WebTrends provides an enterprise web analytics platform and, according to Forrester, has a strong focus on support for mobile and social channels and a very open platform. Webtrends competes directly with Adobe Site Catalyst, IBM Coremetrics. and comScore DigitalAnalytix. promise of a powerful analytics tool which was deceivingWe implemented Webtrends on 9 (with the promise of taking advantage of the version 10 release) on our 8 top website domains out of 32. It was used in addition to other existing Analytics tools: Google Analytics and Tealeaf. Our goal was to solve the following business problems: Campaign tracking supporting our redirecting structureMultiple currency handling under the same domain nameAbsence of data sampling 50,000 URLs/day or 500,000 visits/monthAcceptable reporting performance speedFunnel analysis optionsData import and 3rd party integration (ESP)Data export capabilities to other BI solutions (EDW)Visitor segmentation (personalization)Data ownership (client vs. vendor)Service Level Agreement (SLA),Don't ask you to pay for both collected and analyzed data Custom reporting: ability to leverage tracking and create meaningful reports for Business users,The product itself was very slow (9) or buggy (10) The ability to create new custom reports complex (consultant needed and can not apply historical data without replay) The possibility to drill-down data limited and not dynamic (segments, funnels, goals) The UI is rudimentary (9) or visually overwhelming (10) without thinking about functionality (advanced segmentation),3,Webtrends Analytics lacks sophistication and speed. This considerably compromised the massive adoption within the organization while I trained more than 100 people. Most of the users preferred Google Analytics for its simplicity of use and analysis capability. Lastly, as a previous user of Adobe Omniture Analytics, Webrends is cheaper and easier but the insights you're getting out of the solution are not so actionable if you customize your solution to tackle pain points: content group analysis, various funnel scenarios, link tracking on key pages (home, key destination pages), onsite search with Endeca, product attributes...,Adobe Analytics,Google Analytics,3,4Webtrends - The Good, The Bad, and the UglyWebtrends is used on a department by department basis. In most cases, the requirement is simply to gauge the effectiveness of the web site by measuring the number of visitors visiting the web site, and comparing usage month over month. Some of the newer implementations use Smart Tags rather than log files, and drill down deeper into how the web site is being used.,In terms of simple web site usage, Webtrends is excellent at showing increasing or decreasing usage month over month. Webtrends is very good at showing what pages of the web site are getting the most usage, what are the most successful downloads Webtrends is also very good at showing the geographic location of the clients. It is pretty good at showing what organizations the clients belong to as well.,For Webtrends on Premises, Memory usage is a big problem. And even powerful servers with copious amounts of physical memory - does not help for Webtrends There doesn't seem to be an upgrade path for Webtrends on Premises. It is stuck at version 9.2b, and there are currently no plans to upgrade. Companies that want the latest features must instead use the hosted version, Webtrends on Demand. Companies may save on salaries, but they will need to pay Webtrends lots of money, if they are big users of the software. Webtrends for SharePoint requires a Professional Services contract to do properly - Webtrends does not share the documentation. Some of the other add-ons have the same, or similar, issue.,7,Increased Web Site effectiveness, for both internal employee websites, as well as external customer facing web sites.,,9,No,10,No,When we migrated from Webtrends 7.5 to Webtrends 8.7d, we were able to do it ourselves because the Support Team provided us with the information that we needed in order to make the necessary changes to the SQL Server Database. Without that, we would have had to use their Professional Services team.,Creating a new Data Source Creating a new Report Profile Creating a new Smart Data Tag Data Source,Assigning custom roles / permissions to Webtrends resources Drilling down to see what a particular visitor has done.,No,7Respect the web analytics pioneer, Webtrends delivers!We used Webtrends On Premises with SDC and Tag Builder to analyze B2B, B2C and local government websites. Typically it is used by a several departments to determine the effectiveness of their outreach. It provides an alternative to 'free' web analytics tools and other paid hosted WA tools.,Control privacy, data sharing and competitive industrial knowledge using Webtrends on premises Great control over custom reports, custom dimensions and metrics Flexible tool which allows multiple methods of data capture. To my knowledge it was the first tool with a Tag Builder / Tag Management function built in via a supporting website.,Requires careful setup and planning during implementation If using web server logs, you're able to re-analyze historical data - but it takes time and careful planning/execution. It would be great to have a fully implemented public test profile to send potential clients to see all the product's features Wish it supported Microsoft HyperV virtualization. Last time I checked, only VMWare was supported for virtualization of on premises installations.,9,Positive: internal user education and awareness improved once a complete implementation was done. Solved many site navigation mysteries. Reduced marketer's guesswork because real visitor data intelligence was gleaned from new reports/analysis.,Adobe Analytics,Google Analytics,,2,Determine inbound traffic sources and keywords Determine customer path to desired information Determine website usage / validate outreach efforts,Validate website availability around the clock from local and international traffic sources. Find and diagnose previously unrecognized website usability issues and underlying database/ERP flaws. Developed a lightweight non-Javascript hybrid method of website traffic and revenue analysis using WT on-premises product.,Enhance data collection and reporting using custom reports, funnel analysis, content grouping features,9,Yes,Prior Experience with the Product,Ensure there is a real internal need for all the power Webtrends offers. Many installations may not need all its power and features nor have the resources to action upon insights gained.