I absolutely love Shopify, would NEVER use anything else ever again.
October 09, 2019

I absolutely love Shopify, would NEVER use anything else ever again.

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Overall Satisfaction with Shopify

Shopify Plus is the version that we are using and it is the best online platform that we have found, bar none. We have used several different systems, including but not limited to OFBiz, Magento, and BigCommerce. Each of those other platforms have severe limitations or problems, and we have encountered none of them with Shopify. The best part for us is that we are saving thousands of $$ per month, from just hosting and general fees for merchant accounts to developers and server issues. And between the 3 active sites that we have on Shopify Plus, we are doing around $20M in sales. We love the app store and that really provides so many quick fixes or plugs gaps that we need and most of them cost little to nothing to add into your store. We couldn't be more pleased with Shopify and it has changed how we do things for the better!!!


  • Much more cost effective than any other platform that we have found.
  • Speed, speed, speed. The load times are much better than any other sites that we have used or found.
  • The app store provides solutions for any of the little changes or things that we want to do on our sites.
  • Customer service is fantastic, very helpful and quick to resolve issues that we have.


  • None that we have come across yet.
  • Positive within the 1st month, even with switchover development costs. We ended up saving several thousand dollars per site because of the pricing that we worked out with them because we brought over several websites to their ecosystem.
  • Ongoing dev costs are way down, because of the simplicity of using Shopify.
We left BigCommerce and immediately were thrilled. BigCommerce worked fine but we saw immediate savings of several thousand dollars per month. The site speeds and page load times were way better and the app store is very comparable. Many of the features are similar between the two, but we much prefer the interface and backend of Shopify. The customer support is also much better. The overall experience between the 2 is not even close, in our mind.
If you are wanting to run an online business, Shopify is the place to go. We have tried so many other platforms and nothing can compete with Shopify Plus. They have a slick interface, easy to use tools, and it is open enough for you to get in there and code to your heart's content. They have an awesome feature which allows you to setup wholesale clients and give them custom pricing that only they can see. It allows you to do both retail and wholesale on 1 site, which is great and has been very helpful for us to condense the number of sites that we need. The pricing is very fair too, especially when you work out multiple sites with them.

Shopify Feature Ratings

Product catalog & listings
Product management
Bulk product upload
Mobile storefront
Product variations
Website integration
Visual customization
Abandoned cart recovery
Checkout user experience
eCommerce security
Promotions & discounts
Order processing
Inventory management
Custom functionality

Using Shopify

10 - Everything from order, shipping, inventory management, CMS, fulfillment, customer service, etc. We try and do as much as we can within the Shopify platform and it syncs perfectly with every other system that we use.
2 - Depending on the levels of customization that you have going on, you may want or need to have a person familiar enough with HTML/CSS to handle what you want done on the look and feel of your site. There are plenty of tools and themes that you can use which eliminate the need for in-house help, if you aren't doing anything major to your site. We have several sites and do quite a bit of customizing, so we have a team of people dedicated to maintaining and running the sites.
  • Online Sales
  • Order Management
  • Wholesale Ordering Portal for B2B customers
  • Totally customized the site to meet our design needs. We aren't limited to using simple themes or basic designs. It has been nice to have the flexibility.
  • Wholesale and retail customers, all served within the same online site. Makes for simple ordering for all customers, B2B and B2C.
Nothing we have used in the past or have seen thus far even comes close to offering what we get with Shopify Plus, especially for the price. You cannot even come close to getting what we are getting at the price we pay. We are beyond thrilled and Shopify Plus meets and exceeds all of our needs and expectations. We love it!

Evaluating Shopify and Competitors

Yes - BigCommerce, Magento, OFBiz
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Third-party Reviews
PRICE. The cost for our organization dropped by several thousand dollars per month to get more features, faster websites, and better support. How can you not jump on something like that???
We wouldn't change a thing.

Shopify Implementation

Just start now and make the switch, the sooner the better. You will love it and it is really a simple process.
Yes - First we designed the sites and got all of the assets in place. API was setup for warehouse and order management. Everything was in sandbox mode and we made sure that everything functioned exactly how we needed it to. Then, we migrated all order and customer data over from old platform and then went live. Once that shift was made, we then started to integrate other systems and applications that weren't essential for launch, such as accounting, email management tools, etc. Everything went smooth.
Change management was minimal - That we are a well oiled machine and that Shopify just made things run even smoother and more effectively! Not sure that I understand this question, but moving to Shopify was a painless experience for our organization and we would do it over again, exactly the way that we did it the first time.
  • Getting small design features exactly the way that we wanted them, both for mobile and desktop users. We are very particular on certain elements and we did a lot of customization work that many other organizations probably wouldn't do, so that took more time and fine-tooth combing to ensure that it was up to our standard.

Shopify Support

Fast responses, especially using the online chat support. And if the person can't figure out my issue, they will escalate it themselves and get us someone that can fix the problem that we are having. If problems ever arise, they have usually seen that something is off and already working on the solution. They have an awesome status page that we check first to see if something is wrong.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - Because we are on the Plus platform, we already get the highest level of support included. It is awesome and just baked into the price that we are paying to run all of our websites.
Just the other day, we were having an issue with a bot subscribing customers to our account that weren't real customers. They offered a quick solution and encouraged us to enable CAPTCHA on the newsletter signup page, and that solved the issue. It took 5 minutes and we were all set and have not seen any more issues since then.

Using Shopify

Very simple interface for the beginning online seller and open enough for the old dev guy that wants to code things his/her way and needs a little more flexibility. The API is easy to use and works well for everything that we have ever needed or tried to do. The app store also provides tons of simple fixes or enhancements for things that you may want to implement on your website. Most of them are free or very low cost, so it works great.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Order management works great.
  • Many features are just built right into the system and simple to customize and add your personal touch to, such as notifications, cart abandonment emails, etc.
  • API is fantastic and easy to use for warehouses, accounting, analytics, etc. Everything ties into other products so seamlessly and just works.
  • Still haven't found anything that was particularly troublesome or hard for us.
Yes - It provides a lot of the basics that you need. I can respond to customers or update orders or discounts or site messaging right from the golf course on my phone. Some of the more comprehensive things, like changing up product page content or changing the theme variables and design isn't really all that easy to do on a phone, but I wouldn't ever attempt to do that anyways. The mobile app is perfect for the simple things that we are likely to do on the phone.


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