VNC Connects You to the World
June 25, 2018

VNC Connects You to the World

Paul Li | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with VNC Connect

We tried VNC Connect for our organization and found really good features offered within the product. We even experimented with using it to remotely connect to a computer from our Los Angeles office to a computer in our Amsterdam office. VNC Connect really solves the problem of troubleshooting issues as if you're sitting right in front of the computer at that remote location.
  • VNC Connect does an excellent job in remotely connecting to a computer through either your local area network or even another computer on the internet. As long as the VNC Connect services is installed and the client is running in the background.
  • VNC Connect provides password protection to prevent unauthorized users from attempting to remotely access your computer. There's an option to have a separate password to remotely view vs view & access a computer. You can even add an additional level of security by turning on the feature to require Windows login credentials.
  • VNC Connect provides an additional set of controls after a remote connection has been established with another computer. You can have special keystrokes like Ctrl+Alt+Del sent as a command sequence to the other computer as well as access more than a single screen when in use at the remote computer location.
  • It would be nice for VNC Connect to add a feature to see multiple screens all in a single view. Then you can select which screen to look at to open as a second window. Currently, the multiple screen support only works by increasing the single window size.
  • VNC Connect should provide a feature at the connection window to list a set of computers that it can detect with the agent running. This could be an auto scan feature with a setting where it can be turned on or off. Also, there can be an option to select an IP address range for the scan to occur. Then you can visually see a set of computers to select from to perform a remote access.
  • VNC Connect should add a feature to remotely wake up/turn on computers that have the agent installed. It would be nice to be presented with a window showing a list of previously accessed computers with the agent. Computers that are on and running should have a different kind of icon compared to computers that are turned off. Then you can select the computer that is off and invoke a command to wake it up so you can remotely connect to it.
  • VNC Connect saves hours of time so IT staff does not have to travel to the location where staff working remotely is to troubleshoot and resolve a problem.
  • With VNC Connect you can see exactly what commands are being performed on the remote computer. It really takes the guessing work out of the entire equation.
  • VNC Connect becomes an excellent teaching tool so IT staff can show remote uses the process and procedures on the screen as if they're sitting right there next to them.
VNC Connect stacks up very well to other competitors. With this simple program, you can remotely connect and access other computers with the same VNC Connect agent installed. The only reason we're moving away from using this is that our current Ninja RMM Tools computer monitoring agent includes the TeamViewer tool for us to use.
VNC Connect works really well on computers connected both within the same local area network and when located outside the office connected via the internet. With VNC Connect, you can remotely access a computer and perform all functions as if you're sitting right in front of it. It also can be used as a training tool to show the person sitting at the computer the steps to take to execute and perform a task. I would not use VNC Connect to remotely access a computer that has the screen left on to perform confidential tasks on it that I don't want others to visually see. Unfortunately, there isn't a method like when you are using Windows Remote Desktop Services where the screen is blanked out to prevent others from viewing your connection.

VNC Connect Feature Ratings

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