The amazing Tovuti LMS System is What You Need!
Updated July 21, 2022

The amazing Tovuti LMS System is What You Need!

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Overall Satisfaction with Tovuti LMS

When shopping for an LMS system, Tovuti LMS stood out above the others. After our purchase, the training on the software was exceptional. I highly recommend it to anyone in the equipment manufacturing business needing a training platform that is easy to both use and learn.
  • Their support staff are world- class; they are super valuable to a new user
  • The value structure of our purchase was just right for our company regarding numbers of trainees
  • Once you get trained on the system and develop some courses content, its user-friendly and quite intuitive
  • Everyone I have dealt with has been exceptional, from our account rep to support staff to the training staff. Again world-class
  • On several of the primary fields, it has a limited number of content, course or lessons listed on the screen as a default. I currently have roughly 85 new lessons in there and it only gives me 10-20 to look at. I have to reset the default to read "all". Then I can scroll through to find a lesson I still have work to do on. I have already shared this with their development department. They have always been very responsive to these suggestions so I am sure they will get this resolved.
  • They could stand to have more nationally known credit card processing companies available to work with. The ones they show are more regionally based and so having larger card processors like CardPointe and First Data would be helpful. I have already shared this with their development team. Again, they are a very responsive team and I am sure this can be easily resolved.
  • With the platform so new to our company we don't really have any ROI numbers yet. Once we start putting staff and customers through more of the training modules, I would be able to answer this question
  • As a very user friendly level system, doing things like new orientation are easier because you can maintain their attention-an issue for anyone onboarding new staff, especially for those that don't have manufacturing experience like we see now.
  • The net impact that we are using this LMS system for is to train up internal and external members of our network to do their jobs in a more efficient and effective way. For internal production people, we are training for improved production habits that reduce time for production on the line and to avoid warranty expense. For internal and external sales staff, including our dealer network, our goal is to train up these individuals so that they are first speaking with one voice about our products. Also, we anticipate that we can break some old habits and improve sales techniques to sell more product. Win-Win all the way around.
Tovuti LMS usability is great. For example, you can assign lessons to specific groups of people so they only see the lessons they are supposed to work on. Once they get through the lessons, we can give them kudos with certificates online and test for knowledge. Once the training is over, you can utilize their customer support for assistance on all issues you may run into. Its intuitiveness and the way the platform is built, just about anyone could build training content into an online usable system for training. Of course, there is always a learning curve as with any other software. But, once you get used to using the system (a very short learning curve), you can master the course/lesson building rather quickly. If you have videos or PowerPoint presentations made up already, it is very easy to translate those over into a lesson fairly easily.

I can sum up this particular question with a one-word answer: Amazing! My experience from the pre-sales legwork to the post-purchase training and interactions has been such a great experience. When working on the platform to build our courses, if I had an issue, the tech support department is always helpful.

I gave 10s across the board for their ratings in all areas. Personally I never give absolute scores for anything because no one is Olympic-class all the time. But, when we acquired Tovuti, that changed. I really do feel that they have earned each and every scoring level I gave. I tend to use this term with they when they just amaze me with their helpfulness and professionalism: They ROCK!
While all the LMS' listed above were good platforms, we found small barriers to using their software. Price is always a driver, and Open LMS happened to be the most expensive. But I would not use that as a blanket statement. Each company has its pricing structure and based on our usage according to their structure, the cost of Open was just higher. For other companies, the opposite may be true. It happened to be the luck of the draw on this front so each company considering the purchase of any LMS has to have a firm grasp of the number of trainees they will have on the platform, etc. Those are the drivers of cost for these software companies.

While the other two were less expensive than Tovuti, there were a couple of issues with doing online, offsite training that would not work for us. They had workarounds so I will give them credit for that. We just felt that the Tovuti product was a great fit. Based on all that I have seen now that we have been a user of the Tovuti product, I am happy we decided to to with Tovuti. A great value.

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This LMS is super intuitive. Teaching this 'older' individual new software can have its challenges. I am sure I have exasperated the support staff more than once. Yet they never show it. They have helped me get up to speed quickly and are available and willing to help with any issues and scenarios I run into.

