I can't speak highly enough of what Ring Central has done for our company. We evaluated phone providers for 4-6 months before settling on Ring Central. They are head and shoulders above the competition and we wouldn't change a thing if we could go back and do it all over again.
If you don't need a robust, over complicated Cisco phone architecture, RingCentral is a great choice. It's great if you have remote users or have a lot of collaboration tools that you're using (e.g. WebEx, chat clients, fax, etc.) and would like to consolidate your bills and tools into one system. It's not ideal if you don't have a reliable ISP as RingCentral has poor fail-over options.

RingCentral MVP Feature Ratings

Hosted PBX
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
User templates
Call reports
Directory of employee names
Answering rules
Call recording
Call park
Call screening
Message alerts
Video conferencing
Audio conferencing
Mobile app for iOS
Mobile app for Android

Using RingCentral

45 - Every single one! From executive management to customer service. Every department has found features that help make their jobs easier. Our underwriting and claims departments love using the fax features and our regional reps, who are often working remotely, love being autonomous while still having seamless integration into our phone system. We have users who are tech "power users" and we have many who just want to pick up the phone and dial. No matter their technical proficiency (or lack thereof) all our users have readily adopted this platform and love it.
2 - Basic troubleshooting, basic networking and firewall knowledge, basic principles of phone systems. Ring Central's support staff are generally pretty thorough and wait-times aren't bad, especially if you use their chat features. They are also good at breaking down their troubleshooting process for in-house support staff who want to become more self-sufficient. If you're willing to ask questions, they'll typically help lay out the troubleshooting process so you need RC Support's help less and less.
  • Regional representatives having seamless integration from their mobile devices anywhere in the western United States.
  • Claims agents having the flexibility to send and receive faxes from their individual work phone line and being able to handle the documents right out of the app and on their computer.
  • Moving physical locations means a couple simple changes instead of waiting for a traditional phone provider to "flip the switch" at our new location and hoping it all goes well. Instead, we just plug in our desk phones at the new office and we're off to the races (with a few tweaks to the console).
  • Managing voicemails for call queues has become a breeze! We just created a shared mailbox in our email system and directed all voicemails for the team into that team email inbox and allow the teams of users to manage them and pull out the ones that pertain to their position. This has helped our managers have more insight into what's happening with the team mailbox and giving the end users more autonomy to manage their voicemails from the queue themselves.
  • Consolidate all our web meeting and support tools into RingCentral Meetings.
  • Moving to a new location will be a breeze with simple configuration and plug-and-play hardware.
  • Empowering our users to hold conference calls and web meetings so that their teams can be even more mobile.
We switched to RingCentral for ease of administration, flexibility of integration (fax, web meetings, chat client, mobile app) and competitive price. Although the system has had a few quirks as it's been relying on our network much more heavily and integrating with our next-gen firewall, I can't speak highly enough of what RingCentral has done for our business. I love it and can't wait to renew for a longer period of time at an even more competitive rate.