Talkwalker with Me!
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April 05, 2016

Talkwalker with Me!

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Overall Satisfaction with Talkwalker

We use Talkwalker in a few different ways: as a supplement or replacement to traditional desk research, monitoring crises situations, and keeping an eye on general brand reputation issues. We have been experimenting with a variety of uses and trying to find new and interesting ways to leverage the big data searches that are available through Talkwalker. We've been using it as a sort of canary in the coal mine to be alerted to increased engagement with negative reputation mentions, identifying influencers, and comparing past and present events on volume and sentiment.
  • The Boolean capabilities on the system are incredible. They're not only thorough but address things I never would have though possible, such as metrics. This allows a search to be as particular as you want it, especially if what the client is looking for is difficult to narrow down.
  • Their customer service is wonderful. Everyone is very accommodating, kind, and willing to receive suggestions or criticisms as they come. The company is looking to improve in every way they can, and wants feedback.
  • The tool is very flexible. There are many roads to the same place, which allows the data to be sliced and diced in all the ways the client needs with relative ease.
  • The system is complicated. With everything that you're able to do, it does come at the cost of simplicity. It definitely requires training and a high level of expertise to properly leverage what it can do.
  • The system can be slow. If you "ask" it to do too many things at once, it can get hung up and do the spin of doom.
  • Having learned how to better leverage the system has resulted in a greater diversity in projects and clients that we didn't have the capabilities to service before, which has in turn increased our visibility to the wider company.
  • It has reduced the amount of time it takes to do reporting from traditional desk research and utilizing other monitoring tools.
Talkwalker was not only more affordable but more accessible and customizable than the competition. Whether it came down to developing more bespoke insights, white labeling and branding, or creating individual views into the data, Talkwalker provided all of the tools to do just that. There is greater Boolean capability on the back-end, with the ability to create massively diverse taxonomies that bring in not only a huge number of topics, but multiple languages. It may not be as flashy as some of the competition, but the company is obviously taking pains to create a glitzier look on the front end. Even saying that, the proof is in the analytics and insights the system provides, with the ability to export what may not "look" right to be recreated later.
30 - Some are in sales, but the majority are secondary researchers.
It is rare that data is missed, but when it is, the team at Talkwalker is very responsive and helpful. They regularly add sites to their crawling and provide thorough explanations for why some may not come in (such as API issues, published as PDF, etc.). Being a full Twitter partner gives access to the full firehose, which is absolutely essential for the real-time monitoring aspects of the system. And the breadth of the Boolean as well as spam and porn filters allows for very precise searching to exclude irrelevant mentions.
I think that the tagging and manual override aspects to the tool have been excellent, especially given how finicky automated sentiment can be. The analytics are thorough and helpful when explaining to clients what is going on in their industry and with their brand. I don't personally make use of the call to action buttons, but I have found the ability to export live links to be extremely useful when trying to demonstrate what is currently happening in a particular portion of the data.
There are so many ways to not only slice and dice the data, but so many options on how to visualize it. There are so many ways to find actionable insights from all the data that the system brings in. Whether it's utilizing themes, influencers, or the Map function (which can go to the street level when a post is geotagged appropriately), there are a number of ways to visualize the data in such a way that you can unearth useful information. The dashboards and automated reporting also make it very easy to keep up to date with what is going on, as well as alert a user to potential crises.
I think the scenarios where there are big, broad ideas that the client wants to follow, such as an entire industry or social issue, then drill down to see where they and their competitors fit. Having the big data aspect allows for more insights in the long run, as the broader search can draw in things that wouldn't normally turn up in regular research, such as side conversations and influencers within the social community.