I had my initial launch of an online training program yesterday and that was only 3 months after I finished their training. That, in and of itself, is amazing to me. Again, I can't say enough about their support staff. It's world-class. Tech departments can sometimes be hard to deal with, but Tovuti LMS's support team stands out from the rest. They do a fantastic job of using each support call as a teaching exercise. They want you to succeed and learn all the time. As to the LMS platform itself, once you get the hang of it you develop your own process on how to build each new training program. I can't think of a company that would not benefit using Tovuti LMS.

Tovuti LMS Feature Ratings

Course authoring
Course catalog or library
Learning content
Mobile friendly
Progress tracking & certifications
Compliance management
Learning administration
Learning reporting & analytics
Social learning

Using Tovuti LMS

300 - Production staff: This group builds the heavy municipal and oil field equipment we manufacture. These members of the staff do all production activities. Training for this group would involve using the Tovuti content library for safety, OSHA compliance, etc. along with training classes we hold with outside vendors for torquing, hydraulic hose making, high pressure systems safety and the like.
Internal sales staff: This group performs customer sales activities. We have two groups. One oversees sales through our dealer network of sales representatives. The second group does direct sales to companies for some of our specialized equipment produced. These groups would be trained on improved sales techniques, better product knowledge to answer all questions that arise from customers, elimination of sales techniques that are counter-productive.
External sales staff: This group are based at our dealer network. We want them to have the same product knowledge and sales techniques as our internal sales staff. Breaking some "old school" sales technique habits is the focus here, and to improve their ability to crush the competition with their presentations and product knowledge vs the "going out for lunch" or "playing golf with the customer" techniques to get the sell.
  • Production quality and safety
  • Internal and external sales force training
  • Eventual coalescing of industry information into a viewable training platform
  • Having a single source location to house training modules
  • Allowing for the development of a true training department with the tools to get the job done
  • Recognition capabilities to trainees that we did manually before and missed some people in the process
  • Ease of training for users with a simple, straightforward platform
  • With more knowledge of the LMS platform, we are sure it will unlock other potential capabilities that we haven't scratched the surface on yet. Its only been 3 months and we are amazed at our progress. More to come!
We have established the training department to extend our training capabilities into one central area. I have mentioned training production, internal and external sales staff. But the training department will surely delve into the HR area of new hire orientation, annual recertification processes, etc. We truly have just scratched the surface of this iceberg. Now that we have made the investment, we will surely continue with this product. I cannot see us moving to another product at all. We will definitely renew our subscription with Tovuti.

Evaluating Tovuti LMS and Competitors

  • Product Usability
Tovuti's price was a fair price compared to other competitors we looked at so the price was a deciding factor. Of course, the product features came into play here as well in being a contender for our business. However, the usability and ease of operations was a more serious consideration. I will be training a wide variety of individuals (similar to other companies, I am sure) on a wide variety of subject matter and learning levels. When seeking the product to subscribe to, we took all these issues into consideration on which product was the best of all worlds. On the front end, pre-purchase, Tovuti started to stick out from the group in a very positive way.
I have to believe that while price and features are always important to potential subscribers, how well the product works is the land where success or failure live. If the builders of the courses have difficulty in building courses and lessons in the system, its value goes down quickly. If the end users of the product have difficulty using it, the impact of the product is not there. So, for us, usability was huge. Tovuti aced that 'test' for us.
I was happy in how we approached how we evaluated each LMS company. I gave them a pretty detailed layout of what we hoped to accomplish with their platforms. I asked them to build demos based on what I gave them initially. Naturally, in the process of going through their demos, other features, strengths and weaknesses would surely show up. Queries were made to each company on the weaknesses within their platform and their actions to correct those in the future. If the answers were not acceptable, that was a strike against each one. No one was perfect in this process. So we looked to the platform that best suited our needs and had the least amount of issues. I don't know if it was the way that Tovuti worked to sell us the process, but the fact that they could pull together the demos so easily and quickly spoke volumes about the ease of use of their software. In the end, they were selected in that manner. So from the standpoint of varying the process for selection of an LMS, I would probably do the same today as we did pre-purchase.

