Well-rounded ABM engine to replace multiple platforms
Updated December 14, 2022

Well-rounded ABM engine to replace multiple platforms

Steven Tsao | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Triblio ABM/ABX Platform

We use Triblio to track known and unknown web visitor engagements, as well as serve ABM ads to target accounts based on their categorization and their digital behavior to determine the right message. Triblio is also syncing to SFDC in real-time to update engagement and lead score on the account object.
  • ABM Ad Serving.
  • Account and Contact level based engagement tracking.
  • Analytics and reporting of ABM activities.
  • Some reporting or analysis need backend support (doesn't come standard).
  • Support personnel training to better assist customer needs.
  • User friendliness of the platform UI.
  • Target account engagement lift.
  • Visibility into target account engagements across Triblio properties.
  • Larger revenue opportunities with target accounts.
The support team can be better trained to provide the best support possible. Of course, there are differences in personnel and some may be more experienced than others, but the level of support for my organization can be improved. This includes areas in the technical knowledge, to the next best action recommendations, as well as reporting and analytics.
When I have internal ABM updates, I ask for metrics and campaign dashboards, and the support team jumps into action and provides the data that assists with the meeting. The support team is certainly helpful, friendly, and try their best to support their accounts. Their executive team can also be helpful to be in meetings to support your ABM initiatives in best practices and benchmarking.
Triblio stacked up very well against their competitors. The pricing is in the ballpark as other solutions, but their ability to cross platforms and expand beyond just one area of specialty is why we chose them. Other solutions may excel in one area, but Triblio performs well all across the spectrum.

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Triblio is an excellent ABM engine if your organization is account-based focused, and wants to be able to react to the behaviors of the target accounts with appropriate messaging and guiding them through the buyers' journey. If your organization is not quite mature enough to have an account-based strategy, then Triblio is not right for you.

Foundry ABM Feature Ratings

Ad campaign creation
Display advertising

Using Triblio ABM/ABX Platform

10 - Marketing Operations
Analytics and Reporting
2 - Currently, we have a campaigns resource dedicated to monitoring and optimizing Triblio campaigns. In addition, to create the ads and update the messaging, we have a design resource dedicated to create and size the creative banner designs for display.
  • Ad serving
  • Account Based Targeting
  • Intent signals
  • Company profile append
  • Account specific SmartPage
  • Spiking Account identification and notification
  • Contextual advertising
  • Messaging sequencing
  • Overall ad orchestration across channels and sales stage
So far, Triblio has suit our needs at the current stage of growth. Until we need a more scalable ABM platform, we will stick with Triblio for the time being.

Evaluating Triblio ABM/ABX Platform and Competitors

Yes - Kwanzoo
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
The most important factor for me is the ability for the platform to have the managed service to support my every campaign need. So far, Triblio's managed services team has been able to provide me with that level of support.

Triblio ABM/ABX Platform Implementation

Definitely have a dedicated technical team work on the implementation full time with the Triblio team. There are requirements on both ends of the pipe that needs to be done. It is much easier to have both teams work together full time as opposed to part time duty; it would take much longer than doing it all in one shot.
Change management was minimal
  • API Integrations
  • Porting all the current ABM campaigns over
  • Real-time audience sync

Triblio ABM/ABX Platform Training

We had our Account management team online to provide training to the marketing team, ADR team, and the AE team, which was helpful as each team had their own sets of questions and needs from the platform. Having the Triblio experts on the call and knowing that they are available for questions later on was reassuring to everyone in the trainings.

Triblio ABM/ABX Platform Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
I purchased managed services, which kind of gets us premium support in an indirect way. Our account director is able to get our issues resolved by working directly with the support team, so we get streamlined resolutions.
Support is key for any software or SaaS solutions, and having an inside person working on your issues can help you with a peace of mind.
Yes - It was resolved eventually. I guess my bug was too significant for a simple code change, and it had to wait until the next product release to be fixed.
But the good news is that whatever issues we bring up, they will always get resolved by the Triblio team, sooner or later.

Using Triblio ABM/ABX Platform

The Triblio platform makes it easy for non-technical users to get around and figure out what we need relatively quickly. Of course, a basic training or tutorial is needed initially for you to know where everything is. We paid for managed services which is great since we have an account director who can operate the platform better than any outsider can, and she can also give us recommendations on best practices.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Audience segment creation
  • Campaign creation
  • Analytics of any sort
  • API integrations
  • Ad group search
  • SmartPage set up and edit

Triblio ABM/ABX Platform Reliability

The Triblio platform works fairly reliably since we have implemented it into our instance. There are the occasionally wishes that they have more functionalities, but those are feature requests which can be accommodated in future product enhancements. In terms of flexibility and scalability, we chose Triblio since we wanted to scale our ABM efforts, so that was a big part of our consideration.
The platform has always been available, and the occasional system updates aside, there have been no downtime issues with Triblio. The platform has always been available when I needed it, and campaigns were launched timely.
Triblio pages, campaign performances, and platforms have not slowed us down at all. If anything, Triblio has enhanced how we engage with our target accounts. There has been no speed performance issues, or lag due to system limitations.
Triblio tracking on our site has not slowed our page performances significantly, so there has been on effect on speed.

Integrating Triblio ABM/ABX Platform

Triblio provides clear documentation on the integration requirements, and will hand-hold you throughout the way to make sure things are working properly. Their support team is always available even post-integration for any questions or issues that may arise.
  • Marketo
  • SFDC
SFDC integration was to pull audiences based on fields filtered and feed campaign results to our SFDC instance. Marketo integration was also to pull Smart audiences fields into Triblio to activate campaigns. The integrations were relatively easy to implement.
  • Treasure Data CDP
Not at the current moment.
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
Understand the integration requirements beforehand, and have a dedicated team to work on the integration to hammer everything out in one sitting. If you have a part-time integration team, they will not know what's going on and it will take much more resources to get integrations completed.

Relationship with Triblio

We were selecting among the top ABM platforms during the selection process, and Triblio was the easiest and most willing to cooperate with our operations team. Even after selection has been finalized, the Triblio team was still very open and willing to work with us on any issues.
As indicated earlier, even post sale coordination has been great. I meet weekly with our account directors and we exchange ideas on how to make our ABM efforts better. Triblio lived up to their pre-sales expectations even in the post-sales stages.
In addition, whenever we need to train a new team or new hires, the Triblio team is always happy to jump on these meetings as well.
I don't think we received any special treatments in terms of our contract negotiations. We didn't select them based on the contract alone, but Triblio was neither the cheapest nor the most expensive solutions we looked at. We put more emphasis on support, analytics, integration, and other requirements that were more important to us.
List out the top requirements that your team are looking for, and let the vendors provide their answers to the requirement questions. Ultimately, select the top vendor who has answered your questions to the best of your liking, and stick to those requirements when selecting options or packages with the vendor that best fits your needs. There are always upgrades or promotions available, but only select them if you are planning to utilize them.