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,Determining how to correct previous installation vendor's assumptions and errors Educating IT about the need to ensure good data quality,10,Online training In-person training Self-taught,10,9,It is essential to do a test implementation after receiving training. You need this to validate your ideas and setup.,10,Careful planning and a test implementation to validate setup and ensure that resulting reports are what were expected.,Some - we have done small customizations to the interface,Yes - we have added extensive custom code,Yes,9,Yes,When I needed to roll back an installation when we tried to install the product on an unsupported platform despite having better guidance. They got us back to a running solution in a very short time without belittling us.,Custom product and campaign code lookups, query string substitution, custom reports Funnel / scenario analysis (if the funnel is well defined to begin with!) Data export (XLS, CSV),Technical expertise is required when implementing this product to the fullest extent of its capabilities. Don't be fooled by "pros" who have never implemented it before and don't underestimate implementation schedules, tagging requirements. Less technical users will need guidance from those well-versed in using the product reports interface,9,9,9,It is possible to analyze multiple websites (profiles) if the correct licensing is purchased. Pay attention to total page views when purchasing the license. It can be costly and time-consuming to add additional page views to the on-premises version if you run out of page views.,Yes,To get to a supported version of the product running on supported hardware To get new features/functionality,Faster analysis runs More sophisticated sementation without reanalysis,Yes,YesWebtrends - A Flexible and Nimble Open Platform for Enterprise Data AnalyticsWebtrends provides a platform that can accept any number of custom variables and can be adapted to fulfill a variety of business needs. Segmentation, purchase funnel, scenarios, dropoff and bounce rate are effective. Webtrends 10 integrates analytics data with 3rd party data including app stores, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This provides a compelling case for programs that require insight into these data.,Webtrends is not great at providing statistical data for analysis. You need to enable Log File Delivery or create an analysis export to perform this. This could theoretically be done with Streams. Webtrends has difficulty identifying multi-visit users due to the inherent fragility of cookie-based tracking. Webtrends Analytics does not provide Pathing capabilities for segments, only for the aggregate. However, this can be worked around with Scenario functionality selectively fired by a tag management system. Segmentation by high-cardinality parameters tends to cause issues with table limits. Even after scrubbing and scrutinizing data, we commonly see up of 10K rows per dimension. Due to this, we use Webtrends Analytics to roll up data into larger segments and export all of our log data into our database for heavy duty number crunching.,Webtrends is able to identify the source of each visit and create reporting on user behavior. We're able to attribute activity from a variety of sources to determine effectiveness. The REST API is invaluable for pulling large volumes of trended data to identify where notable events occur. Streams provides ROI by providing immediate visibility into site activity, for any level of granularity that you're collecting in the Analytics product, without impacting the user experience. We're using this to create a proactive Care response team as well as resolve product issues remotely within seconds of it occurring on the site, so we can save customers from abandoning while they're still on the site.,9,8,20,2,Webtrends is used to identify segments of our traffic and report on each segment. so we are able to determine what is drawing interest within each segment of our visit population. Webtrends Streams allows us to identify issues on the site, as well as identify individual users who are encountering issues, so we can proactively reach out to them.,,,Vendor implemented Implemented in-house,10,Online training In-person training Self-taught,7,9,It can be done, especially by someone with experience with analytics. For a beginner, the tool is complex enough that it's (significantly) more time effective to get outside training.,If you work with custom data integrations, you'll likely be updating the analytics code on a monthly basis. The pace of change increases with data requirements, so a tag management platform to accommodate this is highly recommended.,No,9,8,10,8,Responsys. Hootsuite. Facebook. Twitter. DoubleClick. App stores. Proprietary data stores. Enterprise Data Warehouse.,,,We negotiate package deals primarily. It's easier to gain leverage to secure discounts when shopping for multiple products from the same vendor.On-premise version not as strong as SaaS product.It effectively measures transactions on the site. Currently, we measure primarily basic metrics such as visitors and site visits. We haven’t formalized a reporting/call to action for the data yet: It’s one of our biggest initiatives this year. Once the proper KPIs are established, it will provide the metrics to support the KPIs,It does not provide real time monitoring. We typically can look at data about 48 hours after it has occurred. This matters specifically for campaigns and for troubleshooting the site. The On Premises solution is not as robust as the On Demand solution which our security department is hesitant to use. The On Premise version has fewer of the innovations than On Demand, including integration with Sharepoint, Spaces, and social media. We are a health insurance company, so we are always cautious about releasing Protected Health Information (PHI). Since we are highly regulated, the consequences of a privacy breach are pretty severe, so we tend to be very conservative when sending data outside of our data environment. Being On Demand