Tovuti LMS Implementation

Tovuti's team has the upload down to a science. I have worked on a lot of new software packages that had bugs we just worked through. I found none of that with the Tovuti package. When they built the demo for us, I could actually work in that system, looking at all their features and even creating some lesson content. They took the demo and just turned it on for full use as the platform going forward. What I found awesome was that they took the time to build the demo to be like what we would have made it look like. It went from a demo to the main software usage. We had full access during the demo. That was why there were no hiccups in the implementation. If there was a bug, they fixed it in the background while we used the demo to "play around" within the software. Again, they have their 'stuff' together and this was the best experience I have ever had in a software launch. There was simply no launch. Once we made the payment for the system software, they literally just turned on the access so that it was ours to work with.
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled - When our president decided that we needed to "up the anty" on training that he wanted our company to do, this created a significant change to our training department. Up to that time, it was a minor league player in the whole scope of our customer service department. This dramatically increased the scope of what training meant for the department and the company. We had only ran training mechanic classes for work on our equipment (the "factory-trained mechanic" schools). This new decision expanded training out to not only our internal sales and production staff, but also to our dealer network and their the dealer sales staff. It also utilized external training contractors more heavily. Basically my training department's role more or less exploded on day one. As this expanded training involve more departments, we needed a more sophisticated training platform to work with. I needed a training system that I could utilize for all of these major segments of training that went far beyond PowerPoint presentations. I needed external training capabilities. That is where Tovuti came in. We searched companies to help us with this. Tovuti was the winner of that bid and I couldn't be happier with our decision.
  • Upload of the software was effortless and it worked flawlessly from the get-go so there were no issues encountered when launched.

Tovuti LMS Training

Hayden was awesome. He knows his product inside and out and was able to answer all my questions. I had a lot of questions. I was actually starting to build courses while I was going through the training so that when the next session on the schedule came up, I had even more questions about what I had done vs the way I maybe should have. In the end, I was doing my own hands-on while going through the training. Tovuti is that easy to use.

Configuring Tovuti LMS

Earlier I believe I mentioned that the demo that our sales rep was doing to help me with how the module would work in our world was actually the same platform as what we started out with. So I was already familiar with the way the demo worked and so its ability to configure for our system was pretty much a slam dunk.
Ask them to build you a working demo that you can "play around" in. Once that is done, you will be able to do hands-on practice. If you decide to go with Tovuti, you pay for the software and they basically turn it on for your subscription. When asking them to build the demo, be as specific as you can be, given your company's policies, securities, etc. will let you go. They are giving you a working functional demo that is what you will use later so its great to get that initial demo built like you are going to want it when it goes live.
Some - we have done small customizations to the interface - I gave the customization over to our marketing folks and they ran with it. I just had to set them up as users in Tovuti with the proper admission rights. Our one gal has worked in websites before and she knew exactly where to go to do our remodel. The initial platform remained the same. We tweaked it with more dashboard videos and alternate pictures of our equipment.
No - we have not done any custom code
Get Tovuti. You will love it.

Tovuti LMS Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I don't believe there are any levels of support at Tovuti from my purchasing information. I believe that all subscribers get the same level of customer support from their tech team. When they need tech support, the Tovuti support gang is ready to help. Again, the word comes to mind: Amazing.
They could teach other companies how to do to customer care, because that is their philosophy there, whether they have established it or not. They are just that good. In the beginning when you purchase the product, you will naturally lean on a company's support until you get familiar with the product and can stand on your own. These guys have got their act together! Completely. No long waits for them to figure out an issue. Usually they have the answers quickly for you. You are up and running quickly. Kudos to Troy and his team!!!!
Yes - I don't remember specifically what the bug was. When a particular function didn't work, I notified them and they gave me the work around right away. I used that for a day, and then they had the bug resolved. That was like 1 week into my initial usage. To date, I have not run into any other bugs in the system that required any sort of action on my part to get passed. I have been called to discussed any issues or concerns I have about the system that could be improved. I thought that was super cool that a company would bother to do that. That speaks volumes about their willingness to constantly improve their product offering. The only two things I 'dinged' them on was the credit card processing company they use and a need for resetting defaults for screen usage. These are not major issues at this point. I know their development team is looking into both concerns for resolution, so they not only ask, but they act as well. Again, this makes them class-leading in my book.
I love to answer this question. However, I find it sort of funny. My reason for indicating that there has never been a time when Tovuti's support hasn't been exceptional. I am dead serious here. Every time I make a request for help several aspects come up. 1. I always get a rapid response from the support department. 2. I always get an acknowledgment that they have seen my request and are reviewing it. 3. I always get a timely email shortly after I have sent my request for assistance and generally it answers all my questions. 4. If the email does not answer my question, I send responses back and ask for further clarification. 5. This is when the folks in support at Tovuti shine. They take the time to tutor me on what probably lead up to the issue I am having, the probable causes to the issue and the necessary ways to resolve it. They use screen shots a lot to show where to go for the issue, what to do to correct the issue and additional ways to avoid that issue in the future. They are constantly doing training as they go. Its amazing.
2 - I am the primary user of the Tovuti LMS platform. Our HR manager also has access to use of the platform. We both went through the training, however I am a much heavier user of the platform. I will most likely be involved heavily with the HR portion as we grow in our use of Tovuti. I like to say that we have just chipped a couple of ice cubes off this iceberg on how we can use Tovuti. That is a lot of the reason we bought their product.

