SmartRecruiters is the Modern ATS that you need today! Your applicants will thank you!
August 26, 2016

SmartRecruiters is the Modern ATS that you need today! Your applicants will thank you!

Tony Le | TrustRadius Reviewer
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SmartRecruiters is the cornerstone and foundation of our recruiting function - like any other ATS. Our company is unique in that we manage several brands within our HR world (for example: We are IAC Publishing which oversees and manages,, Investopedia, The Daily Beast, ASKfm, PriceRunner,,, IAC Publishing Labs, inkd and several more).

We needed a tool that could post our jobs, manage our candidate database, set up interviews but also be the home base for all our branding for multiple companies but where recruiters who hired for multiple brands could come to one place to do all their work. And SmartRecruiters has also gone above and beyond in integrating with our digital onboarding platform, background screening and Tableau BI analytics.

  • Posting jobs to both free boards and paid job boards.
  • Modern career pages, easy apply with social networks (like LinkedIn) and an interface both on company and applicant side that makes sense for today's technical world (not like other 10+ year old ATS that are part of a suite that look like software from the 90's).
  • Incredible customer service, quick response and a team that cares (never had this level of customer service in any other HR software).
  • Open API - can create any application or integrate with most anything with their ability to have an Open API that other software can post/pull information from (i.e. once we click "hired", it passes it off automatically to background screening and onboarding).
  • Digital offer letters (integrates with DocuSign) so when we say "offer", it automatically generates an offer letter and sends it to the candidate to sign.
  • Office 365 Calendar integration - two way sync
  • LinkedIn Integration - all inmails get synced directly to SmartRecruiters without pushing a button - plus easy instant job postings - and integrates with LinkedIn Referrals
  • Referral portal - easy for employees to send a referral for any job you have posted
  • Internal search function - not the most robust Boolean search ability and often you want to go back to your database to find warm leads for jobs. However - there are many integrated companies that partner with SmartRecruiters that can do it for you, (Entelo, Brilent) so plenty of options!
  • Microsoft Exchange calendar integration is not as good as Office 365. Luckily we migrated and so less problems there but calendar can only get better!
  • We instantly had three times as many applicants when we switched to SmartRecruiters than any previous ATS we've used (this will be our third in 2 years at the time we went with SmartRecruiters - won't switch again).
  • In the first 4 weeks, we hired a CTO, VP of Engineering and a VP of Product - all through SmartRecruiters' platform and the ability to post easily, apply easily, collaborate and move the candidates through the process easily. Previous ATS required several questions, pages and steps just to say "i'm interested".
  • The success of SmtartRecruiters allowed us to roll it out from one company to seven within a year and now multiple brands within our parent company can collaborate on the same candidates and similar jobs.
It's the best of the bunch in that SmartRecruiters is modern, feels like a progressive tech company when you apply, thinks about integration and platform (and not just an electronic file cabinet) and there are a ton of bells and whistles yet you don't feel it. Whereas with a legacy ATS (as in older than 5+ years), you log in and it feels like you're managing your stock portfolio or some ancient finance website - too many buttons, small font and 15 steps to do one task. In comparison to new modern ones - other new ATS focus on specific things but ignore the rest (e.g. Gild focuses on social scrapping of the internet to find and update your candidate profile; Greenhouse focuses on a recruiter dashboard; Jobvite keeps updating to stay relevant but each update slows down the system) where SmartRecruiters focuses on the candidate and the hiring managers... the whole point of an ATS (apply, get reviewed, interview and hired) and builds the rest around that.
Any company that recruits, hires or post jobs (so ideally EVERY company out there) needs an applicant tracking system. SmartRecruiters is scalable and can be used from a startup to an enterprise and I think they are well suited to replace all the old ATS out there. And it's a platform so being able to add on new features is easy and we look forward to releases every time they come out (used to be monthly, now quarterly).

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