Workplace leads the pack
October 09, 2019

Workplace leads the pack

David Faustina | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Workplace by Facebook

Initially, I buried myself into trial overwhelm as I searched for a client communication and review portal. Each one I tried suffered from one or more of the following:
  • Having almost everything but one specific element being left out.
  • The cost was prohibitive.
  • Time to learn and then deploy and teach was not an efficient use of resources.
  • Segmenting the communication and levels of access not achievable.
After about 5 trials, I was connected to an offer to try Facebook Workplace. It stepped into a perfect role for us and we use it from time to time with clients, depending on the client. I continue to recommend it to clients and a few are now using the platform. We continue to use it as an intraoffice communication tool and it is a great tool for us.
  • It provides a user interface that is familiar and proven to assist in engaging people to use the platform. The layout is clean and minimal and pleasing and that helps staff become comfortable with interacting with one another.
  • Group insights are a fantastic feature that allows you to see how a certain topic, discussion or file is performing with the staff or audience. If you are seeking feedback on a particular memo, for instance, the insights will catalog who has viewed, how many comments, questions or interactions, etc. It helps to see in real-time, the things staff or clients are excited about and then the items where no one comments.
  • Cataloging of historical information is a real benefit. The dashboard has a notes section where I will keep a lot of private and or personal reflections that I can reference at a later time. I may jot a few notes about a project so I can recall them at a later point. Many programs do this, but again, this is all within the same house and for time and memory sake, this really works well.
  • Segmenting is very easy to do. We have set up Groups for various projects, teams, clients or cohorts. You can segment as much as you want and one person may be in more than one group but maybe not all groups. Basic segmenting that works well. Notifications are sent when new posts or news is released.
  • The platform is not the same portal as Facebook so there is no chance that posts get put on the wrong timeline. With this said, what I like most is the ease of onboarding and no one has had any trouble getting up and going on Workplace. It is like Facebook, easy and something most if not all will have familiarity in navigation.
  • It would be helpful if a review confirmation checkbox was able to be placed by files that needed to be read or reviewed. Along the same line, approve, review again, etc. would be helpful checkboxes to add by files, proposals.
  • The layout is clean but suffers a bit from the center column width with two sidebars and a lot of empty space. It almost looks like a going out of business sale retail store where you notice the empty shelves. Workplace feels a bit bare at times. I think some good design modifications can help. Now on mobile, it is a great layout. I am addressing specifically the desktop browser login.
  • An admin control dashboard would be really effective and even more so with more users on the platform.
  • Workplace offers a free version and a more enhanced, and really enhanced, paid version. The free version is a nice place to test the waters out and see if you can get it working at your company. We have only had a positive return on investment, measured in time.
  • The on-boarding is where you will see the greatest positive gain. You will quickly be up and running and so will the staff. This will decrease the training and implementation period and for many that means a substantial cost savings.
  • The only negative return that might be realized is if too much time is spent monitoring and policing the content. If trust is there, then employees can share and enhance the use of this tool to be a positive force. As with any communication tool, set guidelines and let the community police itself to some extent.
I have tried a host of products and found Workplace to be superior to many others based on pricepoint, user interface, features I need and use, and adding some great features I now use. The integration of Live into the Workplace platform is great for team meets, big announcements and an occasional shout out to someone who did something great. Again, the interface is comfortable and that means something when other systems have great features, but no one knows how to use them without going through training after training. Workplace gets you set up and going almost immediately. I tested Clink, Huddle, Trello, Podio (I like Podio quite a bit), ProofHub, and one or two more. I use Trello now and find it to be very useful but very difficult to get comfortable using.
Never had an issue and they are very responsive when needed.

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Workplace is great as a team collaboration and communication tool that is easy to deploy and eliminates friction. I would also recommend it to small agencies who need a client communication portal as it does a great job filling the need. It is also a great tool for associations, community teams, and specialty groups like a club or employee group. As long as guidelines are set and you do not have a predisposition towards paranoia, I would think any group that has a need for communication that needs to be centralized, this can serve you well.

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