Using Tovuti LMS

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
Lots to learn
  • User Manager usage creating new trainees and also groups they can be put into
  • Course categories and individual course creation
  • Individual lessons within the general courses indicated above, as they are easy to set up when you get used to the product
  • Once you have launched a Course or group of Courses initially, there are a few things to learn, but once you have that down, its a very easy system to work in
  • Selecting whether you want to input a video, a PowerPoint presentation or other support types to the course and individual lessons is quite easy, again once you learn the system
  • No real cumbersome issues that I can point out. As you get to know the system (which is a fairly quick learn), anything that may seem daunting in the beginning fall away pretty quickly.
Yes - We have launched our first external user type training courses and everything worked very well. The users can using various electronic devices to view the courses and take the quizzes that are part of the training lessons.

Tovuti LMS Reliability

Scalability is great. We bought their first 'size' package and that covers 300 trainees. Transitioning to the next level is more a matter of accounting and payment. My take on it is that its just a matter of paying the higher level of subscription and its done.
I have yet to have an outage on the availability. As far as I know, no trainee has run into it either. Excellent rating on that front.
I have worked with so many software packages that are slow to load, take for ever for screen changes, etc. I do not have that issue here with Tovuti at all. I have yet to really do any reporting on it as we are fairly new with the package, but if it operates like the rest of the system, then I am going to assume that reporting will be no more difficult than the rest of the platform.

Integrating Tovuti LMS

I can't answer this statement, as I have yet to do an integration.
We have not integrated Tovuti with any other software program or system.
I don't know at this time if we plan to doing any integration but its early for us. We may decide to in the future. Until that time, I am unable to answer this question.
Can't give any right now. Haven't done it.

Relationship with Tovuti LMS

The Tovuti team bent over backwards to help us make the determination on which LMS we wanted to purchase. If I thought of a possible usage for the LMS before we purchased it, our sales rep David Dickman, was able to plug it in for me to check out, test the waters on the demo, etc. This was huge because the competition did not measure up to that capability, even though I asked all the suitors to do the same thing when I came up with an idea or thought to see if the LMS could handle it.
These folks simply ROCK! I can't shoot enough confetti in the air for this one. I sound like I am gushing a bit here, but it has been one of the best software learning/using experiences I have ever had. I am dead serious. These folks have their act together with a phenomenal product, support and friendliness to this customer. Again, they ROCK!!!
We used their pricing schedule but what is so cool, you don't have to pay extra for support. This is a very significant deal. Their support comes with the product and they have such a great team. I have worked with Brandon, Cody and Matthew extensively. I learn at a slower pace and quite frankly, if were these guys, I would get tired of hearing from me. (Input smiley face). But they are quick to help and get me moving along. They also do training so your ability to think through issues yourself becomes more of a natural thing. This reduces the questions on my part as time goes on and I get more in tune with the LMS.
I helped with the decision to purchase the software but purchasing did the contract work. They seemed satisfied so I am going with that.
Open, honest discussions about what you need, make your requests on the front end so that they don't go through a bunch of work that is not something will work for your company. Tell them what you need, how you need it to work and when you need it. They will come through for you.