Kuhltech Computers Loves TeamViewer
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Updated December 23, 2015

Kuhltech Computers Loves TeamViewer

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Version 9.0

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  • IT Brain Module

Overall Satisfaction with TeamViewer

In my company I support Users in a range of environments from residential to industrial and every where in between. TeamViewer has given me the flexibility to be in multiple places at once and provide top notch remote support and monitoring for my clients. Without its robust options, I wouldn't be able to accomplish half of what I do in one day. There are a lot of programs out there that provide a method to remotely access a computer, but none that I have found that work so fast and seamlessly with the ability to transfer files quickly and securely. And with the IT Brain module I can be proactive in knowing what patches or updates I need to make for clients, which is a great way to drum up more work when things are slow and give the client a feeling that you are always looking out for them.
  • The first time I used TeamViewer, the biggest thing that blew me away was the speed! Going from Windows Remote Desktop and WINVNC, TeamViewer was so much faster and had so many more options.
  • The Ability to remotely reboot a computer into safe-mode! I have used this function so many times for remotely removing viruses for clients.
  • The ability to adjust your experience settings based on what your connection speed is. I work on systems where the internet connection leaves a lot to be desired, and this is a wonderful function.
  • A full featured communication panel. Not only can I chat with my users, but I have Voip and video chat too!
  • I can record my sessions!
  • Not really sure there are any if there are I haven't thought of them yet. Maybe the price its a little on the expensive side, but after using it for a while on the free trial I just had to buy it. I couldn't live without it.
  • I can help clients from anywhere - even from my phone while at the store.
  • TeamViewer has more than paid for itself with the ability to provide remote support to multiple clients at once.
There is nothing out there that I have found that has all of the features and the speed and flexibility.
I know this isn't one of TeamViewer's suggested use cases, but it saved me big time...I had my Laptop Stolen from my vehicle and with TeamViewer I was able to remote in, grab and IP address, gather data and record it to provide evidence to the local police. This resulted in the return of my stolen laptop and the local police couldn't believe i was able to gather so much information for them.

Using TeamViewer

As long as I continue to provide remote support for my clients, it's a no brainier. For what I pay out, I probably make it back tenfold in the ability to provide remote support from wherever and whenever. Not to mention the saved gas money for a fix that only takes 5 minutes but it takes you 20 minutes to get there. As my business continues to grow, and I support more and more clients, my need for TeamViewer will only grow.

TeamViewer Implementation

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