TrustRadius - the most trusted website to review and find software products for business.
June 15, 2021

TrustRadius - the most trusted website to review and find software products for business.

Gregory Palenschat | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

I came upon TrustRadius from a friend of a friend who said they were very trusted and had certified reviews from trusted users. We were researching software to track projects in-house and also software to look up public projects and track them at the same time. We went to TrustRadius and looked at quite a few options and ended up going with a few highly recommended software. We evaluated many different software but landed on Nutshell CRM and Construct Connect.
  • I like how easy it is to navigate the website.
  • The search parameters and different filters are great.
  • They have a massive amount of reviewable software with reviews I know I can trust.
  • I do think they could add more sales related software.
From every indication, it seems that the vendors are very transparent and upfront about all that has to do with their products. Granted I have not reviewed all of the products on TrustRadius but I and others in my company have reviewed enough to know from what we have seen so far that this is so. I will say that sometimes I do wish there were a tad more detailed information though, but that is just be being a stickler for details.
Out of all these listed, I personally have only ever used Capterra and TrustRadius. I found that Capterra (more often than not) had reviews that seemed disingenuous. It seemed like there was very little detail and also very repetitive reviews almost as if some just copied and paste their reviews from someone else. My experience with TrustRadius has been the complete opposite. I personally have done reviews for both, as well as we use a decent amount of products listed on both sites. I quit using Capterra as I never received a payment for my reviews as promised. I have never had that issue with TrustRadius.
To my knowledge, we have not.
Yes and no. We typically test out a product first before buying the full thing. A good product is really dependent on what are needs are as an evolving company.
Finding a product that did all things good, and not just some. As I previously stated we do a test run all products we intend to use so if it does not suit our needs as a company we will no purchase the full version of said product(s).
Everything about TrustRadius has been great, from how easy it is to find software ideas to the unique reviews that trusted companies and individuals give. I highly recommend this to any company looking for quality software to use for their businesses. I have personally searched many websites that are similar and found that TrustRadius has the best an most unique reviews out there.