SugarCRM: The Perfect, Customizable Sales Tool
December 07, 2013

SugarCRM: The Perfect, Customizable Sales Tool

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Overall Satisfaction

  • SugarCRM is extremely customizable. Unlike other CRMs, Sugar allows you to create, edit, and modify virtually any feature to make it work with your workflow.
  • Using Sugar for our sales cycle is flawless. Starting from assigning new leads to our sales team and ending with the final sale, we are able to track both performance and correspondence for anyone in our sales cycle.
  • Creating reports in SugarCRM is extremely easy. If I know what information I'd like to review, I can rely on myself to create the comprehensive report.
  • As a SugarCRM Admin for my company, it's very easy to tailor layout and fields so that everyone can see the information that is relevant to them.
  • Many of SugarCRM's fields are drag and droppable which is a fantastic tool and makes changing layouts a breeze. However, I've found myself wanting more to customize the system to our ever changing needs.
  • Almost all the major modules in Sugar are customizable -- except a few. Since Sugar has been so great for the company, we're always trying to utilize 100% of the program. Unfortunately, some of the modules don't include an edit option, which forces us to decide whether the change is "worth it" to get it edited by Sugar.
  • There is a learning curve that comes with SugarCRM. Unlike other CRM's that are straight-forward right out-of-the-box, Sugar takes a bit of getting used to (however, once you've gone through the learning curve, you'll be able to use Sugar much more powerfully than you would an out-of-the-box CRM).
  • Sugar has lead to faster lead conversion. By switching away from Excel spreadsheets and Google docs, our sales team is able to work more efficiently as they always know what to do next.
  • Sugar has had such a positive impact on the company that we've already expanded from four users, to ten to 25. We hope to, eventually, have everyone in our company, even not sales related, on Sugar.
  • With Sugar, any leads or opportunities never slip away. We always know when they've been contacted last, what was discussed, and how to proceed. With Sugar, we've become a more robust efficient sales team while maintaining our new level of efficiency.
Sugar has, quite honestly, been the best thing that could have happened for our sales team. We work better both as a team and as individuals. Before SugarCRM, I used Excel spreadsheets to track my clients. If I had to pass them off to someone else in the sales team, I wasn't confident that that client would continue to be successful. With Sugar, if I pass off a client, the new Account Manager has all previous information and records, included all archived emails. Sugar really has been a fantastic tool that I know we won't be leaving any time soon.
Sugar is the most important tool that our sales team has. I can't give it a 10 because it does require some customization. While learning to customize the experience does take time, I understand that some people may want an out-of-the-box CRM, so I can't give it the perfect score. However, if your business isn't typical or you'd just prefer your CRM to mold to your needs instead of you molding to it's, then I would 100% recommend SugarCRM.

Product Usage

25 - Sales and Business Development teams have been the target audience, but since Sugar has been such a success we've expanded it's use to our International Team and our Executive Team. With this new tool, we're able to work with more leads and clients. With the broader user base, we've been able to customize Sugar to each person's individual use.
3 - There is no real skill required for someone to provide internal Sugar support. If you have desire to learn how Sugar works, you're able to teach yourself in a relatively short amount of time. I knew nothing about Sugar when our company started using now. Now I know how to customize it for any new user.
  • Improving the speed of the sales cycle.
  • Ensuring no lead slips between the cracks.
  • Always knowing what the next steps are for each and every lead/client.
  • We didn't expect to be able to expand it so easily to our International team when, in fact, it took very little time and effort to do so.
  • It has given more people the ability to create custom reports. Instead of asking our Statistics team to run a report through our database, we have all our database information in Sugar, so we can do it ourselves.
  • I was able to create a personal sales funnel along with a full breakdown of all of my leads and where they stand on my homepage. When I log on when I get to the office, I already know where to start my day.

Evaluation and Selection

  •,Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing,Microsoft Dynamics CRM
The real factor was flexibility. The other CRM's aren't able to do what Sugar is able to give us through it's customizable features. We didn't want to try to make our sales cycle fit with another CRM, we wanted our CRM to fit our sales cycle, and that's what Sugar did. That, and it was significantly more affordable.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
We didn't want to mold our sales cycle to a CRM. We wanted our CRM to mold itself to our business cycle. Sugar was able to do that and more as we've been able to improve and speed up our sales cycle with all the features that SugarCRM brings to the table.
I would not change anything. I honestly believe that Sugar was the best option for my company. If there was a different CRM that was more flexible and had better features than Sugar, then we'd try that out, but there's nothing on the market, especially considering price, like Sugar CRM.


Our SugarCRM support staff is fantastic and definitely better than any other support staff I've used. They are fantastic and will always give me an idea of how long something will take but will often have the request completed within the day. They're extremely respectful and are always willing to show me how the resolved the issue so I can become even more self-reliant going forward.
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Sugar had been running slower than normal (though still pretty fast, but still noticeable). We reached out to see what was going on and they discovered that, in our desire to see as much information as possible, we were requesting so much information, it was slowing down the system. They gave us some great options so that we'd still see the information we needed without giving up the real data we needed to see.


There's a learning curve associated with Sugar. Right away, it's not as easy as an out-of-the-box CRM. Once you learn how to use Sugar, the system fits what your needs are. With any other CRM, you'd be trying to figure out how your company can best fit the CRM. You don't want to change your business cycle for your CRM, the CRM should fit your business cycle.
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