means are sending log files through the cloud which may or may not include PHI.,9,We have yet to tie our metrics to KPIs or ROIs,5,3,Measurement of the site: determining things like page views, visits, visitors, etc. Monitoring of member activity to drive improvements on high traffic areas Eventually, measure conversion through our new sales portal,9,No,Don't know,9,Online training,10,7,No,10,8,9,9,Yes, Microsoft Dynamics and KBMG. KBMG ( is a marketing and analytics consultant we work with, and it would be nice to be able to integrate with their analytics platform.,N/A I was not involved with WebTrends at the timeChoose a different solutionWe have used Webtrends for over 6 years, but we are not renewing our contract. The Webtrends user interface and the fundamental way they do analytics is behind the times. While it was used Globally, we have had many issues getting the business to get into the tool to really use it.,Content groupings were a nice way to see groups of content (all cart pages, all product detail pages, etc); but this is available on most analytics systems,Historical reporting -- if you don't know exactly what you want to measure, you are out of luck. So, for example, if sales suddenly go up and you need to understand why, but you didn't have a report set up for sales by geography/sales by campaign/sales by promo code/sales by whatever (IP address for fraud, etc) you are out of luck. You can do a look back of 30-60 days, but it takes a significant amount of time to pull those reports. This is especially important when you're trying to trouble shoot issues -- maybe sales by browser (because of a cart issue in a browser, for example) is something you need, but you don't know. Consistency of account managers -- turnover at Webtrends is very high. Our company went through 8 account managers in 2 years. Every new account manager, you have to start over. Time to load data -- refreshes only every 12 hours. I need at least near-real time data. They do have Streams now which gives you real time data, but not on everything.,1,Unfortunately, it has had all negative impacts. We miss fraud transactions. We miss broken links. We aren't able to get users to get into the interface because the user experience is poor. Even setting up a new report is a bad experience, even for seasoned analysts. It is no less than 5 steps -- and they aren't in the same area. You have to remember to add dimensions in one spot, activate them in another, set up the report, activate it somewhere else, then add it to the profile you want to use. Then you have to wait 12 hours to see if it worked -- and if not, you have start over.,Google Analytics,Adobe Analytics,1,Yes,7,Yes,When having an issue setting up reports, the support team (not our account manager, whom ignored us) was very friendly and worked diligently trying multiple things to get our issues resolved. They unfortunate thing was that it was something that should have been very simple -- but it wasn't. I am grateful the team was there to help.,Pulling overall dashboard (basic) metrics,Setting up a new report- several steps on several different pages that aren't linked to each other Waiting for data to populate and the lack of historical data in New reports determining which dimensions are being used be which reports,No,1Expensive and didn't do what we needed.It allows you to customize reporting based on customer channel. The reporting had the ability to give a visual representation and not just numbers.,Less campaign insight. No heat maps. No ability to do reporting based on several factors such as: did they receive an email from us, but then go to an affiliate site - where they ultimately made the purchase. (No campaign attribution). The product was quite expensive and did not do some of the critical things we needed. It was just not a good fit for us.,Ability to see more detailed reporting in regarding traffic and traffic sources.,1,6,2,2,To see insight into the metrics of the website. Where were we losing customers, the purchase funnel, bounce rate, and seeing how marketing campaigns were effective.,,,Implemented in-house,10,Online training Self-taught,10,It was very easy. They also had videos and how-to's.,There was some configuration for the reporting. The ability to form the reports that would give me the data I needed. However, once that was complete - I just ran the report when I needed the updated data.,No,10,7,10,10,,,If you are looking at an analytics suite, I would identify all of the items you want to track and be able to do within a platform. I would start with Google Analytics, as that is a free software. If you have basic metrics, try Google Analytics and then maybe adding a third party app like Crazy Egg for a heatmap on your site. Some companies don't need all of the bells and whistles that Omniture or Webrends can give. So be sure to identify your needs.
Webtrends Analytics
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Webtrends Analytics
63 Ratings
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Score 7.3 out of 101

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If I could give it a 0, I would. Not having an intuitive user interface made it impossible to convince non-analytic business users to use the tool on their own. Even as a seasoned analyst, frequent calls were needed to get what should be simple tasks done. Account managers don't understand the tool either, and have to refer you to technical support.
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Webtrends Analytics provides a combination of features that are designed to provide an accurate and intuitive view into an organization’s multi-channel customer journey. According to the vendor, the key features enable not only sophisticated analysis techniques but also make key insights accessible to everyone in an organization.

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Has featureMulti-Channel Measurement across social, mobile, web and SharePoint
Has featureConfigurable digital dashboards
Has featureReports
Has featureMetrics and Dimensions
Has featureAdministration
Has featurePath and Scenario Analysis
Has featureUnlimited Data Collection
Has featureAd-Hoc Data Exploration
Has featureExtensive data export
Has featureStandard and customized analytics reporting

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