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Updated June 01, 2014

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Overall Satisfaction with Webtrends Analytics

We have used Webtrends for over 6 years, but we are not renewing our contract. The Webtrends user interface and the fundamental way they do analytics is behind the times. While it was used Globally, we have had many issues getting the business to get into the tool to really use it.
  • Content groupings were a nice way to see groups of content (all cart pages, all product detail pages, etc); but this is available on most analytics systems
  • Historical reporting -- if you don't know exactly what you want to measure, you are out of luck. So, for example, if sales suddenly go up and you need to understand why, but you didn't have a report set up for sales by geography/sales by campaign/sales by promo code/sales by whatever (IP address for fraud, etc) you are out of luck. You can do a look back of 30-60 days, but it takes a significant amount of time to pull those reports. This is especially important when you're trying to trouble shoot issues -- maybe sales by browser (because of a cart issue in a browser, for example) is something you need, but you don't know.
  • Consistency of account managers -- turnover at Webtrends is very high. Our company went through 8 account managers in 2 years. Every new account manager, you have to start over.
  • Time to load data -- refreshes only every 12 hours. I need at least near-real time data. They do have Streams now which gives you real time data, but not on everything.
  • Unfortunately, it has had all negative impacts. We miss fraud transactions. We miss broken links. We aren't able to get users to get into the interface because the user experience is poor.
  • Even setting up a new report is a bad experience, even for seasoned analysts. It is no less than 5 steps -- and they aren't in the same area. You have to remember to add dimensions in one spot, activate them in another, set up the report, activate it somewhere else, then add it to the profile you want to use. Then you have to wait 12 hours to see if it worked -- and if not, you have start over.
  • Google Analytics,Adobe Analytics
We have moved away from Webtrends.
We are not renewing Webtrends.
Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture) is by far best in class. Even their Marketing Summit goes above and beyond. Google Analytics is actually a solid choice as well -- the free version is fine if you have less than 10,000,000 "hits" a month, otherwise sampling hits. Premium allows for many other tools too -- Big Query being a huge benefit. You also don't have sampled data with the Premium version.

Webtrends Analytics Support

The support team (calling into the support line) is very knowledgeable and friendly. The issue is that you have to call in so often.
Knowledgeable team
Poor followup
Yes - Because it is necessary to get anything done
When having an issue setting up reports, the support team (not our account manager, whom ignored us) was very friendly and worked diligently trying multiple things to get our issues resolved. They unfortunate thing was that it was something that should have been very simple -- but it wasn't. I am grateful the team was there to help.

Using Webtrends Analytics

If I could give it a 0, I would. Not having an intuitive user interface made it impossible to convince non-analytic business users to use the tool on their own. Even as a seasoned analyst, frequent calls were needed to get what should be simple tasks done. Account managers don't understand the tool either, and have to refer you to technical support.
Do not like to use
Unnecessarily complex
Difficult to use
Requires technical support
Not well integrated
Slow to learn
Feel nervous using
Lots to learn
  • Pulling overall dashboard (basic) metrics
  • Setting up a new report- several steps on several different pages that aren't linked to each other
  • Waiting for data to populate and the lack of historical data in New reports
  • determining which dimensions are being used be which reports