Xactly Incent helps us optimize SPM administration for success now and into the future.
October 02, 2020

Xactly Incent helps us optimize SPM administration for success now and into the future.

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Overall Satisfaction with Xactly Incent

My organization uses Xactly Incent to manage and administer Sales Performance Management (SPM) for over 800 sales employees. Xactly Incent allows us to administer quotas, results, and performance all on a single platform. We use Xactly Incent to process sales commissions for all sales members for the company. Also, we are able to process commission calculations and provide performance analysis for all teams we support in one location.
  • Xactly calculates commssions accurately and allows our customers (sales employees) an opportunity to track their performance and help them see where there may be opportunities.
  • Xactly provides unique analytics reports that allow us to see how a particular product is performing and where there are opportunities or whitespace we can target.
  • There are some limitations on how detailed we can provide some data in the Incentive Statements.
  • Sometimes there is a lag between the real data and when the analytics reports are updated. This can take up to 4 or more hours to correct and sometimes cause our analytics reports to show incorrect data.
  • Xactly Incent has provided a very positive ROI for my company. We are able to provide many services to our sales employees in a single platform, which allows us to customize our SPM tool to provide the sales employees reliable and consistent data to help them manage and achieve their sales goals.
  • Xactly Incent allows us to avoid having to manually calculate commissions, track compensation plans in a separate system, and provide custom analytics reporting to because everything is in a single platform. This is a great advantage when administering multiple compensation plans for over 600 sales employees.
We use the sales performance analytics to track performance for multiple contests including President's Club and any monthly or quarterly contests. The analytics reports help us see how we are performing with certain products and help identify which products may require additional resources or attention. Our Sales Leaders also use analytics reports to manage and provide performance appraisals for their teams.
Our company is taking advantage of the Sales Planning and Territory tools offered by Xactly. We recently moved to the Anaplan and Territory tool to be able to better manage the territory alignment in a more adaptive and effective way. Before this, our Territory team was using another tool and there was always a lag in the data when we could update Xactly. Now that we have moved to the Xactly Territory tool, managing territories has become a lot more efficient while allowing the team to meet the needs of our evolving sales teams by being able to make territory changes without the lag we previously experienced.
This has helped us to support and administer our SPM tools. We have been able to streamline many processes and deliver results in a much more efficient manner. Having these systems integrated gives us the ability to provide better support to the sales teams, keep and maintain many services in a single location, and reduce manual processes that lead potential errors. We would not be as flexible if it were not for the integration of systems that Xactly has provided us. We are well suited to deliver to our sales employees now and in the future.
Other Finance teams are using Xactly solutions to help build budgets, create forecasts, and build Power BI analytics dashboards. The HR teams are using Xactly to help make decisions driven by employee performance and our IT departments are using Xactly to build additional dashboards and reporting to other parts of the business such as SalesForce based on the data provided in Incent.
There are some other Sales Performance Management platforms available but they are not as adaptive or flexible as Xactly. I have worked in this industry for over 20 years and have not seen anything come close to offering all the tools Xactly offers. We selected Xactly because of all the capabilities with Sales Performance Management and I am not aware of another SPM tool that provides the level of detail with the commission calculations, analytics reporting, and automation as Xactly does.
Xactly Incent is well suited at providing SPM administrators reliable tools to serve customers by providing accurate commission calculations, reliable analytics reports, and managing the communications with the sales employees. Xactly is flexible and can maneuver to accommodate when there is a needed change based on the business or industry needs. Xactly does well at providing a single source for SPM administrators to maintain and route communications such as compensation plans, notices with goals or quotas, and status updates as well.