Workato was, and still is, just what the doctor ordered for our automation needs!
March 18, 2019

Workato was, and still is, just what the doctor ordered for our automation needs!

Carlos Santos | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Workato

Workato is being used by the central IT/development department of the company and is an invaluable tool to bridge the gap between many pieces of software that Jumia uses for various purposes. We use Workato for a variety of situations, like listening to specific data events in some applications and triggering the appropriate actions, either in the same application or others or even in several applications at the same time (for instance, some JIRA changes trigger Zendesk updates and Slack notifications). We also use Workato to perform regular automated tasks to detect information patterns that are meaningful to the company for various reasons (for instance, some JIRA tickets are checked regularly to calculate performance KPIs, used in dev team's appraisals). Another use is to uphold the proper workflow and promote communication between teams (when certain things happen in Zendesk tickets, other teams are involved in the ticket automatically and Slack notifications are triggered). We have many many of these situations being covered by Workato recipes and using it doesn't occupy our dev teams, someone with only a fair knowledge of programming logic can use Workato's powerful yet simple interface and features.
  • The interface is brilliant. It doesn't take a programmer or engineer to use it, although it helps to have a good sense of logic and a general understanding of how APIs and Workato itself work. It's intuitive (very simple to learn and use) and robust (I can't remember any recent issues with the interface).
  • Workato connects tons of different software applications and does so brilliantly. New applications keep getting added. And if for some reason one is not supported yet, we still have the ability to use generic REST to connect to its API and get the job done.
  • Workato keeps rolling out new features and interface improvements and above all, with no impact whatsoever. It's always improving and no negative impact is ever felt. It's a constant "Hey, this is new!" and that is very cool.
  • Workato support is top notch. If you do have an issue or question, they're always available for a workshop, call, email or chat, and issues get tackled. Technical issues, however, are very rare, the platform is very robust and we can count on it for important functions. And if something comes does come up, the reporting and monitoring side of things are also effective, with emails being sent and lots of log details to analyze whatever issue occurred.
  • User opinions matter. Workato does listen to its users. Over time they have implemented lots of user suggestions, including some I had supported as well. That's what listening to the customer is all about.
  • Most of the really important features have already been tackled over time (at least the ones I'm interested at the moment). But there are always a few details I keep hoping they release, like commenting out specific steps (or entire blocks of code) for debug purposes, usage thresholds per recipe, copying sections from recipe to recipes, that sort of thing. But nothing I'd call major missing features.
  • The impact is clearly positive but I can't really quantify it, to be honest. I can say we have well over 100 different recipes connecting many different applications (with several different instances of them) and that goes a long way to ensure we do our job the way it should be done and with the level of quality and effectiveness we need. Workato helps make it possible. In fact, it would very very hard to maintain all the different aspects of our job if we didn't have Workato connecting most of the applications we use.
  • The benefits for us range from: solid data syncing between support applications to proper support and development workflow enforcement to proper communication between teams to automated maintenance and reporting tasks. We use Workato for a lot of different purposes and we are able to do it all easily and without having specialists involved.
We found Workato to be easier to use, more powerful and more robust than other solutions we tested at the time. It simply does the trick and allowed us to implement all that we needed in all the precise details we needed. It gave us all the power, flexibility and autonomy we needed without bogging us down with unjustified complexity. Workato came through for us and that's why we keep using it after three intense years.
Workato is brilliant to make separate applications work together without much effort or specialists being needed. When specific events on software A should trigger actions on B (or more) and you want that to happen without any development or big budgets, that's where Workato comes into play. It's a great help if you want tasks automated, communications flowing and data synced between different applications.

Workato Feature Ratings

Pre-built connectors
Connector modification
Support for real-time and batch integration
Data quality services
Data security features
Monitoring console